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I remember IKEA from years back when it was at 1-Utama, a smallish outfit with too many furnitures displayed in whatever floor space they have. In fact, I used to have a bit of fire hazard phobia when I was there.

IKEA at Mutiara Damansara, Malaysia

Then they moved to the new store at Mutiara Damansara some years back and furniture shopping in Malaysia was never the same again. IKEA easily occupies more space than your average shopping malls, and they pretty much sell every type of furniture you need, and some you don’t need but desperately want. Every time I go there, I end up buying something, can’t be sure if that’s a good thing…

Now to hide and seek, I’ve played plenty of unintentional hide and seek games in IKEA over crowded weekends, as I’m sure many of you too. But now, IKEA came up with an online hide & seek contest that does not involve missing person but kitchen items instead.

ikea kitchen hide and seek

If you’re the best player of the week, you walk away with RM 500 IKEA vouchers, contest runs from 8 – 28 Nov, 3 weeks in total.

kitchen hide and seek contest dynamics

The dynamics are simple – load the flash game from

  • a photo of IKEA kitchen shows up, and 10 images of various IKEA kitchen items will flash through, remember them.
  • next, click on the location of those kitchen items when requested
  • fastest time wins! (I managed 1 minute on my 1st try, miserable)
  • Best part is you can play as many times as you wish and it will only take your best score for that week

Well, that is the game dynamics for the first week, there’ll be new challenge every week for three weeks, so keep trying!

Some other promotions I wished they had when I was renovating the house:

  • RM 30 voucher for every RM 300 spent on new kitchen
  • RM2,599 for a set of hood, hob and oven from FAGOR (this is a great deal, grrr!)

The one thing I really liked about IKEA kitchen is the various accessories that you can add on to the whole system. Little gadgets to put various kitchen utensils, little compartments to put various size of bowl/plates, hooks for hanging cloths, etc etc…. ok I better stop thinking too much, already feel like an urge to go jalan jalan at IKEA again.

By the way good luck with the game!

A couple weeks ago three of us went to the much blogged Indonesian food outlet Waroeng Penyet at the Curve. For those who can’t read the Indonesian (or Malay) language, waroeng (or warong) is a traditional hut, while penyet translates to flattened. So I guess you can call it a flattened hut though the place doesn’t look exactly like a hut nor is it flattened.

Waroeng Penyet, the Curve
no frill fast food outlet setting

As their logo suggests, the signature dish at this outlet would be the ayam penyet (flattened chicken). We ordered 2 servings of that, a bawal bakar (black pomphret), udang penyet (flattened prawn), pete udang belado (prawn with petai), and a sayur asem (vegetable soup). Of course, we were not able to deny the temptation of the curious soda gembira (happy soda).

Just like Carl’s Jr., you get a number after you order, and the food is served to the table fresh and steaming.

Waroeng Penyet, the Curve
how do you like the soda gembira?

The chicken were absolutely stunning. Crispy on the outside and still juicy on the inside. The sambal was very flavorful, with the taste of fresh chili and a slight tangy sensation, it compliments all sorts of meat nicely. The prawn and pomphret were equally good as well. The soup though, it something I wouldn’t order again, it was a bit weird to me with the slightly sourly taste that is everything wrong between tomyam and chicken soup. I guess it might be an acquired taste… but perhaps not for me.

These dishes were served with rice, so you do get a proper traditional meal in a modern setting.

Waroeng Penyet, the Curve
flavorful, spicy, and absolutely delicious

If I remember correctly, each dishes were priced just under RM 10. The excellent sambal (3 types actually) can be refilled at will, and I will definitely go there again. Give it a try if you are one of those who love spicy flavorful food!

Waroeng Penyet is situated on the first floor near the bridge connecting Ikano Power Center to the Curve.

First Floor, Lot 1.32
The Curve
Mutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.157699, 101.611540
Tel: 017-200 3988

As my house mate the Sotong had to wait for over an hour before the movie Rough Assassin starts (a very forgettable movie, lucky we didn’t have to pay for it), we decided to have dinner around the area. Although there are a host of restaurants at the Curve, Cinneleisure, and Ikano, I always struggle to find something that is affordable and decent there. We finally decided to try the curious Ketam Village Steamboat restaurant at the basement of Ikano Power Centre.

Steamboat Ketam Village at Ikano Power Center
the Sotong was enjoying her meal

The menu is packed with photos of every item, this make selection pretty easy as what you see is what you get. Unlike the more traditional steamboat places, this restaurant supplies every customer with their own pot, similar to Mizi Shabu Shabu in Puchong. Individual steamboat set priced from just less than RM 10 and above, pretty reasonable I think.

Steamboat Ketam Village at Ikano Power Center
the combination set and the interesting chili padi, spring onion, and fried shallot condiment

My house mate ordered a combination set with a side order of cuttle fish, while I had a sliced lamb noodle set with extra crab stick. Both of us went for clear soup, like many steamboat places these days, tomyam soup is available too.

I usually don’t expect too much from restaurants like this, but the soup actually tasted pretty decent, and the ingredients quite fresh. Furthermore, the chili paste was really good, and to top it all, there is this chili padi + spring onion + fried shallots + sesame seeds condiment that proved to be rather addictive. It turned out to be a very decent meal.

Steamboat Ketam Village at Ikano Power Center
I made quick work of whatever that was served

The bill came to RM 37+ for the two of us, combination set was RM 15.80 and the sliced lamb noodle was RM 9.80. There is a 5% tax.

GPS: 3.156478, 101.611927

p/s: I do not suggest that you should go to Cold Storage to buy some extra ingredients into that restaurant. 😀