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Unofficially, football must be one of the most played games in Malaysia. I remember one of the first Pendidikan Jasmani classes back in primary school where we started out with stretchings and some light exercises, then were given a football to be played with some make shift goal posts (usually with some water bottles).

Fast forward a couple decades later, I’m still playing football on a weekly basis (futsal mostly though). The only thing that’s changed from those primary school time is my age, and that we have “proper” goal posts now.

This is where MILO Cans come in and asks an interesting question – why not go crazy and design your own goalposts?

milo cans goalpost at kelana jaya
MILO Cans goalpost at kelana jaya SS 5 – twisted football!

To me, this is how you bring back the fun and  back to football, with MILO Cans Twisted Football.

OK, so what is this wacky looking thing looming over the “traditional” goalpost and how do you use it?

Well, that would be the twisted goalpost design by you, and if players score a goal in between the traditional goalpost and the green twisted goalpost, the team gets two points instead of the usual one point. That makes the game a lot more interesting isn’t it? Higher risk, higher rewards. 😀

KY's MILO Cans goalpost design
KY’s MILO Cans goalpost design – supposed to be a burger & drinks, hehe

So what’s in it for you and how do you participate?

Head over to MILO Cans Twisted Football facebook app page and you too can design your own custom goalpost simply by using a drag and drop interface provided. From 1st Oct to 11th Nov 2012, there will be three weekly winners who will walk away with Branded Wi-Fi 32GB tablet each. That’s 3 winners per week.


  1. Go to the “SUBMIT ENTRIES” page.
  2. Using your mouse and the shapes provided, create the craziest goalpost you can think of for Twisted Football. Impress our judges with your ideas.
  3. Ensure your design fulfils these judging requirements: relevancy, competency, creativity, practicality and originality.
  4. Give your goalpost a witty name. It can be in English or Bahasa Malaysia.
  5. Submit your entry.

Furthermore, at the end of week 6, the 18 weekly winners will be in the running to win 2 grand prizes of RM 5,000 cash each, and the goalposts will be made a reality. Imagine how cool is that to have your very own Twisted Football goalpost in real life? You’ll at least make a few friends jealous, I’m sure.

Grand Prize details:

  1. Firstly, be on our shortlist of 18 Weekly Winners.
  2. As a finalist, get your friends to vote for you. Don’t be shy. The more votes you get, the better your chances of winning the Grand Prize of RM5,000 cash.
  3. Keep your fingers crossed!

I know if my entry wins, I’ll get my kakis to go over there and play a few games of football for sure, it’ll be glorious!

some of the entries submitted by users, think you can do better?

Lastly, even if your designs don’t make it, there’s also five voter incentive prizes to be won as well, and each winner will walk away with Branded Wi-Fi 32GB Tablet too:

  1. Go to the “VIEW ENTRIES” page during the voting period (19 Nov – 9 Dec 2012).
  2. VOTE for your favourite goalpost.
  3. Key in the Proof-of-Purchase (POP) Code* on your can of MILO Can to receive 5 chances at voting.
  4. Answer 2 simple questions.
  5. Fill in a one-time registration form.
  6. Stay updated! We’ll inform you by email if you are one of our 5 happy winners** of a branded tablet.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to to participate! You can also check out the location of the current goalposts and test it out yourself as well. I went to the one at Kelana Jaya and it sure looks like a challenge to score that 2 points.

Now let me head over to the Twisted Football app and win me some tablets 😀

I’m not really a super huge football fan, but I do follow the Premier League and play futsal every week. For most people around here, MU is their team, and for the rest of us who does not harbor a super liking to MU, we often support a competitor, and in my case, it is Chelsea!

Chelsea Tour Malaysia 2011

Yes, Chelsea supporters are often seen as bandwagon jumpers during Mourino days when they won a couple championships, but I’ve been a closet fan since the days of Zola when I first heard the song “chelsea chelsea!”, so sue me.

