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Remember all those tours of factories, estates, or farms when we were in school? I’d always enjoyed those little trips when I was young, but never thought that they will be equally as fun when I’m 1/3 way into the described time it takes for an egg to turn black and super tasty.

High5 bread factory museum
High5 bread factory museum

The “lawatan sambil belajar” session to the biggest bread factory in the whole of South East Asia turned out to be so much fun! Together with a few other blog owners and members of media, I was invited by Malaysia’s very own High 5 to a tour of their bread museum, factory, and a baking session with Chef Ismail!

We started off by visiting the very interesting the Bread Town Museum that reminds me of those amusement park exhibits more than typical boring museums, and of course, we entered by saying the magic word to open the door – “High 5!”

Corny? yah.
Fun factor? max!

High 5 bread museum in Shah Alam
High 5 bread museum in Shah Alam

From the museum and the multimedia presentation, we learn about the history of bread making from the Egyptians to Iron Age to the Vikings era to modern time, and even a bit of speculations into the future.

There’s also some uber interesting toasters on display too. I wouldn’t mind one of those! Reminds me of latte art, except these would be High 5 bread art instead.

High 5 bread factory floor
High 5 bread factory floor

The museum corridor led us over the High 5 factory floor.

The place is huge, and surprisingly manned with not very many staffs. Our guide explained that the factory is highly automated with a reason – to minimize human contact for better hygiene and to maintain consistent quality control too.

Dato Jackson Tan, KY & Chef Ismail, "cicah
Dato Jackson Tan, KY & Chef Ismail, “cicah” with coffe

After the tour, we proceed to another hall and was given a short speech by the Group Managing Director of Silver Bird Group Bhd – Dato Jackson Tan. I don’t have the transcript nor I think you’re  interested in reading them, but one thing he mentioned was the “Jom Rasa & Menang” contest that you should check out. Prize = Ipad!

With loud music and great fan fair, celebrity chef, Chef Ismail was introduced. The good chef got everyone’s mood up by forcing us to have an extended aerobic dance carrying two loafs of High 5 bread. It was hilarious and amazingly, fun at the same time. Kim couldn’t stop laughing from ear to ear, nor I.

Huai Bin, KY, Kimberly in a team!
Huai Bin, KY, Kimberly in a team!

We were then being separated to group of threes. Naturally, Huai Bin, Kim, and I got into the group, we felt invincible!

Before the baking demo got started, we were treated to a “cicah” with coffee session. A piece of High 5 bread dipped into hot coffee, the prototypical Malaysian way of enjoying the soft fresh bread. Ahh.. yums. Writing this reminds me that I should stock some of the bread at my office!

mini pizza with High 5
mini pizza with High 5

Right after that, Chef Ismail demonstrated, and we followed, the art of making mini pizza, with High 5!

The ingredients are simple:

  • mozzarella
  • sausage
  • onion (cut in wedges)
  • diced capsicum
  • chopped parsley

and for the sauce, use plum tomatoes, diced onion, garlic, parsley, thyme, oregano, tomato paste, blackpepper mix with olive oil and salt & sugar according to taste.

Cook those in a frying pan, then apply the sauce to a slice of High 5 bread, then add the other ingredients on top of it with the cheese latest. Bake, and done!

Tastes surprisingly good, I was amazed.

home made sardin curry puff
home made sardin curry puff

Next up – home made sardin curry puff, or indeed, any type of curry puff you want to make.

  • canned sardine
  • mayonnaise
  • High 5 bread
  • large onion, chopped
  • salt/sugar/lime to taste

Simply roll the bread flat, put the ingredients at center, and then join the edges of bread with flour paste. Deep fried (or bake if you’re health conscious all), and you’re done!

I kinda over stuffed mine, but I think it still came out tasting pretty yums!

High 5 bread tuna canapes
High 5 bread tuna canapés

Our 3rd and last creation was the simplest – High 5 bread tuna canapés.

  • High 5 bread
  • tuna mayonnaise
  • cherry tomatoes
  • spring onions
  • butter & mayo

Toast the bread, sliced/cut in nice agreeable shapes, spread butter and mayo, place tuna and onion/tomato, and viola, done! Little piece of open sandwich perfect for any cocktail party.

bloggers and members of media with High 5
bloggers and members of media with High 5

Before we leave, Brad and Zoe, the two High 5 mascots came out for a bit of photo op. The organizer gave each of us a big goodie bag with plenty of High 5 products too. It was all a very awesome experience made better with the excellent hospitality by High 5.

When’s another rombongan lawatan sambil belajar?

Don’t forget that if you want to stand a chance to win an iPad, join the “Jom Rasa & Menang” contest! Check it out now, the mechanic’s simple

  1. Buy any High5 bread
  2. Fill up entry form and attach barcode label
  3. Post your completed entry forms or submit them at designated outlets

For more information head to the contest site with the link above. Good luck guys! Now I’m gonna have myself a slice of Silverbird cake to celebrate 😀