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I don’t know about you, but I have always keep pretty good post-relationship friendship with ex girlfriends, and yes, they are all in my facebook friend list. I’m not going to give names, but do feel free to dig around if it fancies you.

Anyway, one of the more intriguing applications in facebook has got to be the Compare People program whereby you rank your friends in several categories like smartness, hotness, desirability, and so on.

It got me curious on how I score from the people that mattered to me most once upon a time, so I went on a little profile hopping to investigate a bit. Look what I discovered on one of my ex’s profile!

Smartest and Hottest!
top of the list!!!

It made my day. 😀


Late last month I attended an event by Text100, as usual, David was the one who invited me. The venue was at Cafe Libre, Taman Desa; as suggested by Suan to David. Since she was the one who had that brilliant idea to suggest David to host the event there, I thought it was appropriate that she drove me there. Fighting with the traffic was never really one of my favorite things to do.

Cafe Libre Happy event
I’m enjoying the sandwich!

Upon arriving, we found that the whole Cafe Libre is closed for our private function – the Happy Event. No other customers, and free food for all of us who are attending, glorious! I couldn’t really ask for more, could I? But there were really more, read on and you’ll know what I mean.

Cafe Libre Happy event
pasta and the unique orange juice + beer

After hastily exchanging cards with the Happy hGenerators and David’s colleagues, I quickly went to the buffet line without waiting for anyone to start first. The pasta and potato were very good, but my favorite for the night would be the sandwich that has thick slices of tomato in it. The tomato gave the sandwich a very juicy texture and took away dryness from the bread. It was very good.

Cafe Libre also serves one pretty unique drink – beer with orange juice. Thick slurry orange juice at the bottom of ice cold beer, tastes pretty interesting and a must try if you find yourself there.

Cafe Libre Happy event
hula hoop competition, look at Kim!

After getting our stomach filled, the real event began. Apparently the Happy Team just wanted to tell us about Happy Moments. It is pretty simple, make a video or blog post about your happy moment, submit it to the website before March 31st and the top 3 winners of each category wins RM 5,000, RM 3,000, and RM 1,000 in cash! Pretty good deal if you ask me.

Cafe Libre Happy event
everyone was truly happy, with prizes too

After telling us this, it was time for games! There were a lot of prizes given out from the hula hoops competition and the movie quiz. I got myself 2 RM 10 Jusco vouchers, so proud! I also won the first hula hoop competition, beating the likes of Jason and Su Ann! I also played Wii for the first time with Kim, beating her in the tennis game so many times it wasn’t even funny, but it was awesome. 😀

Cafe Libre Happy event
cafe libre is located at Taman Desa

I don’t remember when was the last time I had such a fun time at an event before this one. I think the Happy Team did a great job, kudos!

18, Jalan 5/109f
Plaza Danau 2, Taman Danau Desa

GPS: 3.099357, 101.687028