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While having lunch with Eiling the chocolate lady a few moons ago, she came up with an idea of a short trip to Fidani, the chocolate factory she works at. We thought it’ll be pretty neat to emulate Charlie’s method and issue visitors a golden ticket each as invitation.

A couple weeks ago the chocolate lady passed me boxes of freshly made chocolates with just the right stuff in it, and last week a dozen of us danced our way to Shah Alam for a weekend lawatan sambil belajar sambil makan (study & eating trip).

Fidani Chocolate Factory
Golden Tickets!

There were more than a dozen of us: Suanie, FA, Cheesie, Kim, ST, Rachel, Nicholas, Grace, Eyeris, Hsu Jen, David Cheong, Ziling, and Yiling. The last two are younger sisters of Eiling, who affectionately refers themselves as the EZY sisters. *gasp*

Fidani Chocolate Factory
master chocolatier chef Amer explaining on, Eiling giving her speech

A huge box of chocolate was on the table as we entered the meeting room, we attacked the chocolate right away. By the time Eiling came in with the master chocolatier chef Amer, we were already half way through with breakfast, libido building up from aphrodisiac overdose (ok ignore the last line)

Chef Amer then went on and gave us an entertaining and informative lesson about chocolates. On the ingredients (cocoa powder, cocoa butter), the best temperature to keep chocolates (21 c), the history, the difference between good and cheap “chocolate flavored confectioneries” (with loads of sugar and artificial flavoring), and even how Fidani got its name (from the owner’s daughter).

Fidani Chocolate Factory
fine chocolates, made by hand

After the lecture, we were given a tour of the factory, and it was actually the first time the big chef allowed outsiders to enter his well organized workshop.

Pretty much the whole chocolate making process is done by hand over here. From the industrial chocolate fondue fountain machine the melted chocolate is poured into the mould just to be emptied leaving a chocolate shell if fillings are to be added, then more chocolate is poured to complete the process. Other types of chocolates require different treatments, like those that’s covered with crushed peanuts, or the special durian chocolate.

Fidani Chocolate Factory
how do you like my donkey and KY chocolates? =)

The packing and boxing process are done manually too, the only machine we saw other than the chocolate fountain is the expiry date label machine that costs over RM 30,000! That thing can magically spray perfect expiry date on anything passes underneath it. Very neat.

Fidani Chocolate Factory
check out how Grace messed up her attempt

After looking around, it was the time to make our own chocolates! We poured melted chocolate on into the mould and did our own decoration with white chocolate and some bits of other ingredients. I made a dark chocolate and a milk chocolate bar. I think you must find them very awesome.

Some of the noobs messed up majorly and over poured chocolates, spilling it all over the mould. I think you can appreciate that from the collage of 3 photos above.

Fidani Chocolate Factory
ze Joker!

The above photo of Kim just reminds me of the funniest scene in The Dark Knight. Two of the EZY sisters looking ahead while the Joker standing behind, up to no good.

Fidani Chocolate Factory
look at Cheesie so happy with her chocolate bags!

After the tour, we went back to the meeting room to sample some new chocolates not in the market yet and gave our feedbacks. That basically meant we were eating even more chocolates.

Fidani Chocolate Factory
and one for the team!

Before we left, Eiling gave each of us a big goodie bag filled with at least 2-300 ringgit worth of fine chocolates. That’s gonna be my supply for at least the next few week. We headed to ah foong bak kut teh for lunch right after, ahh, it was a Saturday morning well spent.

Fidani chocolates are available at Genting and KLIA, KKIA, Penang IA, LCCT, Kuching airport, and Langkawi airport and Jetty. Excuse me now I am going to have some chocolates!