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UberEATS is now in KL

September 27, 2017 14 Comments

The most important tool anyone has these days has got to be a smart phone. With the ability to summon strangers over the internet to help us achieve what we want, it makes us that much more efficient and makes life that much awesome.

Latest to the fray in KL is UberEATS, which is now available from 21st September during the launch event which I was fortunate to be invited to witness.

Update 2018: UberEATS has ceased operations in Malaysia

UberEATS now in KL
UberEATS now in KL

At the UberEATS launch event, now in KL offering many local favorites deliver to where you are! App is on Android and IOS and they also have proper segregation for halal food delivery boxes. . Use the Promo Code: KLTASTY (For 3 x FREE DELIVERY worth RM5 each). . #kyeats #UberEATSKL #UberMY #FoodDelivery #KLFood #KualaLumpur #Foodies #Makan #omnomnom

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The UberEATS application is available both on Android and IOS. At launch date, the service is covering KL CBD, Bangsar, and Damansara Height from 9am to midnight, seven days a week.

If you live or work in these areas, it is most definitely something to check out. I suspect they’ll increase coverage area pretty soon, like how initial Uber service was launched.

UberEats application is now in Android & IOS
UberEats application is now in Android & IOS

You can already find quite a number of restaurants participating in UberEATS – from cafe food, Western delights, to nasi lemak, and even ice cream. I also particularly like how they can be sorted by type of cuisine, popularity, or most importantly – by delivery time!

halal & non-halal shipping containers, chef Christian Recomio from Sitka
halal & non-halal shipping containers, chef Christian Recomio from Sitka

At the launch event, we were also informed that UberEATS pay attention our unique local culture and came up with a different carrying case each for halal and non-halal food, which I thought is a good way to ensure cultural sensitivity is taken care of.

UberEATS, officially launched
UberEATS, officially launched

Download the app today and check it out. I also got a promo code for you, key in eats-7sy3s and get RM 15 off your order via UberEATS.

Over the weekends I went to Sunway Pyramid (every mall should have the same parking system) to check out Nissan’s X-Gear event since a little bird told me that there’s this “Augmented Reality” app that I should look at.

the Nissan X-Gear app on iOS & Android

For your benefit, here’s the definition of Augmented Reality:

a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

Nissan Livina X-Gear event at Sunway Pyramid
Nissan Livina X-Gear event at Sunway Pyramid

The event showcases Livina X-Gear, a 5 seater crossover from Nissan (more about the car later). There was the X-Gear application with Augmented reality, a half pipe with skateboarders performing cool stunts, and you can even try your hands on wall climbing. Life style activities that identify with the X-Gear. Read this

I finally got to meet one of my favoritest personality on TV – Samantha Brown of TLC. For those of you without the privilege of satellite TV, she is one of the most cheerful and bubbly travel hosts there is.

Originally from Dallas and now residing on Brooklyn, Samantha Brown has covered Latin America, Europe, China, and – Asia. Naturally, her latest travel show is appropriately named Samantha Brown’s Asia.

Samantha Brown of TLC, and yours truly
Samantha Brown of TLC, and yours truly

Samantha Brown’s Asia premiers every Monday at 10.00 pm on TLC (Astro channel 707) beginning 25th July, 2011. The episod on Malaysia falls on July 29 with a special airing on the Sunday of July 28, 7:00 pm.

In the show Samantha Brown travels across Japan, Hong Kong, and all throughout South East Asia seeking experiences usually not found on everyday visit. For example, she went to an orang asli village near Ipoh, I didn’t know we even have orang asli in Perak.. oh well..

So don’t miss the brand new show especially if you’re a fan.

Samantha Brown's Asia, on TLC (Astro Channel 707)
Samantha Brown’s Asia, on TLC (Astro Channel 707)

We had the opportunity to have a short chat and some photo sessions with her, and in real life, Samantha Brown behaves pretty much exactly as you see her on TV, very lively, funny, and full of smile. She’s the type of person you would want to have in any party, even one without alcohol.

There was a quiz at the end of the night, together with Helenness & another dude, I walked away with a pair of X-mini speakers after correctly answering her question. Yey me!

Asian dinner served by Hilton KL
Asian dinner served by Hilton KL

As for the dinner, we were served foods from all over Asia – started with som thum from Thailand,summer roll from Cambodia, and sushi from Japan; then pho from Vietnam, soft shell chili crab from Singapore, dimsum from Hong Kong, tempura from Japan as mains; and Sago gula melaka from Malaysia, Lapis legit from Bali, and mini egg tart from Hong Kong as desserts.

It was a great concept, but execution was another manner altogether. The tempura was good (from Iketeru I bet), chili crab was alright, and the rest didn’t live up to the standard you’d expect.

But hey, meeting one of my favorite persons and winning a pair of speakers made it a plenty great night!

Last Friday I was invited to my very first Friday Wine Lunch, a monthly event arranged by the Millennium Associates and Pernod Ricard Malaysia. The venue was Carat Club, a place at Pavilion I mistakenly thought in a bunny friendly way until very recently.

