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It’s December again and that can only mean the funnest X’mas eve party of all is just around the corner! We will be sending our SMS invites and try to have a good guesstimate on how many noobs will come, for those who aren’t on my phonebook and want to join us nonetheless, pop me a message at the contact me page, and with Suanie’s approval, we shall slot you in.

Xmas Eve Party 2006
This is how we have fun!

As usual, there are some rules to make it all awesome and fun:

  • wear your worst dress in the closet, there’ll be a prize for worst dresser and punishment for the best dresser, male and female category
  • bring a gift of value at around RM 10 for gift exchange
  • feel free to bring booze or some tidbits especially if you tend to drink like a fish or have overly healthy appetite
  • no shoes nor smoking indoor
  • party starts at 8pm till the last drunk person goes home

It’s gonna be fun fun fun, the highlight of the night shall be the gift exchange. Last year fox walked away happily with a toilet seat cover. Be creative in buying gifts, you are not limited to candles and picture frames.

By the way, the worst dress in closet theme is the brainchild of Suanie. I think it’s gonna be awesome seeing people dressed horribly, drinking, and dancing like it’s the beggar’s club (丐帮) or something.


last year’s invite, with map.