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For many prawn mee and loh mee fans out there who used to frequent Choon prawn mee stall at O&S, here’s their new location just a few shops down the road.

Choon Prawn Mee at the new location (same row as O&S)
Choon Prawn Mee at the new location (same row as O&S)

Today's breakfast stopover is at Taman Paramount's Choon Prawn mee. They used to run a stall at O&S kopitiam on the same row prior to moving here. #kyeats #breakfast #kopitiam #hawker #lohmee #tamanparamount #morning

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Yeap, the stall at O&S is now taken over by another operator (reportedly not nearly as delicious), so if you want to get the familiar taste, here’s where you have to go. The new place is air conditioned, slightly more expensive, and much more comfortable compared to O&S.

Additionally, opening hours are longer as well.

Penang style lor mee, pork intestines extra
Penang style lor mee, pork intestines extra

In addition to prawn mee and loh mee (starting from RM 6.50) with all sorts of extra ingredients such as extra prawns, intestine, pig tail, ribs, and squid, the shop also offers other dishes such as kuih teow th’ng (yet to try), toast, nasi lemak, chee cheong fun, and so forth.

well satisfied with my breakfast of lor mee
well satisfied with my breakfast of lor mee

For my visit, I went for my favorite – Penang loh mee.

For those who aren’t familiar with Penang version of lor mee, it is pretty similar to prawn mee, but in addition to prawn, bean sprout, fried shallot, and sliced pork, there’s usually half a hard boiled egg, minced garlic sauce, and of course, those thick startchy broth.

The version here is as good as any, and the extra RM 2 I paid for those intestine was well worth it. Now I feel like I want to have a bowl with all the extras!

Choon Prawn Mee
13 Jalan 20/14, Taman Paramount
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.106983, 101.625309
Tel: 012-265 8193
Hours7am to 4pm (Mon-Sat), 7am to 4.30pm (Sat/Sun/public holiday)

With the cats waking me up before 7am every morning and the fact that I now ride a bike to work, it opens up a lot of opportunity for me to explore various breakfast outlets in the city. Last week I went to one of the oldest Hakka noodle stalls in town – the “Da Bu Mien” stall at Jalan Sayur, Pudu.

Hakka noodle at Jalan Sayur, brisk business in the morning
Hakka noodle at Jalan Sayur, brisk business in the morning

Even at the early hours, the 8 decade old stall is already packed with people. Sharing table is a norm, and you can say goodbye to comfortable chairs or air conditioned dining hall. The promise is a bowl of noodle as authentic as it gets, hand made and with ingredients true to the heart of the operator.

The stall has a yellow label that says “Da Bu Mien” (大埔面), which state it’s origin from Dabu county, a district of Meizhou, Guangdong Province of China, a center of Hakka culture.

minced meat, chasiu, and wantan too
minced meat, chasiu, and wantan too

A bowl of noodle is RM 4.50 and comes with minced meat, chasiu, vegetable, and a side of wantan soup. The traditionally made noodle (using bamboo) has a good springy texture to it and is closer to wantan noodle instead of the more common flattened style found in other Hakka noodle places.

I find myself enjoying the slightly oiled minced meat quite a bit, in fact, some regulars prefer to have more minced meat instead of chasiu.

Over all, it was a rather good bowl of noodle, and a place I certainly will visit again.

map to Jalan Sayur hawker center

Chun Kee (Da Bu) Hakka Mee
446, Jalan Sayur,
Off Jalan Pudu,
55100 Pudu,
Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.135208, 101.713051
Hours: breakfast till late lunch

When it comes to Japanese food, you can’t really find a higher concentration of restaurants than Hartamas and Subang SS15. With the former, there’s at least quite a big community of Japanese expats living around Mont Kiara area, but with Subang, well, there isn’t an easy explanation.

It just seems like there are more and more new Japanese restaurants opening at the area every year, Jyu Raku being one of the newest kids on the block that already packed no less than some half a dozen outlets.

