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So we went to the latest play by fthe Oral Stage – fiftynineminutes which was held in a nice little location (the dram project) on the ground floor of the flat that also houses the famous 6 to 10 Grill and Nasi Lemak kopitiam-restaurant. We did have a nice meal there after the show, but lets not digress…

Pictures are described from top left, clockwise.

fiftynineminutes by the Oral Stage
the location, the booklets, interlude lady, best foot forward

There were 7 shows altogether, packed into a 59 minute play with the interludes played by a maid who was terribly funny in a way. I thought that was a clever way to set up the props. The shows were Best Food Forward, Mother Tongue, Fruitcake, Showers of Flowers, Track, The World’s Smelliest Durian, and The Ground Floor.

fiftynineminutes by the Oral Stage
mother tongue, fruitcake, showers of flowers x 2

Of the seven shows, there were some impressive individual performances (Lam Wai Yee & Johann Lim), some interesting moments, some artistic expressions, and even some disturbing topics. Overall, my, and judging from the reception by the crowd, most everyone’s favorite show was the world’s smelliest durian. I almost got a stomach cramp laughing.

However, I felt that a few of the plays were a little too cryptic and slightly overly artistic for my liking, though you might very well find it otherwise. The Mother Tongue with Lam Wai Yee was a great individual performance, but I thought it was lacking a little on the ending and overall message of the story, a missed opportunity. This is in contrast with the similar monologue at Rojak by Emily.

fiftynineminutes by the Oral Stage
track, the world’s smelliest durian, the ground floor, closing

As a whole, though, fiftynineminutes was a pretty decent show. I can honestly say that I enjoyed myself. Though there is some areas for improvement, the Oral Stage deserves much credit for pulling this off. For only 10 ringgit and free parking, this is definately something worth going.

For tickets and the how-to in getting to the place, read my pimp post on fiftynineminutes.

Emily of the Oral Stage informed me about thier latest project, fiftyninminutes. Following my previous experience in attending one of their shows (Rojaks), I figure this should be something interesting as well. Not quite the actorlympic caliber, but a nice sort of grassroot feel to the whole thing, what more, at RM 10 per pax, it is alot cheaper. Here are some details on the upcoming show:

the Oral Stage - fiftynineminutes

“Two friends discover faith, direction and the truth. An actress whom we all like to hate. A bitter past haunts a bitterer couple. A girl finds beauty in ugliness. A man and a woman make love over dinner. A fellow Malaysian makes the country proud. And a group of roommates bring back the dead- all within fiftynineminutes”

When: September 28th – October 1st 2006 @ 8.30 pm
Where: The Dram Projects, BG06 Happy Mansion Apartments, Jalan 17/13 46400 PJ
Tickets: RM10
Ticket contact and directions: Louisa Low @ 0163757833

Incidentally, the location of the studio is at the same apartment building as the 6 to 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak I blogged about. So, here is the map for the noobs who doesn’t know how to get there.

map to the Oral Stage studio
I think I might have a steak before the show. 😀

For more information, head to the Oral Stage’s blog. I’ll be the opening night, should be a good one.