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Sheryl told me about the new Jogoya Japanese Buffet Restaurant that has recently just opened their latest branch in Starhill, KL. Since I was feeling really hungry that very day, I convinced her to dine there with me after reading several articles written about it from local newspaper sites such as this one from The Star.

Jogoya Japanese Buffet at StarHill KL
located at the posh Starhill Gallery

Jogoya is actually a Taiwan based company, having a number of branches in it’s country of origin, a very successful and recognisable name there. Stepping in their the newest establishment brought a sense of awe. The place is simply huge, with capacity of over 550 guests, and the buffet selection at least 4-5 times bigger than Avanti at Sunway Resorts.

Jogoya Japanese Buffet at StarHill KL
huge selection of choices

There are numerous buffet lines, the Japanese sushi and sashimi station, Chinese dishes, dim sum and seafood soup, western seafood, indian delicacies, tepanyakki and stir fry seafood, juice and drinks, and desserts. There is enough selection for every picky eater. If suan only try each item a spoonful, you can probably still feed her 5 times over before repeating with the first item, FA, maybe 10 times.

Jogoya Japanese Buffet at StarHill KL
start off with some japanese seafood, sashimi and tempura

I started out with some awesome sashimi including sake(salmon), amaebi (sweet shrimp), and surf clam, worked my way through some raw oysters and oyster soup, then came king crab soup, some fried clams, stuffed crab with shrimp and butter, and salmon roe handroll. Not to be outdone, tried some french style fried butter prawn, shrimp tempura, fried pomphret fish, and even tomyam soup. By the third hour or so, I was feeling pretty stuffed, ended the meal with some “gwai leng gou” as desserts and a cup of cappucino to wash away the taste of watermelon, guava, and honeydew juice that I had.

Jogoya Japanese Buffet at StarHill KL
fried seafood and some awesome soup

Overall it was a very good dining experience. While the price (from RM 68++ to RM 88++ depending on time) might be slightly towards the higher end. The selection and quality of food more than make up for it. In fact, I went there again with my mom and brother a week later when they were at KL.

Jogoya Japanese Buffet at StarHill KL
dessert and drinks

Jagoya is located at 3rd floor, StarHill Gallery. Business hour is from 11am to 2am, call them at 03-2142 1268 if you want to book a table or something.. You are also welcome to spend me a meal there, hehe.

GPS: 3.147790, 101.713588

Update 16/2/2006: A noted difference at Jogoya is the availability of freshly made to order dishes. You are given 3 clips with your table number to be dropped the little bowl labelling the dish offered at the buffet line. Few minutes later the server will return your clip with the freshly prepared dish you “ordered”. You never run out of clips.