Jyu Raku, with classy deco and a rather extensive menu

Incidentally, the first Japanese restaurant I blogged about all the way back in 2005 was Rakuzen, situated right next door to Jyu Raku. In fact, it was the former Japanese head chef from Rakuzen that opened this restaurant.

an extensive sushi bar with grilling area at Jyu Raku

You can really see the resemblance in the menu as well as the restaurant layout between Ryu Raku and Rakuzen. An extensive sushi bar with grilling area connected to the kitchen, about half a dozen tables on the ground floor, and bigger dining area on first floor as well as a couple private rooms.

Photos you see from this blog post were taken from two separate visits, but I have been to Jyu Raku probably at least half a dozen time since. Quality of food has been pretty excellent, and there is a wide selection of dishes to choose from.

sashimi, jyu raku roll, Sheryl

The sashimi (kame, RM 48) has always been very fresh and served with grated wasabi. Wasabi makes a heck of a difference when it comes to enjoying sashimi, and once you had freshly grated wasabi to go with the raw fish, there’s no turning back.

Their signature Jyu Raku roll (RM 28) is something not to be missed too, unagi, prawn, and sashimi and lettuce wrapped with a very thin piece of cucumber and topped with salmon roe. Really luxurious and positively delicious.

ebi maki, cha soba, gyu tan, and that grated wasabi

The cha soba (cold green tea noodle) here is as good as anywhere, smooth silky, and absolutely delightful especially on a hot day.

One of my favorite parts of cow – the tongue, is served at Jyu Raku too. The tongue has a slightly firmer but smoother texture compared to meat, and carries a slightly different taste to it that to me, equals some of the best cuts of meat. A place for cheap gyu tan is at Daidomon (buffet style), but quality aren’t as good as Jyu Raku.

Cheesie with her mentaiko (marinated pollock roe)

Mentaiko, or marinated pollock roe, is available on the menu but somehow aren’t available most of the time. The Ebi Mentai goes for RM 15, but when Cheesie asked for a bowl of mentai without the prawn, the restaurant obliged too. Mentaiko is quite a lot smoother than the more common ebiko (shrimp roe), and usually has a bit of a spicy kick to it. I love it.

cold inaniwa udon, beef with shimeji mushroom, green tea ice cream

Other dishes I’ve tried here include the inaniwa udon that is consumed much like cha soba, but a lot more subtle in taste (doesn’t come with wasabi). Beef with shimeji mushroom was pretty delicious too, but I’d imagine if we had ordered wagyu instead, it’d be even better, but alas, I don’t have a limitless wallet.

Jyu Raku is located right across from SJMC

Since the menu is rather extensive, there’s quite a lot more that I haven’t tried from Jyu Raku, yakimono, kushiyaki (skewed grill) wagyu, salad, and so forth. Those that I tried hasn’t been disappointing, but according to masak-masak, the tempura should be avoided though.

Jyu Raku
13, Jln SS15/5A
47500 Subang Jaya

GPS: 3.074770, 101.586370
Tel: 03-5633 3819

I’ve been a fan of Penang Hokkien Mee (commonly referred to as Prawn Mee in KL) ever since I was able to get to choose my own breakfast, it also means that my affinity towards this particular dish started longer than some of you have been alive, which might not exactly be a very proud talking point, but lets not digress.

I’ve known the existence of this particular hawker stall at seapark for quite a while but somehow never gave it a try until very recently. This was partly due to the fact that a particular ex housemate said the laksa was not very good, and that I didn’t know they serve Hokkien mee too.

Penang Laksa and Hokkien Mee at PJ Sea park
stall by the side of the road serving Laksa and Hokkien Mee

Actually we ended up at the stall due to the fact that Soo Kee across the road ran out of steamed chicken as we arrived too late. While settling down to our table, I over heard the owners speaking in Penang Hokkien, a definite good sign.

