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Note: This restaurant is no longer in business

Restaurant Fei Loh Hokkien Mee (肥佬福建面) is one of the newest establishments in the busy commercial area that is SS2 in PJ, occupying the same shop lot that used to house a rather interesting restaurant called Nutripot that failed to attract enough customers. I thought I’d give this new place a try last week, since it was drizzling and my itch of trying new places got the better of me again.

Restaurant Fei Loh Hokkien Mee at SS2
pretty decent size prawn filled with roe

Instead of trying their Hokkien Mee, I ordered the slightly more luxurious “Sang Har Mee” with Cantonese Kuey Teow (Fresh Prawn Noodle, 生虾面) instead, since they put up a big banner advertising it, for RM 13, why not? The Kerol ordered a Cantonese Egg Gravy with Kueh Teow and Meehun, or traditionally called “Yin Yeong”. Other than these dish, the restaurant offers Hokkien mee, various types of fried rice, Loh Mee, and some side dishes such as lala, braised duck, pork ribs, chicken wing, and vegetable.

Restaurant Fei Loh Hokkien Mee at SS2
clean and comfortable environment

The food came steaming hot and the portions were pretty decent as well. My Fresh Prawn Noodle looked especially eye-pleasing, with the red color from prawn’s roe, and the thick gravy, ahh.. it was just so appetizing. Fortunately, the dish did not disappoint my tongue, it was very savory and the prawn tasted fresh and delicious.

Kerol’s dish were pretty good too, though she complained that they have a bit too much garlic in it, personally, I love garlic and could never have enough of them. I also like the fact that there is free flow chili paste (that is pretty good) and pickled green chili to go about.

Restaurant Fei Loh Hokkien Mee at SS2
pretty decent noodle dishes at reasonable price

Together with a couple glasses of Chinese tea, the bill came to RM 20. The normal noodle dish was RM 6 and the drinks RM 0.50. Pretty reasonably priced for a proper set up and air conditioned dining environment. I wouldn’t hesitate to go there again to try out some of their other dishes.

However, if you are into just Fresh Prawn Noodle and don’t mind to spend more, Green View Restaurant, also at SS2, is the place to go.

Restaurant Fei Loh Hokkien Mee at SS2
Fei Loh is just a few steps away from the Korean House.

Ground Floor, 179, Jalan SS2/24
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.116755, 101.622677
Tel: 03-7877 9527

* close every Mondays

Kenneth, Horny, Kerol, and I were looking for something interesting for dinner the other day and Kenneth mentioned about the excellent fresh prawn noodle (生虾面) at Restaurant Green View that was just a stone’s throw away from the SS2 mamak area, a place we frequent quite abit. With no other suggestions from the fellow noobs, we decided to head there without thinking twice about the price of the offering.

Turns out, Restaurant Green View is quite a high class place with proper servers, nice red table cloths, and diners that commute in luxury cars. Looking at other tables, we noticed that most orders huge crabs (looks really yummy), roasted suckling pig, and other interesting traditional Chinese dishes. Looks expensive…

Fresh Prawn Noodle at Restaurant Green View
really awesome fresh prawn noodle, check out the huge prawn!

Since we were already being seated and all, we ordered up the fresh prawn noodle for 4 and a plate of vege to go with it. I believe we were the cheapest customers that night, not that there’s anything wrong with that..

Turns out, the fresh prawn noodle was really excellent. Texture of the noodle is just right, the taste of the huge prawn (one for each serving) spread over the paste and leave a distinct seafood sweetness in every bite. Each prawn is almost as big as my palm, almost a mini lobster. I believe the prawn is the freshwater “big head” variety, which carries alot of eggs just right under the head, very juicy.

Fresh Prawn Noodle at Restaurant Green View
we practically cleaned the plates

When the bill came, that plate of fresh prawn noodle was RM 56.00, or RM 14 per serving. Judging from the size of the prawn, and the overall awesome taste, I wouldn’t call it expensive. It was really worth it. Maybe next time we can try the jumbo crab… I think they’re priced at RM 40 per KG, but 1 kg might be only 1 crab.. we’ll see.

Map to Fresh Prawn Noodle at Restaurant Green View
Here’s the map to Restaurant Green View

6 & 8, Jalan 19/3
46300 Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.118105, 101.628889
Tel: 03-7958 1076