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When I was a kid, I used to dream that one day I’m going to have ice cream for an entire meal! Imagine, my favorite sweet indulgence for the whole seating, instead of a tiny scoop or a small cone after being forced to chew swallow down the last bit of rice and boiled carrots.

Well, that dream came true!

Häagen-Dazs Explore Mochi Together
Häagen-Dazs Explore Mochi Together

I was invited to the launch of Häagen-Dazs‘ two new limited edition mochi flavours – the Tiramisu Mochi ice cream and Cream Cheese Mochi ice cream at Sunway Velocity Mall.

These ice cream are as you suspect – a combination of real authentic ice cream with delicately sized mochi pieces in them, resulting in a rather unique chewy texture that I thought was quite interesting, and one that worked better than imagined, you just have to try it.

Gondala Tiamisu
Gondala Tiramisu with master creator Imran Suwandi & host Yaya Zahir

The Tiramisu Mochi Ice Cream is inspired from homemade tiramisu using real mascarpone from Italy, while the Cream Cheese Mochi Ice Cream is made with real authentic cream cheese from Europe, carrying the quality you’d expect from Häagen-Dazs.

Bistro Paris
Bistro Paris

At the launch of the new Mochi flavors, we got to experience the limited edition menu (available at Häagen-Dazs stores till end of year) with Gondola Tiramisu & Bistro Paris.

Gondola Tiramisu (RM 44.20) is crafted with tempered chocolate made into a bowl with Tiramisu Mochi, Coffee, and Vanilla ice cream. The whole thing is surrounded by fresh cream, caramel, and nut brittles. The best of Italian sweetness on a plate.

As for Bistro Paris (RM 46.50), you can expect cheese, fresh fruits, with a cheesecake and the Cream Cheese Mochi Ice Cream paired with Macadamia Nut ice cream and Raspberry sorbet.

If you have a sweet tooth, you’d absolutely love these.

Häagen-Dazs Macha Latte
Häagen-Dazs Macha Latte (RM20.90)

You can get the two new flavors at the following sizes – minicup (100 ml) goes for RM 9.35 while pint size (473 ml) is priced at RM 30.40.

They are available at Häagen-Dazs outlets nationwide as well as major supermarkets including Aeon, Ben’s Independent Grocer, Family Mart, Jaya Grocer, 7-11, Village Grocer, and more.

Every once in a while, it is good to take a little half day road trip to get away from the city and explore what some of the smaller towns has to offer. A few weekends ago, when the city is again covered with haze and heat, we decided to head to Bentong for a mini food trail and to bask ourselves in the surrounding with slower pace of life.

Bentong, Pahang
Bentong, Pahang

Bentong is located on the West side of Pahang, and only about 33 kilometers from the exit to Genting on the Karak highway. From KL, the journey will take about an hour.

The entire district has a population of about 100 thousand, but on weekends, there are also visitors on big bikes and city dwellers looking to buy the famous Bentong ginger. In between those group, there’s yours truly looking to fill up his stomach.

Hooi Kee wantan mee at Yuen Kee kopitiam
Hooi Kee wantan mee at Yuen Kee kopitiam

Our first stop was Yuen Kee kopitiam, we chose this as it was the busiest breakfast outlet among the few we walked by around the wet market.

Without knowing what to eat, we again used the golden rule of “picking the  busiest stall” and ordered a couple bowls of wantan mee (RM 4.50) from Hooi Kee. As it turned out, this is actually the most famous hawker stall in Bentong.

sauce not overly sweet, and the wantan was delicious
sauce not overly sweet, and the wantan was delicious

Today's second breakfast, at Bentong's famous Hooi Ji wantan mee, just behind the market. #kyeats #breakfast #kopitiam #bentong #wantanmee #nonhalal

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The texture of noodle was pretty springy but not chewy, and I particularly liked their wantan that is packed with pork. The dark sauce carries a slight bitter taste which I find myself enjoying, but the charsiu (bbq pork) was rather average compared to some of the places in KL.

