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When it comes to curry mee, I usually prefer the Penang variety with prawns, cockles, cuttlefish, and coagulated pork blood. However, that does not mean that I don’t enjoy the occasional Central Malaysia type of curry mee with a different set of ingredients, I just usually don’t purposely look for them.

curry mee stall at Madras Lane, Petaling Street
curry mee stall at Madras Lane, Petaling Street

Actually, the only reason I discovered this curry mee stall at Madras Lane was from a failed attempt to try the famous yong tau foo located at the same place since I went there way too early (before their usual 10 am opening hour.)
curry mee with pork skin, cockles, and more

Anyway, this curry mee came with cockles that were just perfect, they were big, juicy, and almost raw. Then there’s those yummy deep fried pork skin, a few slices of eggplants, long beans, and tofupok in those thick curry gravy, which comes together making perfect compliments to the noodles with addition of those fragrant sambal.

I’m not a huge fan of KL curry mee, but this one is good. Try it.

map to Madras Lane yong tau foo, Petaling Street

Madras Curry Mee
Lorong Bandar 20
Off Jalan Petaling
Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.143600, 101.697142
Hours: breakfast and lunch, from about 8 am (Off Mondays)

One of the lesser known dishes in Penang is “hokkein char“, or literally, Hokkien Fried noodle. It is a dish found on most hawker centers and probably most of the bigger kopitiam, but unlike the more glamorous Pennag dishes like char kuih teow, curry mee or prawn mee that is famous everywhere, I’ve yet to find a proper hokkien char stalls in Klang Valley.

Hokkien Char & Char Hor Fun, Anson Road wet market
Hokkien Char & Char Hor Fun, Anson Road wet market

This blog post is about a Hokkien Char stall located at Anson Road wet market in Penang. It is not a particularly well known stall, in fact, it is absolutely average. In fact, I ended up trying this only because I was waiting for the immensely popular kuih teow soup at the same place (a must-try for kuih teow soup fans)

It is presented as how Hokkien Char should be, and tasted how it should taste, just the way I like it.

Penang hokkein char, where can I get one in KL?
Penang hokkein char, where can I get one in KL?

The anatomy of Hokkien Char is simple. There’s yellow noodle and mee hun, prawns, vegetable (choi sam usually), and pork slices fried with some sort of brown sauce, then topped with char siu and fried shallot. Most importantly, it is served with Penang style sambal balacan that’s positively spicy and foul smelling. Sometimes you get an odd fish ball or fish cakes thrown in as well.

The combination just works, and to me, a far superior rendition of fried noodle than KL’s “Hokkien Mee” with it’s overloaded dark soya sauce.

If you’re in Penang, give it a try!

muar chee, this one right outside Ayer Itam wet market
muar chee, this one right outside Ayer Itam wet market

Oh, also, don’t forget to try some Muar Chee as well. They’re absolutely fantastic and usually don’t cost more than RM 2 or so. If you like Kampachi’s signature peanut mochi, you will absolutely enjoy this.

direction to Anson Road market

Hokkien Char Stall
Anson Road Market
Jalan Anson & Lebuh Melaka
GPS: 5.415880, 100.320892
Hours: daily breakfasts except Mondays

For all these years staying within a kilometer or two within Seapark, I never knew the existence of this row of hawker stalls in the morning right beside the wet market until about half a year ago when introduced by my ex-colleague, Kelvin.

Seapark Morning Market curry mee
Seapark Morning Market curry mee

The reason that made me want to visit this hawker row was the picture of curry wantan mee shared by Kelvin that looks rather delicious. So a particular fair weathered morning not too long ago, I did just that.

dry "curry mee" with a side of tofu pok
dry “curry mee” with a side of tofu pok

The stall operates from around 4 am and usually sold out before 9. If you want to have super early breakfast, this is definitely the place to go.

The dry version is what most people go for, you have a choice of kuih teow, yellow noodle, or meehun as stomach filler, with the other ingredients being minced meat, sliced fish cake, fried fuchuk, and a side of curry broth with tofu pok & fish ball. Of course, there’s the all important fragrant chili paste as well.

this is available from around 4 am in the morning
this is available from around 4 am in the morning

So how does it taste?

