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It all started with a gift to myself a little over 5 years ago. On the blog post that I wrote on my birthday in October 1st, 2007, I posted a few photos of the watch I bought myself, the Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Nighthawk, model BJ7010-24W.

One of the reasons I chose Citizen then was that I remember my late dad used to have a Citizen automatic watch eons ago, and he used to tell me how the watch never needs battery and that it is powered by human motion alone. My young mind (probably 8-9 year old) then found it absolutely fascinating.

Citizen Eco-Drive Super Titanium CA0341-52E
the cool looking Citizen Eco-Drive Super Titanium CA0341-52E on my wrist

Fast forward to 1995,  Citizen launched their Eco-Drive technology.

The technology converts Sun light, or basically any artificial light source into energy to power the watch movement. Excess energy is stored in a cell that enables the watch to operate even in total darkness for half a year.

This basically means that you never need to change a battery and hardly ever need to adjust time like automatic watches if you stopped wearing them for longer than 2-3 days. This is certainly true with my Nighthawk that runs flawlessly in the past 5+ years.

Citizen Eco-Drive Super Titanium CA0341-52A and BM6921-58E
Citizen Eco-Drive Super Titanium CA0341-52A and BM6921-58E

Now think about this from another angle.

Between 2005 to 2007 alone, Citizen has sold a total of 7,200,000 Eco-Drive watches around the world. Had these watches not been Eco-Drive but those that runs on disposable batteries, there would have been over 7 million batteries that ends up being disposed.

And I think this is where the word Eco comes in, preservation of the environment.

Chun Cheong Watch, Sungai Wang Plaza
Chun Cheong Watch, Sungai Wang Plaza

Eco-Drive is a pretty mature and familiar technology from Citizen, and the company is one that likes to always keep pushing the boundary. Citizen was also the first company to use Titanium in watch making some 40 years back, and now they introduced Super Titanium in their latest  line up.

Some of you might have heard about titanium being used in golf clubs and other devices, so what is this thing?

Discovered in the 18th century, it is a metal that is roughly 40% lighter than stainless steel,  has very high corrosion resistance properties, and are safe to wear (unlikely to trigger metal allergies). These properties make it an ideal choice in material that eneds to be tough and light, such as many parts of the space shuttle.

Jamie with CA0356-55A and myself with CA0341-52E
Jamie with CA0356-55A and myself with CA0341-52E

Super Titanium then, is another name for Citizen’s Ion-Plating technology that makes the surface hardness of these Titanium watches super hard , it registers 1000-1200 on the Vickers scale. (untreated Titanium registers 170-200, and stainless steel is 150-220) This ensures that the watch is not only light, but virtually scratch resistant as well.

This is archived by having the titanium material ionized and heated to 2000 Celsius in a vacuum, using an electron beam. The ionized titanium is then pressured-bonded onto the watch surface to form a coating.

Pretty neat tech if you ask me.

Takeshi looking cool in Citizen's advertisement, Bukit Bintang
Takeshi looking cool in Citizen’s advertisement, Bukit Bintang

Tech aside, these are some beautiful watches as well. The flagship CA0341-52E  (RM 1,620 retail) shown in the first photo is also the watch that is worn in multiple advertisements by Takeshi Kaneshiro, an ambassador for Citizen. This watch features Super Titanium dial and bracelet, it also has chronograph and 24 hour function.

Sapphire crystal glass (second only to diamond in toughness) is used to further enhance the non scratch feature of the watch, and at 45mm in diameter, it has the presence as well as not being obnoxiously big. Fits well in my wrist I must say.

The female versions of Super-Ti watches includes the beautiful CA0356-55A (RM 1,660 retail) as held by Jamie. It too has chronograph function and comes with rose gold color finishing. A thing of beauty.

Limited Edition Citizen Toyota 86 Watch - CA0386-03E
Limited Edition Citizen Toyota 86 Watch – CA0386-03E

For car enthusiasts, and especially those who loves the Toyota GT86, Citizen has also launched the limited edition Citizen X Toyota 86 watch (RM 1,580 retail).

This model comes in custom mock carbon fiber box and are in limited quantity.  They are available from November 2012 and utilizes the same Eco-Drive movement.

JV0020-04E Citizen Aqualand Promaster
JV0020-04E Citizen Aqualand Promaster

Oh, and for divers, you should also check out some of the Citizen dive watches. The JV0020-04E is one of my favorites, with it’s analogue dials indicating dive time and depth, it’ll be a lot easier to read underwater than those all-digital dive watches too. This should serve as a very good backup to the dive computer, especially since it uses Eco-Drive movement as well.

