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I went to the Petronas Gallery for the famous BMW Art Cars exhibition with the Snark over lunch time. Unfortunately, photography was not allowed, and all we got was a poster and a bookmark.

According to the website:

The BMW Art Car Collection is a series of BMW production models transformed from automobile to art by some of the world’s foremost artists.

BMW Art Cars, Petronas Gallery, KLCC
free bookmark and a poster

There were four cars on the exhibit, the BMW 320i by Roy Lichtenstein. Frank Stella’s BMW 3.0 CSL. A stunning M3 by Ken Done. And the hand painted BMW M1 by Andy Warhol.

The cars were not only beautiful art work, but menacing mechanical contraption too. Specifications of the car and performance numbers were stated. For example, the 3.0 CSL is stated to produce 700 hp. There were also some videos on display.

The exhibition runs from that 15th of September to 22nd of October, at Petronas Gallery on the 3rd floor of Suria KLCC mall. Admission is free, the hall opens Tuesday through Sunday. If you happen to be in KLCC, go check it out.