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My friends have been raving about this place with the best fried eggs for a while now. Yuki, Winnie, and Kerol kept talking about the fried eggs that everyone must try, and my thought was probably exactly like yours, “Fried eggs? Serious?”

So we made a trip to Restaurant Muar at Tengkat Tong Shin a couple weekends because I had to know what the fuss is all about.

Restaurant Muar is situated right next to Ngau Kei at Tengkat Tong Shin
Restaurant Muar is situated right next to Ngau Kei at Tengkat Tong Shin

Located just a few doors down from the popular 24 hour beef noodle place Ngau Kei, Restaurant Muar serves home cooked dishes from a comfortable home-turned-restaurant setting. There’s air conditioning and some attempts in interior decoration, but we’re here for the food anyway, right?

The menu has your usual home-cooked dishes broken down into a few categories – seafood, chicken, egg, beancurd, vegetable, and soup. Pork is missing from the list though.

this fried egg is what we came here for
this fried egg is what we came here for

And.. this is what we came here for. The famous crispy fried eggs (RM 5/RM 7) at Restaurant Muar was really a very simple yet very well executed dish. A few eggs deep fried and with dark soya sauce or cooking caramel sprinkled on top, that’s it!

It was really as what they said – the best fried eggs there is! Crispy on the side with the egg yolk still slightly runny, it was glorious. I kinda miss it right now while penning this down actually.

paku pakis, otak otak, prawn with petai
butter kailan, otak otak, prawn & squid with petai

To go with steamed rice, we also ordered a few other dishes for the four of us.

The petai squid and prawns (RM 16) was positively spicy and rather fragrant, goes well with rice. Butter kailan is another interesting dish and tasted like the crumbs from butter prawns with a hint of kailan taste, it worked well I think.

I thought the otak-otak (RM 12) was merely average, a little bit too firm for my liking and didn’t carry the reputation of Muar otak-otak well.

Kerol, KY, Yuki - the cendol is pretty good too
Kerol, KY, Yuki – the cendol is pretty good too

Restaurant Muar also serves set meals for 1 pax (RM 5.80), 2-3 pax (RM 25.90), 4-6 pax (RM 45.90), and even 7-10 pax (RM 65.90). Prices are pretty reasonable for what you get and food is generally rather delicious. Now if I have a super hot deep fryer at home…

map to Restaurant Muar at Bukit Bintang

Restaurant Muar
No. 6G Tengkat Tong Shin
50200 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.145677, 101.706941
Tel: 03-2144 2072, 012-219 2199
Hours: 11am-3pm, 6pm-10pm Closed on Mondays

I can categorize my friends into 3 groups when it comes to spicy food. Those who can eat spicy food, those who can’t, and lastly, the one who can’t eat spicy food but will embrace it like a Winnie the Pooh to honey pot if it’s tomyam, no matter how hot the soup is. Case in point, Yuki.

So when she enthusiastically suggest that Haze (another tomyam fanatic) needs to try the tomyam meehun at Restaurant Gou Lou at Jalan Alor, I was certain that it won’t be a disappointment.

Restaurant Gou Lou at Jalan Alor
Restaurant Gou Lou at Jalan Alor

Jalan Alor is usually filled with tourists at night, but in the afternoon, more than half the restaurants are closed, and those that are in operation usually caters to locals instead – both price and taste wise. As a bonus, parking too is a lot less troublesome in the morning/afternoon.

The restaurant has air conditioned indoor, as well as the more “traditional” kopitiam set up with a retractable roof/umbrella at the semi open air alfresco area. They start early, and ends pretty early. 7 am to 4 pm.

tomyam seafood noodle, and curry soup version too
tomyam seafood meehun, and curry soup version too

Though labeled more clearly as a fish head noodle shop, my first experience here was their tomyam seafood meehun (RM 7.50). The dish is loaded with plenty of squid, cuttle fish, lala, and one pretty decent size prawn. The seafood were good, and the prawn especially sweet and juicy (you can order extra prawns for extra $).