Be prepared to share table and wait for at least 10-15 minutes before food arrives.

Address:  Yuen Kee restaurant, No. 57, Jalan Chui Yin, 28700, Bentong, Pahang
GPS3.523174, 101.907015
Tel012-946 8406
Hours: breakfast and brunch

the yong tau foo stall at choy kee kopitiam
the yong tau foo stall at choy kee kopitiam

After the wantan mee, we decided to try something that is a bit more special – wild boar curry.

Wild boar isn’t something that is easily attainable in Klang Valley. The meat is usually slightly tougher and more gamey, so the most poplar method of preparation is usually curry. The stronger flavour of spices and longer cooking masks the stronger pork taste while tenderises the meat.

wild boar curry with chee cheong fun and yong tau foo
wild boar curry with chee cheong fun and yong tau foo

We ordered a piece of chee cheong fun and two pieces yong tau foo to go with the wild boar curry (RM 4). There’s generous amount of sesame and sweet sauce covering the yong tau foo, and best of all, there’s even sambal belacan on the side.

I enjoyed this dish a lot, and discovered that wild boar curry really does go very well with chee cheong fun.

Address: Choy Kee Restaurant, Jalan Pasar & Jalan Chang Seng, 28700, Bentong, Pahang
GPS: 3.522082, 101.906792
Hours: breakfast and brunch

kedai kopi kow po, more ice cream than coffee
kedai kopi kow po, more ice cream than coffee

After two main dishes, it was natural to get some desserts in the system. For this purpose, Bentong has an old school home-made ice cream parlour by the name of Kedai Kopi Kow Po.

We shared an ice kacang with asingle scoup of  home-made pandan ice cream, the shaved ice had all the traditional ingredients going for it – the black jelly, cendol, red bean, corn, and even pineapple. The ice cream was creamy and rather delicious too. I can see why this place has been in business for decades.

ice kacang with home made ice cream, delicious
ice kacang with home made ice cream, delicious

AddressKow Po Ice Cream, No. 2, Bentong Heights, 28700 Bentong, Pahang
GPS3.522107, 101.910755
Tel: 09-222 1258
Hours: 10 am to 7 pm daily

map to Bentong food

Remember I wrote about the free Fruttare ice cream that is given at the Fruttare Surprise kiosk outside Lot 10?

Well it is now extended until 29 July, which means I’m going to be making more trips to the area for those delicious icy treats!

Fruttare ice cream, extended
there is no free lunch, but ice cream? yes!

Fruttare have been giving out these refreshing burst of surprise since 16th of June and every time I walked by during lunch hour there were plenty of happy people enjoying the free ice cream.

find yourself on Fruttare Surprise gallery
find yourself on Fruttare Surprise gallery

Other than just free ice cream, Fruttare is also giving out exciting prizes too. All you need to do is snap a photo of yourself at Fruttare’s Surprise giant kiosk at Lot 10, and share the experience on your facebook page.

If you’ve taken photos there while claiming the free ice cream, check out and try to spot yourself in the gallery of photos and video taken during the event. You can download and share it via email or facebook. Make sure to use #Fruttare@Lot10 hashtag too.

this lady is certainly impressed by the taste of Fruttare
my colleague is certainly impressed by the taste of Fruttare

As for the ice cream itself, they taste excellent, my colleague’s description was “you know sometimes when suck the ‘juice’ off the ice cream and then it’s just ice left? This one isn’t like that“. It’s positively juicy and absolutely delicious.

I’m going to go get more. 😀

They say there’s no free lunch in this world, but nothing was mentioned about ice cream.

Just a couple days ago after having lunch with Jean at Lot 10’s Hutong food court, we walked around the building and guess what did we see? FREE ICE CREAM!

