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Good news for those who studies at Sunway University, stay at around the area, or generally likes hanging about at this car tuners’ paradise – there’s yet another new coffee place!

I really like how new coffee places are now mushrooming all over the city, with many of them offering really quality coffee with some rather nice concepts. Gone were the days where espresso based coffee is only found at Starbucks and Coffeebeans.

Garage 51, opposite Sunway University side entrance
Garage 51, opposite Sunway University side entrance

Garage 51 is owned by the same people who run CoffeeSociete, so in terms of drinks, there’s already a pretty good reputation going on.

As for the cafe, like the name suggests, it is based on a garage theme. A volkswagen Beatle convertible by the side that is now an alfresco dining table, and seatings atop a container which is now a kitchen gives this place a pretty unique ambiance. I also really like the expansive high ceiling within the main area.

cafe latte & chai latte
cafe latte & chai latte

We tried their cafe latte and chai latte, and while the tea kinda turned out slightly sweeter than we would have liked it, the latte was excellent. Aroma of coffee well balanced with the silky smooth milk, just what a caffeine addict needed.

grilled chicken & grilled lamb shoulder
grilled chicken & grilled lamb shoulder

Other than caffeinated drinks and slices of cakes, Garage 51 also offers a small menu of dishes served after 6pm. There are only 5 items on it, and we tried two of them.

The grilled chicken (RM 19) I had was pretty decent. It came with homemade croquette potato and cauliflower as sides, the quarter chicken well marinated and the sauce compliments the meat pretty well.

Lamb shoulder (RM 22) with mashed potato and salad wasn’t executed nearly as well, but generally an okay dish.

Other entrees include olive aglio olio and a couple baked eggs dishes.

KY & Haze catching a late dinner and some coffee at Garage 51
KY & Haze catching a late dinner and some coffee at Garage 51

Garage 51 also serves brunch and carries speciality single origin coffee that changes from time to time. I didn’t try their Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gelena Abaya coffee on my first visit, but I’m quite sure it is a place I’ll head to again in the near future.

map to Garage 51, Sunway

Garage 51
51, Jalan PJS 11/9,
Bandar Sunway
46150 Selangor
GPS3.067876, 101.603086
Hours: 11 am to 11 pm

Hidden within SS3 there exist a couple rows of shop houses that is away from the busier part of of the housing area, and at the corner of row of shop there is a kopitiam with a pretty funky name of Restaurant Pom Pom (also a name of an island at Sabah). Within this restaurant is a small stall called A&Z Western Food, and that’s our destination for dinner a few weeks ago.

update 26/3/2015: apparently this stall has moved, I don’t have the new location, if you do, please leave a comment

A&Z western food at restaurant Pom Pom
A&Z western food at restaurant Pom Pom

While there are more famous Malaysian Western food even within SS3 itself (those nearby Shell petrol station), this one is pretty special. For starter, it is non halal and actually serves pork. The menu also includes fish, chicken, lamb, sausage, and mushroom soup.

The place actually reminds me of Freddy Western at Restaurant Millenium 86 in PJ, which sadly is no longer in operation.

pork chop, deep fried chicken chop, fish and chips
pork chop, chicken cordon bleu, fish and chips

For dinner, we tried their pork chop (RM 10), chicken cordon bleu (RM 12), grilled chicken with black pepper sauce (RM 9), and fish and chips (RM 9).

While the pork chop turns out just a little dry (easily fixed with a bit of sauce), the other dishes we ordered were all pretty good. The grilled chicken was flavorful, chicken cordon bleu very crispy on the outside and goes well with the mushroom sauce, and there were no complains from the fish and chips.

Haze approved the Western food here, the mash potato's pretty good
Haze approved the Western food here, the mash potato’s pretty good

The most interesting thing about this place though must be the way mashed potato is prepared here. They’re shaped in little balls and coated with some type of sauce, I guess that makes it slightly healthier and less oily than fries, and at the same time they taste quite good as well.

