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I met up with Terence (the guy who always over order food) a couple weeks ago for lunch. We originally decided to have the excellent Char Siu at Aman Suria, but the place was not open and so we went for the next best thing, the famous chicken rice at Yat Yeh Hing kopitiam, Kelana Jaya.

Chicken Rice at Yat Yeh Hing Kelana Jaya
glorious chicken (pics with N82)

This place is usually quite packed during lunch time, it might even take a while for you to find an empty table. The good thing is, once you made your order, you can help yourself with unlimited servings of soup while waiting for the main dishes to be served. We usually helped ourselves with the chili sauce too.

Chicken Rice at Yat Yeh Hing Kelana Jaya
Terence enjoying his lunch

For the two of us, we ordered something like half a steamed chicken, a plate of bean sprouts, and some chicken intestines. Of course, we had a couple bowls of soup (ABC with chicken legs) too. The chicken were pretty chunky and juicy, and the soup really delicious, the intestine however, is a bit of an acquired taste.

To many, the chili sauce at a chicken rice place is just as important as the meat itself. If you are one of these people, this stall certainly does not disappoint. The chili sauce is fragrant and makes perfect compliment to the meat, especially with some mashed ginger providing added level of sophistication.

Chicken Rice at Yat Yeh Hing Kelana Jaya
chili sauce, bean sprouts, soup, and chicken intestine

The meal costs about RM 15 for the two of us. A satisfying meal that provides pretty decent value for money. The chicken rice stall only opens for lunch.

map to Chicken Rice at Yat Yeh Hing Kelana Jaya
Yat Yeh Hing kopitiam is just a couple blocks past Kelana Jaya LRT station

33, Jalan SS 4D/2,
People’s Park,
47301 Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.112802, 101.599245
Tel:012-629 4807