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Recently, I got myself some roast ducks on a very buy-one-free-one deal. Since there’s only two of us at home, finishing two roast ducks in a day is a pretty tall order, and one that we did not attempt to succeed, so we are left with quite a decent portion of roast duck in the fridge for the next day.

If you’ve got such experience before, I’ve got good news! You can make two awesome dishes out of these leftover roast duck fairly easily, and mostly from ingredients you may already have in your pantry/fridge. Here goes.

shallots, spring onion, dried chili, garlic
shallots, spring onion, dried chili, garlic

Dish One – fried roast duck


  • roast duck, de-bone and cut into smaller size
  • 2 stalks spring onion, cut into 2-3″ size
  • 6-8 dried red chili
  • 3-4 bulb of garlic, chopped
  • roast duck brown sauce & plum sauce

Cooking Instructions:

  • Heat up a bit of oil and start frying garlic and onion
  • once fragrant, put in the roast duck meat
  • add those brown sauce and plum sauce (this is key)
  • keep stirring until hot, add spring onion for the last 1 minute
  • serve while hot!

fried roast duck is super yummy
fried roast duck is super yummy

Dish two – salted vegetable roast duck soup


  • roast duck bones (from de-boning in first dish)
  • 4-6 dried red chili
  • salted mustard green
  • egg tofu (optional)

Cooking instructions:

  • soak mustard green in water for 10 mins, rinse several times to reduce saltiness
  • boil 3 cups water and add in all the ingredients except tofu
  • boil for 30-45 minutes, add in tofu just before serving

There you go, two fairly simple dishes that makes for a wholesome meal to go with steamed rice. I especially love the fried roast duck dish that has such an awesome flavor infused by those brown & plum sauce, give it a try!