I’m sure there are many who loves Chelsea and manage to looked over their supposedly superior bank account (that title goes to Manchester City anyway), and their brand of football that is not often the most fluid, they play to win and usually don’t get much help from officials (unlike.. MU of course) 😀

Malaysian Team 2011

There is however, another football team that I support above all teams in the world, and that is our Yellow and Black team Tiger! The Malaysian team of course! The team that managed to win the Tiger Cup just very recently (how appropriate!).

This coming July 21st 2011 our boys will go against Chelsea at National Stadium Bukit Jalil (I went to their 2008 tour and it was awesome), and you too can be at this match by joining Celcom’s Channel X WHO WILL WIN Challenge. You stand a chance to win Autographed jersey and FREE tickets to the match, and here are the different ways to win:

Read this

Last Thursday evening I stopped by Bangsar Shopping Centre right after work to attend the launch of ESPN Castrol Football Crazy’s Longest Pass launch.

At the launch was none other than the former England international and Liverpool legend himself, Steve McMahon, with hosts Adam C and Patricia K.

launching of ESPN Castrol's Football Crazy longest pass
launching of ESPN Castrol’s Football Crazy longest pass

Castrol Football Crazy’s Longest Pass is an attempt to unite football fans across Asia by stringing up a never ending football pass on video. Steve kicks off the launch here by doing his pass, and you can be a part of this too. (I did, in fact, check out the video below)

  1. Set your digital video recorder, camera or mobile phones to the highest quality setting possible, and save your clip as mpg, avi, mov, 3gp or flv.
  2. Record a video of yourself receiving a football from your right side. Dribble the ball, chest it, head it, show off your moves, or even do your crazy stuff!
  3. Then pass the ball to your left side. Make sure you receive the ball from your right and pass to your left!
  4. Keep your entire body within the video frame. Don’t forget to have fun with your pass!
  5. Upload that video to YouTube and send the link to Don’t forget to share your full name and country as well!

Do keep in mind to have the video under 20 seconds though, and if you don’t have any fancy moves, keep it simple, like I did in the video (and not like the other 2 professional football tricksters)

with the Liverpool legend Steve McMahon
a photo with the Liverpool legend Steve McMahon

I had my Malaysia jersey handy during the event as I had my regular futsal game later at the same night anyway.

I always thought Steve McMahon is this really serious lad but he turned out, as people who knows him says, a teddy bear. Very friendly and approachable guy for sure. I of course, didn’t leave without having a photo op with the legend.

joshua & I have a chat with Steve McMahon
Joshua & I have a chat with Steve McMahon

After the official launch we even had a chance to have a chat with Steve himself, with regards to the current football scene in BPL, Champion’s league, and we even touched on the local scene.

The professional pundit and I both agreed that it’ll be a touch match for MU against Barca, while Joshua is already worried if the referees might favor the Spanish giants.. we shall see!

ex Liverpool vs the current hardcore MU supporter
ex Liverpool vs the current hardcore MU supporter

Look at the photo above, Joshua was actually wearing an MU t-shirt, and Steve is totally cool with that despite himself being from Liverpool, MU’s arch-rival. I kinda wished that Steve would give him more of a hard time, hehe.

Adam C, one of the hosts of Football Crazy
Adam C, one of the hosts of Football Crazy

I’ve taken my video, and now it is your turn too, do it and you’ll be able to get on TV and show off your talent (up to 20 seconds anyway. hehehe), it is that simple.

Find out more at Castrol Football Crazy Facebook page, in the mean time, get that video recorder ready!

Most living rooms in Malaysia has a pretty similar set up. Here’s what’s front of my living room couch.

LCD TV, PS3, Wii, Astro B.yond

A pretty decent 40″ LCD TV, a PS3 we recently accidentally bought just cos they launched Grand Tourismo 5, a Wii that has served us well with many hours of Guitar Hero action, and an Astro B.yond box.

To be honest, I don’t watch a lot of TV. I have the Astro account mainly for sports and those learning/documentary channels (with occasional news.)

Minnesota Vikings, Adrian Peterson
Minnesota Vikings, running back Adrian Peterson

The reason I don’t watch much TV is because I have a problem. A timing problem.

You see, some of my favorite sports shows on TV are played on the other side of the planet – USA.

