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This is from one of my chat sessions with fuckstress over instant messenging. Yeah I talk to her, envy?

KY: ok lets play one game.. want?
fuckstress: lame donkey dick reasoning
fuckstress: play lah
KY: ok.. i say a word, u say the opposite, using pre-something
KY: i mean
KY: like if i say complete
KY: u say incomplete
KY: ok?
fuckstress: errrr
fuckstress: will try.
KY: ok..
KY: competent
fuckstress: incompetent
KY: action
fuckstress: inaction
KY: sense
fuckstress: unsenseable?
KY: nonsense!
KY: pun intended
KY: game over

fuckstress: LOLROF
fuckstress: good one

and then she gave me her quiz…

fuckstress: wat u call a baby pig
KY: piglet
fuckstress: baby owl?
KY: chick
fuckstress: ur head
KY: no?
fuckstress: owlet lah
KY: all young birds are chick
KY: ok ok owlet
KY: continue
fuckstress: damnit u spoiled it d
fuckstress: sigh.
fuckstress: no
fuckstress: sian d
fuckstress: baby bull
KY: calf

pro noob

May 14, 2005 Leave a comment

picture blatantly copied from google image, have fun!

pro versus noob


We often hang out at the best mamak stall in all of klang valley – Misai @ ss2.

Misai serves the best teh-o-ais, and while everything is good and dandy, there remains a small problem. You see, there is this dude who isn’t particularly visually appealing who enjoys going to Misai as much as we do. THE DUDE WEARS THONG EVERY SINGLE TIME, AND IT SHOWS! FUCKWITS APPETITE DESTROYER

We were trying to take a picture of him last night but I think he discovered what we were going to do and promptly switched to the other side of the table whereby he was facing us instead of facing away from us.

Again, I’ll let my illustration do the explanation. Morbid curiosity..

the thong guy at ss2

One fateful day I was sitting in Margie‘s kia sportage, happily day dreaming as it was just after lunch, I think I was dreaming about being a small whale.

All of a sudden Margie decided to drive through a hump at her usual speed. Now her car is an SUV, and those beasts don’t treat the rear passangers very well when going through humps at “normal speed”. I was thrown onto the ceiling that was about 10 inches from my head, BANGED it so hard even shaolin monks would feel the pain in the skull.

Later she said “I was only going at 80km/h”

I went “….. “

Margie driving the kia recklessly


April 30, 2005 5 Comments

These are 2 pictures of our friend peeing in a parking lot, can you guess who?

fag pissing in parking lot

fag pissing in parking lot