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After helping Suan to come up with her latest post aptly titled “according to ky..”, I figured I should do a quick research and verify whatever crap I told her. This is important as the woman put my words on the INTERNET for everyone to see. Half way through, I had a feeling I’m onto a great discovery.

You see, fertility rate needs to be roughly 2.1 children born/woman to sustain the population. While looking at this list of total fertility list rate by country, I noticed the bottom three countries:

  • 224 Singapore 1.06 2006 est.
  • 225 Macau 1.02 2006 est.
  • 226 Hong Kong 0.95 2006 est.

I reached the conclusion of:

Chinese Extinct
Chinese on small island + $$ + education = extinction!

Lucky I’m not in Penang anymore. 😀