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With the onset of the famous Malaysian haze season and hot weather, undoubtedly some of you might be experiencing sore throat and maybe even ocassional fever these days. Which is nothing the ancient Chinese has never faced, hence the remedy, traditional herbal tea. Ya ya, you can tell me you order your “leong char” from kopitiam and maybe you drink it from one of those herbal tea shops, but nothing beats the economy of scale and wholesomeness that you get by doing it yourself.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Tea
good old herbal tea & rock sugar

Well, it’s easy really. Get the pre-packed herbal tea from one of the traditional Chinese Medicine shops, and I happened to know one at Taman Megah that sells more type of herbal tea leaves/herbs than you have fingers. They are priced from RM 5 to RM 10 for quite a big packet that is good enough for a huge pot.

Then of course, you boil it for an hour or two. Sift the solid stuff out when done, and add some old school rock sugar if you can’t take it straight. I prefer mine with the original taste though some types might be more bitter than most people can tolerate, but that’s what makes it great, no?

Traditional Chinese Herbal Tea
how easy can this be?

This stuff does wonder to the throat, I mean, if the Chinese Opera can continue singing for the demi-gods this month, what other proofs do you need? It’s simple to make, doesn’t require any fancy wok-works, and will make your mama proud. Take care of yourself, fight the haze, inside and out.

map to taman megah
this is where you can buy them