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Curry fish head is one of the Malaysian delicacies that is pretty tough to find anywhere. While most of us consume this at restaurants, it is actually pretty simple to prepare them yourself, and here’s the recipe that I hope you find useful, especially for those who are reading this outside our beloved country.

I like my curry fish head with plenty of vegetables – and here I put tomato, bell pepper, okra, long bean, and brinjal, but if you can generally substitute them as per your liking.

I also use a pre-packaged curry fish paste to keep it simple, but for those who wants it more “authentic”, you can prepare the curry paste yourself by blending curry powder with shallots & garlic, for example.

Anyway, here goes!

plenty of vegetable makes this a complete meal
plenty of vegetable makes this a complete meal


  • 1 packet of fish curry paste
  • 1 brinjal – chopped into chunks
  • a bunch of long beans – chopped to 3 inches in length
  • 10-15 shallots – whole
  • 2 tomatoes – cut into 6 pieces each
  • 1 bell pepper – slices
  • 6 okras – halves
  • 1 fish head (grouper or red snapper preferred) – cut into chunks
  • 1 lemongrass – whole, flattened
  • 1 packet of santan (coconut milk, even better if you have fresh ones)
  • salt to taste

fry the chili paste and vegetable first before adding fish
fry the chili paste and vegetable first before adding fish


  • heat up the wok and fry the sambal paste till fragrant (1-2 mins)
  • add brinjal, okra, eggplant, and bell peppers, continue frying for another 2-3 minutes
  • add fish head and enough water to almost cover everything
  • bring to boil and then add tomato and lemongrass
  • add the santan
  • simmer the whole thing until everything is cooked (around 10 mins)
  • add salt to taste, and serve while hot!

add tomato, then coconut milk
add tomato, then coconut milk

The result is a huge portion of curry fish head that can feed a small family. Just add rice and it’s a complete meal by itself already. Total cooking time should not be more than half an hour too so there’s plenty of time for you to play with your kittens.

Haze and Vinn liking the curry :D
Haze and Vinn liking the curry 😀

Cheers and happy cooking!

As some of you might be aware, I’m quite a big fan of anything pork. Over Chinese New Year (yeah, the visit happened a couple months back), while driving around trying to find something to noms, we chanced up upon this relatively new restaurant at Damansara Uptown by the name of Yue Mic Ka.

Unknowing to me then, Yue Mic Ka (鱼米家) is actually an established restaurant at Sri Petaling, and this branch at Uptown is their newest branch.

mui choy pork and pork ribs noodle with fish maw
mui choy pork and pork ribs noodle with fish maw

The menu at Yue Mic Ka isn’t exactly extensive, but to me this is a good thing. Anyone who are familiar with the paradox of choice will agree that it is often that much tougher to pick something out when presented with a menu filled with way too many dishes, one such example is Ben’s (it’s a lovely restaurant btw).

We ordered a fish maw noodle with extra soft ribs (RM 8.50 + RM 6), a sorf pork ribs noodle (RM 9.50), and a couple plates of mui choy pork belly rice (RM 9.50).

mango pudding, Mom & Haze, pork ribs!
mango pudding, Mom & Haze, pork ribs!

I gotta say that the service was especially swift, we got our food in less than 5 minutes, and they were delicious too! The soft ribs were succulent and tasty, and while fish maw was the dried version, they were plenty good too.

Haze and my brother were rather happy with the mui choy pork rice, so much so that none of them offered me a bite.

map to Yue Mic Ka at Damansara Uptown

Other than pork and fish maw, Yue Mic Ka offers prawns, fish paste, sotong balls, and of course, fish head noodles too. A pretty decent place to go for these type of comfort food, the place is also clean and air conditioned. The down side is, being at Uptown, parking can be a bit of a problem sometimes.

Yue Mic Ka
Jalan 21/60,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.133092, 101.621953

This is completely unrelated, but I want you to look at the following picture that I recently obtained.

KLCC sky

We all know that this is a magnificent shot of the Petronas Twin Towers, but check out the sky above, there’s definitely something that looks like a sign.

I used to work at the towers (for a combined total of some 7 years) and never seen something like this in the sky, this could mean something.. ermm..

I went back to Penang over the long weekends.

toll fees: RM 93
hours spent driving: 9 hours both ways
petrol:  RM 100
distance traveled: 780 km both ways
seafood noodle for two: RM32.50
having dinner with mom: priceless

village coffee shop fish head noodle, weld quay, penang
Seafood noodle – pick your own ingredients

I suggested Japanese food at first, but it was mom’s idea that we go to this fish head / seafood noodle place at Weld Quay for something a bit more special.

Siong Ho fish head meehun is located within Village Coffee Shop at Weld Quay, just a couple hundred meters from the jetty, and actually quite near to where my late grandma’s place where I spent a big chunk of my childhood. It was a bit nostalgic.