The number one sports for me is NFL, check out the photo above with Minnesota Viking’s Adrian Peterson breaking a tackle. It is the ultimate team sports, with complex rules and crazy strategies and very different scoring system compared to other sports.

Astro usually plays the Monday Night game, which inconveniently also means that it falls on Tuesday morning in Malaysia, just the time I’m having coffee in front of the PC at office. I ended up missing a lot of games, and only watched one live Monday Night game with Vikings this season. I was on leave.

Live sports is all good, but sometimes I want to take away the “Live” part of it.

Man vs Wild - Bear Grylls
Man vs Wild – Bear Grylls

I’m also a Discovery Channel junkie, and one of my favorite shows has gotta be Man vs Wild. The photo above is Bear Grylls eating sashimi zebra (I probably won’t recommend you trying it). Each episod, this dude dropped at some god forsaken remote place, and his task is to get to civilization. He’s got a bottle of water, fire stone, knife, and whatever he’s wearing.

A show about survival skill, and loads of very interesting things this guy came up with to stay alive and get out of some pretty daunting situations. One episod he’s dropped in the middle of a dessert, another he’s at some jungle in Amazon, or some place in Iceland. Amazing stuff, watch it!

The problem is, the show is aired on 8:05 every Wednesday. That collides with dinner time…

I want to watch what I want to watch when I want to watch it. Take charge of my own TV, which is why I got myself the Astro PVR.Astro B.yond PVR

The good news is, you can have it too!

Astro is giving 10 reviewers one whole year’s worth of subscription for recording service and the Astro B.yond PVR set. Furthermore, the grand price winner gets a 3 day 2 night luxury trip for two to Sutera Habour at Kota Kinabalu. (I’ve been to the lobby of that resort and it was beaauuuutiful!)

To participate, the chosen bloggers just have to do the following

  • write a minimum of 4 blog posts on the PVR (every fortnight)
  • 8 tweets or more
  • 8 facebook updates (4 tagging Astro Fan page)

Of course, you also need an Astro account at home to qualify.

Judging is based on creativity, effort (number of posts/updates), and level of engagement (get your friends to comment!).

Sounds like a plan to me, what about you?

p/s: follow @astroonline on twitter and check out too.

There used to be two options to watch World Cup (or indeed any football matches)

  1. Watch it at home on your TV with Astro (or better still, Astro B.yond)
  2. Go to a local mamak or food court with big projector

Now there’s a 3rd option – watch it online on Astro B.player at!

Astro B.player
Astro B.player webpage, showing current and upcoming games

To access Astro B.player, simply go to and register. General public gets to stream 38 World Cup games, and if you’re a Maxis user or an Astro Sports package subscriber can watch all 64 matches online live plus match highlights and replays.

The registration process only takes a few minutes. FAQ can be found here.

Japan vs Paraguay on Astro B.player
Japan vs Paraguay on Astro B.player

Though I am a subscriber of Astro B.yond service (with a new 40″ FHD LCD TV that I recently bought), I decided to try the service for the Japan vs Paraguay in the round of 16 matches.

While not exactly full HD quality like you’d get on the TV, the streaming is surprisingly smooth and the audio pretty much indistinguishable from regular feeds.

highlights and replay on Astro B.player
Highlights and instant replay on Save/Misses

What I also like about Astro B.player is the extra feature they added on the site. You can view highlights, goals, saves/misses, and even check on which players are on cards. This is a feature that you can’t get on the TV as yet. Pretty nifty.

All the more miserable for me as Japan painfully exit the tournament by losing 5-4 to Paraguay in the penalties. Poor Komano missed the only penalty, but the Japs did put up a good fight. All Asian teams are out now, 4 more years I guess.

B.player contest

There’s also a contest in conjunction with the launch of Astro B.player. The mechanic is simple:

  • register with Astro B.player at
  • watch live games on B.player and click on Share button
  • share the URL on twitter (register yourself and follow me if you haven’t!)
  • remember to include #astrobplayer hashtag
  • Astro will track the tweets, and if it’s awesome you’ll stand a chance to win!

The full mechanics are here, and the prizes include 4 laptops, one 42″ LCD TV, and plenty of movie tickets! Check it out on