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I attended perhaps the most awesome party in 2009 – the second installment of the now rather infamous Malam Tumpang Glamour party, this time by the pool side at Metropolitan Square. I also went to the first MTG a few months ago.

For those who’ve not heard of this strangely named party, it was conjured up by Michael, Elfie, and Reta. The idea is to throw a cheap ass party by getting booze and audio equipments/DJ sponsored, and collect some money to be donated to Furry Friend Farm to help out them poor animals.

In an alternate universe, we’d just eat those animals and save all the trouble, but there’d be no party. Just go to show that you can’t have everything in Vietnam.

KY, elfie, haze, liling, at malam tumpang glamour 2
KY & Elfie; big party; Elfie, Kelvin, Li Yin w Kendrik, Li Ling; Haze

Anyway, MTG 1 was fun, with a venue that was a bit too hot and slightly too packed, but MTG, man, it was a real party. There were over 100 cheap ass party goers who attended; friends of organizers who brought friends, who brought more friends. The whole 4th degree of separation thing sort of got out of proportions.

I managed to convince Haze the workaholic designer to join us to the party, and thanks to her I made the right decision to go prepared – with a swimming trunk under my “beach wear”. I also brought along the swimming goggle for good measure.

fiona, ee laine, reta, KY
Fiona & Ahfa; a wet Reta; KY & little Kendrik (not my son)

The party started out not exactly quite as fast as we’d like to, so Terence and I decided to get the ball rolling by jumping into the pool. It was GODDAMN COLD! I had to swim a couple laps to warm up. Jack and AC soon joined us.

But a pool party isn’t complete without getting people thrown into the pool. So we did just that, Reta, Elfie, Michael, Yvonne, Horng, Vicky, Haze, Ahfa, Chris, Siao Ling, Eric, Nigel, Nazrul… were among the people whom Terence and I managed to throw/forced into the pool. There were quite a few more whom we don’t remember or never had the time to know. I think we must have done it to at least a couple dozen people.

throwing people into the pool at Malam Tumpang Glamour
Terence & KY – we got the pool thing going!

We basically went up to someone random and asked “hi, what’s your name?”, said person would answer, and the next question was “why are you still dry?”. 3-4 people would then gang up and haul the person up, remove all phones/wallet/keys, and throw him/her into the pool.

It was damn FUN!… at least until Terence slipped while carrying Yvonne (I was holding onto her legs), and the poor gal developed a small tower on top of her head from the fall, OUCH. (sorry Yvonne, and nice to have met you)

The party then went on with more drinking, dancing, and getting even more people thrown into the cold, cold water. It was a blast! At the end a very drunk Jack had to sleep in his car overnight and somehow lost the wallet during the party, collateral damage, oh well!

everyone at Malam Tumpang Glamour 2
some group photos, and a wasted Terence in the lift

RM 400 was raised for Furry Friend Farm, extreme tiredness for the organizers (thanks guys!), some alcohol induced pre-digested food gathered on the floor, a very drunk Terence who was reported peeing out of a window late in the night, and a tonne of very happy party goers who’re only left wondering what MTG 3 would bring!

The organizers want to thank Carlsberg & Tuborg for the beer, Redbull for the energy drink, (awesome indie music portal) for the venue, and Elfie’s manager Eugene for donating his credit card to charity while being completely wasted.

It never ceases to amaze me how communication technology brings people together. Ever since my old batch of ex-housemates moved out of my place over a year ago, we actually haven’t met for the longest time.

It wasn’t until a week ago when Huey Fang finally joined facebook that Carol decided that we should meet up again after such a long lay off. So we did just that last Saturday.

ex housemates, horng, carol, ky, huey fang
Horng, Heuy Fang, KY, Carol

Just as we were struggling to find a venue, I received an sms from Xaviera inviting us to Bondai Grill & Pub‘s soft opening at Curve. Perfect timing, so Horng, Huey Fang, Carol, ah Chan, and I went there right after dinner and joined by Suan, Ahfa, Bob, and Jack.

Of the three ex housemates, I’ve known Horng (also known as Honry) for 24, Huey Fang for 15, and Carol for 12 years and counting. They are some of my best friends whom I know I could count on for anything, and I do mean anything.

Old friends, ah chan, jack, eelaine, xaviera, suan
ah Chan, Jack & FA, Xaveira and Suan

I’ve known Suan virtually for at least 8-9 years and in person for over 5 years, FA for just a bit shorter than that, and Xaveira, ah Chan, and Jack pretty much before the conception of this blog. They’ve all been very good friends over the years.

I haven’t had such a great time since forever. Lotsa laughters, lotsa chit chats, and even a few heart to heart sessions. Thank you guys, and here’s to friendship.

p/s: We need to do this more often.

p/s 2: facebook album here

p/s 3: I wish I have one, with LCD tv please

Last week Kerol came over and suggested that we should try the Sango Japanese Restaurant at Crystal Crown hotel as her colleague insisted that it is one of the bests around the area. Coincidentally, Jack appeared at the gate right at dinner time, so three of us went to this little known restaurant to validate the claims of Kerol’s colleague.

Sango Japanese Restaurant, Crystal Crown Hotel
38++ for all the teriyaki you can eat. Look at Kerol & Jack so happy!

I am a raw fish lover, my order at Japanese restaurants includes sashimi or sushi every 9 out of 10 times. However, as we were browsing the menu, we couldn’t help but be intrigued by the current offer – “Yakitori Tabe Hodai” (eat as much as you can) at RM 38++ that even includes a beer or juice. The offer includes all sorts of food on skewer, so we made the choice to skip raw fish for this round and took the offer (only valid till 15th April 2008). It was a wise choice.

Sango Japanese Restaurant, Crystal Crown Hotel
we had more than 18 types of food on skewer

From the 24 items on the menu, we tried probably around 20 of them (the pictures already show 18.) Most of the items were very delicious, I love the ginkgo nuts, lightly salted and skewered. Then there’s chicken with leek, with wasabi, chicken wing, and even chicken skin! So many choices you wish you have a bigger stomach.

Sango Japanese Restaurant, Crystal Crown Hotel
special meat ball – top left

If the chicken dishes were good, items involving beef were even better. the asparagus wrapped with beef was very delightful, but the absolute must-order item would be the “special meat ball”. The description could be better, it looked like an ice cream stick with beef instead of ice cream, and a raw quail’s egg accompanying the meat, very rich and yet very addictive. I need to have that again!

map to Crystal Crown Hotel
Crystal Crown is just a couple minutes off Federal Highway

Other than meat items, there are also skewed non-animal products. Mushroom, okra (lady fingers), ginkgo nuts, garlic, egg plants, and so forth. If you’re the more adventurous type, you can go for chicken liver, heart, or gizzards too.

Remember, the offer ends at 15th April, I think I need to go back there again soon.

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