As it is a wine lunch, importance is placed not only on food and wine, but the combination as well. We were introduced to Montana, wines from vineyard in Marlborough, New Zealand, to go with some very fine foods from C. Club.

note: carrat club is closed, replaced by Ben’s

Wine Lunch at Carat Club, Pavilion KL
Montana Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir

The event was very classy and it was almost out of place for me, but I was seated close to the brand manager of Pernod Ricard and the chief sub-editor of a major English daily who were both very friendly people. The host Mr Lionel Lau made the event a learning experience for me with his knowledge in wine and the ways he could explain which wine goes with what type of food, and the “why”. Very interesting, and I shall learn more.

Wine Lunch at Carat Club, Pavilion KL
grilled tiger prawn and chilled rocket vichyssoise

The first two dishes were Chilled Rocket Vichyssoise and Grilled Tiger Prawn to go with Montana Sauvignon Blanc. The vichyssoise, a type of creamy soup with almond and diced potato; while the grilled tiger prawn came with apple and cider sauerkraut, with some lemon butter beurre blanc.

The soup was an interesting experience as it was served cold, not bad, but just different. The tiger prawn though, was fantastic with the creamy lemon butter base and mixed well with the apple cider sauerkraut. But most importantly, the white wine goes very well with the two creamier food, cutting through the texture left on your tongue.

Wine Lunch at Carat Club, Pavilion KL
Citrus Tea Duck Breast, Salmon Rossini, and Chocolate Fortress

There were two choices for main dish, I chose the Citrus Tea Duck Breast and bypassed the Salmon Rossini. Little did I know the salmon was actually served with foie gras, one of my favorite sin foods, but then again, the duck did not disappoint, so all was was not lost.

The Citrus Tea Duck Breast is served with carrot and celeriac braised savoy cabbage, earl grey orange glace and topped with shiso. It carried a tangy taste to the tender duck breast. Instead of white wine, we had Pinot Noir served at about 16-17 C to go with the main dish. It was a good combination with the wine being not too sweet nor too acidic, just nice to neutralize the slightly fatty food.

Wine Lunch at Carat Club, Pavilion KL
Friday Wine Lunch at Carat Club

Dessert was C. Club’s Chocolate Fortress, a concoction of chocolate mousse on moist chocolate cake with raspberry. I always love the contrasting taste of the rich chocolates with the sourness of raspberry, and the wine made a good compliment to the entire package too.

map to Pavilion KL
map to pavilion KL

The lunch package is priced at RM 95 nett with free flow wine, very good deal I think. It only happens once every month though and space are getting limited as they are getting more popular. Check with Millennium Associates for the next one if you’re interested. I hope they invite me again. 😉

more pictures here

Carat Club
Lot 5.11 & 6.11,
Level 5 & 6, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.148872, 101.713368
Tel: 03-2141 5302

Sometimes last week I received this mysterious little black box at my office. I opened it carefully, and look at what I found. A photo frame, a CD, a yo-yo (with lights and everything), a little old school contact book, a video cassette (when was the last time you use one?), a pretty solid looking compass that actually works, and an invitation card to a launch party on the 26/9/08 at KL Hilton.

Nokia N96 Launch Party at KL Hilton
mysterious black box and it’s content

Confusing, right?

Haaaaaaaaa! David thought his little ploy would trouble me, but thanks to the immense cerebral ability bestowed upon me, I’ve deciphered this to be the launching of the N96. The clues were: photos, music, gaming, contacts, video, and navigation.

Nokia N96 Launch Party at KL Hilton
the launch party at KL Hilton

I went to the party with cheesie. Together with suan, pinky, robb, tim, erna, james, joshua, will, and jason, we were the bunch who maintain our personal blogs, most of the other attendees were people from Nokia, dealers, and traditional media.

At the media event, Nokia actually launched three models, N79, N85, and N96. These are the latest N series phone, adding to the line of awesome phones that includes the N82 I am using now (and very happy with it). N79 is the sleekest N series phone that automatically changes themes when you switch the phone plates, N85 being the multimedia powerhouse with long playback time and 3D stereo sound, and the flagship N96 with 16 gigabyte of memory, 5mp camera, n-gage games, gps, and that huge 2.8″ display.

Nokia N96 Launch Party at KL Hilton
I won a digital photo frame!

The event was pretty interesting except the part where we had to wait a bit too long before dinner is served. Cheesie basically finished the bowl of chips all by herself while waiting for dinner, I think her secret of keeping fit might not be Kenko, but having to attend all these events that deprived her of actual meals.

There was also a gaming competition that night, and of course, I was one of the 5 lucky winners (who scored the top 5 fastest time in an ngage racing game) to walk away with an awesome digital photo frame that can play photos (duh), music, and even videos. The nifty little thing comes with a remote controller too. Awesome!

David, job well done again!