Rachel ordered asam laksa, while Horng and I asked for the Hokkien mee. The place was cozy despite the afternoon heat, and the whole mobile hawker set up gives it a feeling that is very close to home.

Penang Laksa and Hokkien Mee at PJ Sea park
Rachel, KY, Horng, and those pretty good size prawns

Rachel’s verdict for the laksa was actually quite positive. Here’s what she said about it, and I quote:

Rachying says (11:21 AM):
erm actualy it somehow satisfy my crave for laksa back home?
just if i can have more fish
that would be awesome
cos the soup will be thicker

As for the Hokkien mee, I really liked it a lot. All the usual ingredients and the slightly larger than usual prawns in a soup base that has the right prawn taste to it. Very proper and very delicious, I love it. This would be the 3rd Hokkien mee place around the area that I approve. The other two being Yon Lee at TTDI and the stall at Kampung Chempaka.

Penang Laksa and Hokkien Mee
the hokkien mee and asam laksa stall is located at SEA Park

RM 4 for a bowl of that Penang flavor right here in the heart of PJ, I’m going to be a frequent customer. This stall opens from brunch till tea time. You can also find pretty awesome teow chew porridge just right opposite the stall, and there’s this very nice nasi lemak with ayam goreng at night at the same place too.

Jalan 21/11b,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.110006,101.62213

Having to make a decision for dinner last weekend before a movie, I was trying to be smart and told Lorna (my petrol heroine) that I am bringing her to a pretty interesting place without first giving her the restaurant’s name. We then walked past Sushi Zanmai, and she told me “my sister and I went to another Zanmai place last week, the one downstairs”

Pasta Zanmai?” I asked. She said yah. That was exactly the place I thought I’d surprise her with, so you can imagine what an ass it made me feel. Well the important thing is that we still ended up there and I was able to finally give Pasta Zanmai a try.

Pasta Zanmai
pretty nice interior with an integrated shop

Pasta Zanmai is actually from the same group that runs RakuZen at Subang Jaya, Chulan Square, as well as the Sushi Zanmai branches. I have always had positive impressions at their establishments, so my expectation was rather high stepping into this place.

It was a rather busy Saturday dinner time, we decided to sit at the bar right in front of the glass shielded kitchen rather than wait for a table. The interior decoration was pretty nice, with ample lighting, comfortable chairs, and a busy pace.

Pasta Zanmai
crab meat avocado spaghetti, Japanese curry rice

The menu came accompanied with pictures of most dishes, which makes ordering that much easier. I couldn’t resist the combination of kani (crab) and avocado with pasta, and Lorna ordered the Japanese curry chicken rice. We also asked for ikura (salmon roe) and teriyaki hotate (scallop) as appetizers. A big pitcher of ice fruit tea was shared.

Despite the crowd, food didn’t take long to arrive, and they were good! Ikura was a bit smallish in serving size, but I guess there isn’t much to complain as the quality was good and the price reasonable. My spaghetti was really delicious, good portion of avocado and kani (real crab and not crab sticks) with the slightly salty pasta sauce that wasn’t over powering. The ebiko (flying fish roe) sprinkled on the pasta gave it an added sophistication as well. I really liked it.

Pasta Zanmai
ikura, hotate, and the giant ice fruit tea

The curry chicken rice was true to the taste as well, slightly sweet and not exactly spicy. I like the fact that they use real Japanese rice in this dish. As for the teriyaki hotate (scallop), they were so sweet and succulent I was so glad we ordered them.

Total bill came to Rm 100.05 including tax and service charge. Highest priced item was my RM 25 pasta while the other dishes and drinks ranges from RM 12 to RM 22. Give it a try!

Pasta Zanmai
G210B, Ground Floor Promenade
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.150050, 101.615939
Tel: 03-7728 1210

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Pasta Zanmai at Empire for dinner tonight. Spicy scallop pasta & avocado salad for me #kyeats #halal #japanese

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