As for the tomyam broth, Yuki was right and Haze concurred. It was spicy, flavorful, and perhaps one of the best out there from a Chinese hawker stall. I like they didn’t spare the usage of Chinese parsley.

Kerol chose the curry soup and had hers with extra foo-chok, and the picky girl was satisfied too.

absolutely love this dry curry chicken noodle
absolutely love this dry curry chicken noodle

My favorite from restaurant Gou Lou though, is this dry curry chicken noodle (RM 5.50) that I had on a separate visit (they ran out before 2pm on our first visit). The dish consists of  thick chicken curry poured over your choice of noodle with dark soya sauce base at the bottom. The noodle comes with chicken, potato, bean sprout, and topped with spring onion and fried shallots, it was fantastic.

Highly recommended for anyone who loves curry chicken, this was fantastic and I stopped over for breakfast this morning just to have this again.

dry curry mee with pork ball, curry mee, and fish swim bladder soup
dry curry mee with pork ball, curry mee, and fish swim bladder soup

The menu is actually pretty big here, and they are pretty flexible and allows mix-matching different ingredients of your choice. Horng tried dry curry with pork balls in soup before, and my colleague and I also shared a bowl of tasty fish swim bladder soup that tasted very fishy, but in a good way, if you know what I mean.

The curry mee (not Penang style) too was reported to be very palatable by another colleague of mine, Lee, who almost always order curry mee at every kopitiam we go.

Haze, Horng, Yuki, and Kerol
Horng, Yuki, Kerol, and Haze

While a lot of locals sees Jalan Alor as a tourist trap with pricey but sup-bar food destination, the place really did not rise to fame purely by travel magazines or junior feature journalists. There are really some hidden gems nested within this busy little street at Bukit Bintang. Give it a try some day!

Charn Kee tasty corner and Sister drunken chicken noodle are another two places worth visiting if you find yourself around the area.

direction to restaurant Gou Lou, jalan alor

Restaurant Gou Lou
37, Jalan Alor,
50200 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.145755, 101.708947
Tel: 012-665 4095
Hours: 7 am to 4 pm, closed on Wednesday Branch:
73, Jalan SS 21/60 Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS3.133296, 101.621527
Tel: 03-7725 3420
Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30 am to 10 pm. 8 am to 4 pm otherwise

A couple of weeks ago during one of those days where my regular lunch colleagues were nowhere to be found, I decided to do a bit of exploration around Bukit Bintang looking in hope of finding something out of the usual lunch options.

drunken chicken noodle, with fried egg as extra
drunken chicken noodle, with fried egg as extra

After seemingly forever, I found myself wondering towards almost the end of Jalan Alor, and this is when I noticed quite a few people seated under colorful beach umbrellas enjoying something that smells pretty good.

And so I walked into Beh Brothers restaurant and stood in front of the one busy hawker stall – Sister Drunken Chicken Noodle.

Upon the operator’s recommendation, I ordered the drunken chicken noodle, with egg as extra.

it's hot, long wait, and expensive, but I'll come again, yums!
it’s hot, long wait, and expensive, but I’ll come again, yums!

It took a good 20-25 minutes before my bowl of drunken chicken mee is served, and for a hawker dish at a kopitiam, it was a pretty pricey RM 12 too.

Then I smell it, and took a spoonful of soup into my mouth. It was laden with sweet, sweet taste of Chinese wine, the noodle was soaked with the very same sweetness, and there were intestine, chicken, liver, and plenty of those ginger too. It turned out to be better than expected, it was the best drunken chicken noodle (or soup) that I’ve tasted. By the time I was done the bowl was practically dry of all the rice wine broth.

The fried egg was an interesting addition to the dish but I think something that can be omitted without sacrificing anything.

map to Jalan Alor

The stall operates for breakfast and lunch crowd, and they have other options like fish, prawn, pork, and even frog. Looks like I’ll go there again pretty soon.