For no frills Malaysian style Western food, this is a place I don’t mind going back again and again.

map to pom pom restaurant at PJ SS3

A&Z Western Food
Restaurant Pom Pom
Jalan SS3/64
Petaling Jaya, 47300 Selangor
GPS3.09667, 101.61317
Hours: lunch and dinner daily

Peruvian food isn’t exactly one of the more popular foreign cuisines in Malaysia. Prior to visiting Peruvie Peruvian Grilled Chicken at TTDI, my previous experience in this brand of food consists of the lone visit to the Peruvian Gastronomy Week at Ritz Carlton.

Peruvie at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
Peruvie at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

The restaurant took over the bulk of the premise previously occupied by Penang Village at Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, which is conveniently located behind Maybank and Hong Leong Bank at TTDI. Parking isn’t usually a painful affair.

Inside, a small open kitchen sits at the corner. The interior is decorated with many quirky cultural artifacts that I presume have something to do with the South American country one of my colleagues came from.

grilled chicken with two sides, not the most original idea but it works
grilled chicken with two sides, not the most original idea but it works

The menu is pretty similar to those you find at Nando’s. Ala carte 1/4, 1/2, or whole chicken (RM 9.90, RM 18.90, RM 36.90), and chicken with 2 side lines (RM 15.90 for 1/4, RM 24.90 for 1/2).

The sides to choose from includes fries, corn coconut rice, garden vege, coleslaw, potato salad, butter sweet corn, tomato & cucumber salad, and fresh salad.

Other than grilled chicken and sides, there are several extra dishes you can order here. Chicken soup, sausage, chicken salad, and burritos are among those items, we didn’t try any of those though.

love the sauce at Peruvie
love the sauce at Peruvie

The grilled chicken took probably 15-20 mins to get ready, and I assume this is because they only started cooking when you order. I find the taste of chicken and its marinate to be not entirely different from satey, which to me, is a good thing. The meat were tender and skin flavorful with a strong hint of spices, but it isn’t spicy.

There isn’t any complains from me when it comes to the sides either, though I’d love to have more variety of potatoes to choose from since that is supposed to be a hallmark of Peruvian cuisine. I’m quite sure Peruvie is one of these places where I don’t mind visiting again, so if you’re into some grilled chicken that isn’t Nando’s or Kenny Rogers, this is a place to check out.

map to Peruvie at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

Peruvie Peruvian Grilled Chicken
1, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.153722, 101.622639
Tel03-7725 7223

Whenever we think about fast food, the image of pan fried burger patties oozing with oil come to mind. While they are often delicious, the more health conscious bunch might not embrace fast food with open arms….. unless it is grilled instead!

Burger King at KLCC
Burger King at KLCC

Burger King is one of the very few fast food joints that serves burgers you can eat without feeling too guilty. In fact, it is the only quick service restaurant that serves grilled burgers, and one of my lunch stops every once in a while ever since they opened up the branch at KLCC.

BK Grilled Chicken poster

A couple days ago I went over to take advantage of  the BK Grilled Chicken promo. The new kid in town is the BK Black Pepper grilled chicken, while the BBQ Beefacon & Mushroom grilled chicken are included in the promo too – when you go large, you get a free sundae.

BK Beefacon & Black Pepper grilled chicken, Sundae!
BK BBQ Beefacon & Black Pepper grilled chicken, Sundae!

My colleague Sam, who is originally an Iranian (with no BK there) but has since abandoned his country to become a Norwegian (with only one BK in the town of Stavanger, see the pic, it’s beautiful!) ordered the black pepper grilled chicken set, while I opted for the BBQ Beefacon version.

flame grilled chicken, yums
there’s no food makeup in these photos, this is what you get! yums

The burgers, while not exactly as beautiful as the posters, turned out to be pretty yummy. The crunchy beef bacon on mine goes well with the juicy grilled chicken patty, and Sam loves his black pepper grilled chicken burger too.

We made quick work of the burgers, fries, and then of course, the free sundae.

Sam & KY at Burger King
Sam & KY at Burger King

P/S: actually Sam didn’t want to go to a fast food restaurant (watching his weight apparently) until I told him that it is BK and we’re going to have the grilled chicken burger, then he went “oh, okay!”