This was especially awesome since the weather wasn’t exactly cooling at all lately, seeing the WALL’S tent was not exactly unlike a thirsty camel spotting an oasis in the middle of the dessert.

best thing that ever happened to me after a char kueh teow lunch at Hutong
best thing that ever happened to me after a CKT lunch at Hutong

The free ice cream is Fruttare, a product from WALL’S that’s made from 100% real fruit juice and they come in these two varieties:

  • Fruttare Red Grape
  • Fruttare Lychee

Fruttare Lychee and Red Grape
Fruttare Lychee and Red Grape

I had the Lychee version (Asian maaa!) and it was tasty and certainly uber refreshing. I think I’m gonna take advantage and have the red grape versions soon. They are made with real fruits with no artificial coloring or flavor, a good thing for sure.

Jean with two varieties of Fruttare ice creams - strawberry and lychee
Jean with two varieties of Fruttare ice creams – strawberry and lychee

So get yourself to Lot 10, and all you need to do is snap a photo of yourself at Fruttare Surprise giant kiosk, then share it on your facebook page.

Free ice cream ensue!

But wait, the Fruttare Surprise is not only ice creams. You stand a chance to win exciting prizes, such as “YES 4G Mobile Broadband”, multi-coloured iPods and other AWESOME prizes too.

The kiosk will be there until 8th July 2012. Be quick!

plenty of joy to go around, just right ouside Lot 10
plenty of joy to go around, just right ouside Lot 10

Happy eating!

p/s: this post is brought to you by Fruttare

I’ve read about the new kid in town – Magnolia Sherbet for a little while now, and today I finally got my hands on some from the Petronas station at Damansara Jaya. It was just laying there beautifully, little containers with 85 ml of delicious goodness in them.

Magnolia Sherbet is finally here!
Magnolia Sherbet is finally here!

I picked up one of each flavors available from the lot – Delightful Orange, Marvellous Mangosteen, and Magnificent Melon. Unfortunately Luscious Lychee flavor is sold out at this location, bummer, but 3 out of 4 isn’t too bad I suppose.

Suggested retail price is RM 2.50 (RM 2.80 at East Malaysia), but I think I paid RM 2.70 at Mesra store, usually convenient stores at gas station impose a bit of a premium, oh well. I’m not complaining though.

Cendawan approves Magnolia Sherbet - Melon, Orange, and Mangosteen
Cendawan approves Magnolia Sherbet – Melon, Orange, and Mangosteen

The sherbet is kept in little plastic container of their own, and underneath the cap you’ll find a little plastic spoon. This is a pretty smart and messy-less packaging, I like.

The biggest difference between Magnolia Sherbet and just any ice cream is it’s texture. The sherbet comes with real fruit stuff in them – there’s real orange sacs in orange flavored sherbet, mangosteen puree in Mangosteen variety, and nata de coco in Magnificent Melon. Real lychee pieces can be found in the lychee variant too.

In a nutshell, you not only lick, you chew a little too. 😀

this thing actually tastes very good!
this thing actually tastes very good!

The orange flavor is tangy and gives the taste bud a kick, on the other hand, I like the melon varient’s nata de coco pieces too. The mangosteen flavor though, takes a little getting used to, but I guess it’s because that’s the first time I had any sherbet with mangosteen flavor. I have a feeling my mom will like it though.

(by the way mangosteen flavor seems to be Cendawan’s favorite, emmmm..

Since less dairy product is found in sherbet compared to ice cream, the sherbet is also a lot lighter, kinda in between ice and ice cream. Very refreshing, and we can all indulge in them pretty much guilt free. After all, it’s 2011, and I’ve started jogging/exercise a little bit more, so must also eat healthier lah.

That said, I’m contemplating finishing the last one in the fridge before Haze comes back, hehehe.

P/S: There’s a contest going on too, write a blog post that starts with “A Magnolia Sherbet A Day…” and win up to RM 1500 cash! Check here for more info!