Beh Brothers restaurant
(right behind PapaRich)

Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur
GPS3.14528, 101.70829

After reading my entry on the Famous Seremban Favorites Restaurant’s Char Siew (BBQ Pork) a long time ago, Cheesie commented that the best char siew in this side of Klang Valley is Meng Kee at Tengkat Tong Shin. So I made her promise to bring me there one of these days.

She did, twice. We had to walk the whole round of Jalan Alor and Tengkat Tong Shin in rain just to find that the place was closed on the first visit. But there is reward in being persistent, we got our fix during the second visit a while ago.

Meng Kee Char Siew, tengkat tong shin
please snap the photo faster! hungry already!

We got there at before 10 in the morning and it proved to be too early. Chicken were ready, but they were still preparing the char siew. We were told to come back at 10:30.

We did, and ordered a plate of char siew, steamed chicken, vegetable, and rice. The restaurant was a house and you won’t find any fancy renovation, extended drinks menu, nor air conditioning, just good old fashion eat and sod off type of place. The crowd was building up by 11am.

Meng Kee Char Siew, tengkat tong shin
char siew, steamed chicken, vegetable, soup

The food, well, true to Cheesie’s recommendation, was excellent! The char siew very tender and succulent, yet carries a hint of swetness at the caramelized outer layer, marvelous. The chicken did not disappoint either, though not as smooth as those I had at Soo Kee Ipoh Hor Fun in PJ, but still plenty good in it’s own right. The rice too were properly flavored, it was a very satisfying meal.

map to tengkat tong shin
Meng Kee Char Siew is pretty near the heart of Bukit Bintang

Price wise, this place is just above food court level. You should be able to have a pretty complete meal for RM 10 per person. When are we doing this again, Cheesie?

Note: Meng Kee has moved to Jalan Alor right next to Nova Hotel. Tel: 017-638 8648/016-909 3721

13 Tengkat Tong Shin,
50200 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.145808, 101.707392

Every once in a while, we drive out to have lunch with colleagues and friends even though there are plenty of choices within walking distance at KLCC. Our destination last week was Charn Kee Tasty Corner at Jalan Alor, Nicholas (the driver) recommended the famous clay pot fish paste noodle he has been eating ever since he was a little boy.

Fish Noodle, Charn Kee Tasty Corner, Jalan Alor, KL
a kopitiam set up, with illustrated menu

The restaurant (kopitiam set up) serves several dishes, with illustrated menu to aid the selection process for the uninformed. Naturally I have to try the clay pot fish paste noodle, the other noobs had the dry version of fish paste noodle and the lam mee (something similar to loh mee). We also ordered extra dumplings and fish balls to share.

Fish Noodle, Charn Kee Tasty Corner, Jalan Alor, KL
lam mee, fish paste noodle dry and soup version, dumplings and more fish balls

Even though it was at busy lunch hour, food didn’t take too long to arrive. The clay pot fish paste noodle was really good, reminded me of the same dish that I had at Kota Kinabalu some years ago. The fish paste and prawns complimented the noodle nicely and give the soup a subtle seafood taste. I particularly like the strong chili paste that accompanies the dish.

My colleagues returned very positive verdicts on their respective dishes too. The extra fish balls and extra dumplings were very good as well. The texture of the fish ball were just perfect.

Fish Noodle, Charn Kee Tasty Corner, Jalan Alor, KL
look at the happy bunch!

Price wise, Charn Kee is pretty reasonable, if my memory serves me correct, the meal costs less than RM 8 per person inclusive drinks. This is going to be one of the places to eat in KL for me.

map to Jalan Alor, KL
Charn Kee at Jalan Alor is just a short walk from Bukit Bintang area

No 35, Jalan Alor,
50200 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.145797, 101.708819
7:30am to 4:30pm, close on Monday