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I think some of you might come to know that I am a football fan, playing futsal every Thursday (while not exactly good at it since I have 2 left legs), and watching the Premiership pretty much every weekend whenever I can help it, or try to catch ESPN’s recaps otherwise. from TM

However, if I am too busy with some interesting activities or work, it is only down to reading about the game online. I mean, soccernet is all good, but nothing beats the real highlight, “Kalou’s onside goal is somehow ruled offside” is never like seeing it in action. Which brings us to the latest TM site, Our very own local internet TV with streaming video. There are a few channels such as Aniworkz, Local Scene, News, and of course, Sports.

The site is divided into free and paid content, if you sign up for the premier league contents, you will get access to highlights, video summaries and such at the end of the fingertips, anywhere, anytime (well, a day after the game is played). I was given a trial account to test drive the offering, and it is actually very fast and very clear. I have this little meter that tells me how fast the streaming is doing, and there seems to be no hiccups at all. After all, I am using streamyx, and this is a streamyx website, they both work very well together. Same can’t be said about other streaming sites since our international connectivity isn’t very good yet. screenshot
this is how it looks like on my PC, nice.

I think this service is actually pretty good for us football fans, especially to those who are not able to glue ourselves in front of the TV all day. I mean, you can even use this site at the office to share the clips with your colleagues when the boss is not around. Basically we can get our daily football fix anywhere, anytime. Be it at Starbucks with your buddy, or even at the cyber cafe in between gaming sessions. Couldn’t be more convenient.

You can check out the rates here. The package is as low as RM 89.90 for the whole year if you’re a streamyx user, that only works out to be 25 cents a day. I mean, what can you get for 25 cents these days? I must agree that this is an excellent value for money, 1 less teh ais a week would pay for this already.