If you want to see these watches in person, a good place to check out would be at Sungai Wang, located on the ground floor, G065.

Do check out their Facebook page as well as for more info.

The first time I learned about Peru was a bit of a strange and unrelated coincident.

The Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace exhibition is known as LIMA. While looking up that up on the internet I was brought to a different Lima – the capital of Peru, and that was how I first know about this South American country.

Peruvian Gastronomic Week at Ritz Carlton - Joyce & Jamie
Peruvian Gastronomic Week at Ritz Carlton – Joyce & Jamie

Fast forward many years later, I found myself sitting across a Peruvian colleague at my work place, and now a chance to get a taste of Peruvian cuisine for the first time in my life. (I ran the photos through my colleagues and he gave a thumbs up on their authenticity)

The Peruvian Gastronomic Dinner starts from 10th to 16th October 2012 and is priced at RM180++ per person (with two pisco sours). It is a collaboration between Ritz Carlton KL and the Peru Embassy.

Ceviche - salmon, mussels, tuna & octopus
Ceviche – tuna, mussels, salmon & octopus

Anyway, lets get on with the food.

Peruvian cuisine has a strong influence from African, Arab, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese cooking. This is particularly evident with the raw fish dish that is Ceviche.

mix this up and you get a good plate of Ceviche - seafood goodness
mix this up and you get a good plate of Ceviche – seafood goodness

Ceviche is in fact declared a part of Peru’s “national heritage”. The dish is a mixture of chunks of fish/prawns/octopus with key lime, sliced onions, chili peppers, salt and pepper.

In this regard, it is actually closer to umai, a traditional Sarawakian dish I had thanks to Irene on our trip to Sipadan many moons ago.

The ceviche was delicious and we had second servings. If you like sashimi, you’ll love this.

octopus with black olive alioli and various types of potato dishes
octopus with black olive alioli and various types of potato dishes

Another interesting dish that stands out here was the octopus with black olive alioli. The octopus prepared not unlike those in Japanese cuisine, but what’s distinctive here is the black olive alioli, a sauce made from garlic, olive, lemon juice, and egg yolk with the taste that reminds me of fu yee (fermented bean curd). This needs a little getting used to, but I find it quite interesting.

Executive Chef Rafael Lopez-Aliaga mentioned that there are over 4000 types of potato found in Peru, and there’s a few samples of dishes made from potato at the festival. I enjoyed the potato with huancaina sauce (yellow chili sauce), and the mash with yellow chili and crab was excellent too.

potato, chicken & peanut stew; sea bass with seafood & spicy sauce; tenderloin beef with onion & potato; beef and cilantro stew
potato, chicken & peanut stew; sea bass with seafood & spicy sauce;
tenderloin beef with onion & potato; beef and cilantro stew

The main dishes from Peruvian Gastronomic festival certainly gives a hint of their origin while retaining a unique. There are 9 different dishes presented here.

Peruvian heritage. Potato, chicken and peanut stew is something that I’ve never tasted before, with a hint of peanut butter and the savory taste of chicken, it is quite special.

Sea bass with seafood & spice sauce (they don’t call it Chilean sea bass here though they are the same thing) goes well with rice, tenderloin with onion and potato savory and delicious, and beef with cilantro stew provided a little kick to the taste buds too.

desserts! - pecan with dried fruits, rice pudding, milk pudding, and more
desserts! – pecan with dried fruits, rice pudding, milk pudding, and more

And then there’s the desserts. The usual suspects were rice pudding, sweet milk pudding, apricot and coconut cake, but of course, there’re those Peruvian influenced sweet dishes such as pisco chocolate cakes, chirimoya, orange and meringue. and lucama crunch.

Always good to have a sweet ending isn’t it?

pisco sour is a definite must try drinks to complete the Peruvian experience
pisco sour is a definite must try drinks to complete the Peruvian experience

By the way, each guest is also served two glasses of Pisco sours to complete the Peruvian experience. The drinks is a mixture of Peruvian Pisco with the addition of lime (or lemon) juice, syrup, ice, egg white, and Angostura bitters.

It was certainly an excellent dinner and a great introduction to Peruvian cuisine. Now where do I find more Peruvian food?

Ritz Carlton, KL

Peruvian Gastronomic Week @ Ritz-Carlton Hotel
168 Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

GPS3.146960, 101.715406
Tel03-2141 8000


In an unrelated news, our election is here starting tomorrow (17th Oct 2012). Watch this space for more information very soon!

It’s gonna be exciting. 😀