Calling Siong Ho a fish head meehun place is a bit of an understatement, the choice of ingredients offered at this place is quite astounding. There’s fish ball, meat ball, fish fillet, fish head, fried fish, kidney, prawn, cuttle fish, squid, minced meat, and even crab.

fish head noodle with prawn, fish ball, kidney, and more
fish head/seafood mee hun with all the extra ingredients, nutmeg juice

For my bowl of personalized meehun, I chose a couple pieces of kidney (they are very tasty!), fish ball, fish  meat, a piece of fish head, prawn, and cuttle fish to go with mee hun and clear soup. You can also choose to have noodle, kueh teow, or thick mee hun, tomyam soup is available too. (but no version with evaporated milk, like in KL)

Mom ordered pretty much the same thing except without cuttle fish, and deep fried fish instead of the fillet.

The seafood’s fresh, the soup is sweet, and I particularly like the fact that they have this whole container full of deep fried garlic on every table. I like my seafood noodle with plenty of those, and I think I refilled probably 3-4 times, it was an awesome idea, why wouldn’t other shops do the same thing?

KY and Mom at Village Coffee Shop, Weld Quay
mom & I having a simple dinner

One other thing that’s available here (and most kopitiam in Penang) is nutmeg drinks. Blended nutmeg with a dried sour plum, prepared in a way that is similar to kedondong (umbra with sour plum) but without the bitter after taste, and more refreshing.

Dinner cost RM 32.50 in total, and for the amount and quality of ingredients we got, not to mention the good taste, I thought it was well worth it.


Village Coffee Shop
107-A, Pengkalan Weld (Weld Quay),
10300 Penang, Malaysia

GPS: 5.411949,100.338049
Tel: 019-458 8693

I first heard about this fish head noodle at SS20 (Damansara Kim) place from my ex housemate Kerol, and soon after that, on masak-masak. Since these two ladies are known for their culinary exploits, I knew that this is surely a place that will not disappoint.

ss20 fish head noodle
Fish Head Noodle at SS20 MBPJ Medan Selera

So together with Horng, Kerol, and TBG (who didn’t eat cos she was on diet) we made our way to Damansara Kim one Saturday for brunch.

The fish head noodle stall is located at a municipal food court (in this case, MBPJ), which translate to plastic tables and chairs under tin roof. However, the good news is that there are plenty of electric fans blowing everywhere so it was actually quite airy and pretty comfortable.

fish head noodle at MBPJ food court, SS20
pictured menu, soya sauce with plenty of chili padi

Unlike other stalls in food courts around the country, the fish head noodle at ss20 actually provides a menu with photos of each dish offered. Here you can order Soong fish, Haruan (snake head), mackeral fish paste, and even salmon.

fish head noodle with fat vermicelli
meehun and lay fun with fish head/meat

I ordered a bowl of Haruan fish head with meehun. The fish came in both deep fried and fresh slices and I liked them both. The soup had all the ingredients you’d expect in any proper fish head noodle – tomato, spring onion, ginger, deep fried shallots and garlic, preserved vegetable, and evaporated milk.

The noodle springy, the fish was fresh and tasty, and the soup too had all the proper mixture of taste – sweet, salty, savory all at once. I actually liked it quite a lot despite my natural preference to the fish head noodle with clear soup (Penang style).

KY, Kerol, and horng having fish head noodle
KY, Kerol, and Horng with a bowl of glorious fish head noodle

A bowl of fish head noodle starts from RM7 (Soong fish and fish paste) to about RM 9.50 (Haruan). Side orders of fish slices and fish paste without noodle goes for RM 12. Cendol in a glass and other drinks are also served here. As with a lot of MBPJ food courts, this place is pork free.

map to medan selera mpbj ss20, fish head noodle

Now who is up for some fish head noodle this weekend?

SS20 Fish Head Noodles Stall
Stall No. 17 Jalan SS20/10
Damansara Kim
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.135958,101.629146
Tel: 019-335 0880

The last time I wrote an entry about Ming Tien was over a year ago on the Bak Kut Teh and Dumpling. To be frank, I am not a very big fan of this big hawker center despite the fact that is is located within walking distance. I usually go there out of necessity.

I went there with my housemate Rachel a couple weeks ago with Rachel due to laziness to drive for a quick dinner. Not knowing what to order, I took up Rachel’s advice to share a pot of Curry Fish Head.

Curry Fish Head at Ming Tien
Curry Fish Head stall at Ming Tien Food Court

Apparently this particular Curry Fish Head stall is pretty new at Ming Tien that escaped my notice the last time I went (months ago).

For the two of us, we ordered a pot of curry fish head with rice.

Curry Fish Head at Ming Tien with KY & Rachel
a big clay pot curry fish head, yums

The fish head came in a clay pot, which is actually pretty nice to keep the warmth in. Other than pieces of fish head and meat, there are long beans, okra, tau pok (deep fried tofu), and brinjal. The broth is santan (coconut milk) based, and I find that it could be slightly spicier. Then again, I am from Penang and we generally like our food to be spicier than native Klang Valley dwellers.

Though the fish itself was just average, overall taste was pretty decent. Not great, but not bad either. For around RM 10 per person, it was actually a pretty good value for money.

Ming Tien Hawker Center
Jalan SS24/8, Taman Megah,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.114334, 101.611658