Well, I’ve never had this exact same combination before, but I think it works pretty well. There’s sweetness from dark soya sauce, the spiciness and fragrance from sambal paste, and savoriness from meat and fish ball/fish cake.

For RM 5, this makes a pretty good breakfast. Now if they also offer coffee, that’ll be great.

map to seapark morning market hawker row

Curry wantan mee
Jalan 21/22, Sea Park,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.110397, 101.621757
Tel: 011-2628 4688 
Hours: from 4am to 8-9am

For the past one year plus, I visit MyDentist pretty much every other week for my invisalign treatment, and every now and then, I do ask the good people in the clinic for lunch suggestions at and around Jalan Ipoh area.

A couple weeks ago, I was introduced to this nameless chicken rice stall that I think worth mentioning here.

Chicken Rice stall without a name Off Jalan Ipoh just behind HSBC
Chicken Rice stall without a name Off Jalan Ipoh just behind HSBC

The stall is located pretty much right behind HSBC, just opposite Aeon Big entrance and right beside the river. There’s no name and it is more like a make shift shelter than a proper shop, though there’s fans, lights, and plenty of tables.

I order fried chicken though they have char siu and roast pork too
I order fried chicken though they have char siu and roast pork too

I had the roast chicken with a side of pork balls here, but like most chicken rice stalls, they also have roast pork, charsiu, and steamed chicken.

The chicken really juicy and succulent, and those pork balls (wished I ordered more) really hit the spots. The rice too was rather fragrant and best of all, the chili was one of the best I’ve tried. Spicy, aromatic, and really brings out the flavor of the chicken and pork ball. I will go back here just for the chili alone.

the pork ball is yummy as well
the pork ball is yummy as well

With drinks, this was less than RM 10, and I was properly satisfied. I have a feeling I will be back here again pretty soon.

map to Dee Kee Winner's Chicken Rice Off Jalan Ipoh

Chicken Rice Stall
Jalan Selvadurai
Off Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.178409, 101.683215

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I’m a fan of street foods, and it is not confined to any particular category of street food either. Chinese, Malay, Mamak, I love all of them.

In recent time we have a bit of a food truck movement, but while those are cute and neat, we actually already have food trucks since yonks. The only difference being that food truck 2.0 operates inside the truck, while the original food truck has the operators standing on the road side, eye-to-eye level to diners. I feel that the experience is always a bit more intimate.

Kelana Jaya laksa and ikan bakar stalls
Kelana Jaya laksa and ikan bakar stalls

Anyway, here’s a couple old school food trucks opposite the small Giant hypermarket at Kelana Jaya we discovered a short while ago. I first came to this place back in 2007 with my Malay friend Naida (who has since moved to the States) for nasi lemak kukus. Time flies huh?

love the ikan bakar with sauce plastered all over the stingray
love the ikan bakar with sauce plastered all over the stingray

The first stall is Ikan Bakar Fend, offering a variety of ikan bakar, including pari, talapia, kembong, cincaru, keli, as well as chicken and cockles.

I went with the default choice of ikan pari (stingray) with rice (RM 10) and was delighted by the portion as well as the quality of the dish. The fish was split into halves with the spicy and slightly sweetish sambal plastered all over, it was delicious and went very well with steamed rice. In fact, the accompanying sauces weren’t even really needed. I really want to try their ayam bakar next time.

Laksa de Kelana, Haze approved of the taste
Laksa de Kelana, Haze approved of the taste

Another stall worth trying is Laksa de Kelana that offers laksa, and apparently also Malay char kuih teow basah. Haze tried the laksa and was happy with it. The bowl of laksa and two coconut drinks (in cups) cost us RM 6 and was definitely more than worth it.

Maybe next time I’ll try the kuih teow basah.

Nasi Lemak Kukus at Kelana Jaya

Laksa de Kelana & Ikan Bakar Fend
Jalan SS 6/3,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.105838, 101.600329
Tel: 012-917 6965

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Another demonstration on how Transitions® Signature lens is useful in day-to-day life. Going from brimming bright outdoor where the lens is tinted to under the roof at one of my favorite breakfast places at Ah Weng Koh, and the lens goes completely transparent in an instant. It’s the sort of convenience you don’t realize until you have it.