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I’m a big fan of curry mee, in fact, it is probably my second most favorite hawker dishes all of time, just right behind char kuih teow.

But unlike char kuih teow that are almost always served with the same ingredients, curry mee can be tricky. There’re the Ipoh/central region variety that comes with curry chicken, cockles, and (if  you are lucky) pork skin, and there’s the Penang version with prawns, santan based broth, cockles, and increasingly rarely – coagulated pork blood.

P/S: this stall has moved to Seapark, PJ. Click here to find out.

hail to Penang curry mee, with pork blood!
hail to Penang curry mee, with pork blood!

The Penang version curry mee isn’t the most common hawker offering in Klang Valley, and as far as I know, only a handful of  them serve up a bowl with all the ingredients. So when I found out about this curry mee stall at the newish hawker center at PJ Old Town by the name of Restaurant Good Food, I was rather excited.

prawns, cockles, blood, and tofupok
prawns, cockles, blood, and tofupok

The operator did speak fluent Penang hokkien, and the bowl of curry mee did indeed come with all the bell & whistles you’d expect – with some extra long beans & lime, but minus the mint leave (i’m nitpicking here).

Apart from the prawns being a bit smallish, this was actually a very good bowl of curry mee, it was the “right” flavor all the way down to the proper sambal with that iconic slightly burnt taste to it. I liked it.

For me, the curry mee at Restaurant Okay at SS2 still edges over this one, but I can almost never wake up in time before they are sold out (usually by 9 a.m. on weekends). This place opens till around 3pm, so hureii!

map to Restaurant Good Food in PJ Old Town

Restoran Good Food
Jalan Penchala
Seksyen 51,
46000 Petaling Jaya
GPS3.087026, 101.641479
morning till 3pm, close every 1st & 3rd Sundays 

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