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A couple weeks ago, I got a facebook invite to the curiously named “Malam Tumpang Glamour” party, and since this weird crap was from Michael, Elfie, and Reta, I had to go, it’d be cool, and it was!

The party cost RM1, a bundle of old newspaper, namecard, and a fake moustache to get in. Private invitation only tho, and held at a semi-secret location somewhere near Sunway Pyramid.

malam tumpang galmour
Michael playing from an ipod mini, wasting all the Hi-Volt DJ equipments

As it turned out, horng, rachel, and kim were pretty much the only people who actually dressed up, crap. The place was filled with quite a lot of people when we got in, there were free beer for everyone, crates of Tiger beer,  Heineken, and I suspect, some vodkas for the late comers too.

The music were without any consistencies since playlists came from a few jokers who had different tastes and ideas, but they were great nonetheless, great enough that emocharlie had a whale of a night suffering from hypertension.

Malam Tumpang Glamour
emocharlie’s first party!

There were alot of dancing going on, with a few of them girls gotten up to the pool table and almost destroyed the surface with heels, someone then decided to spill Guinness on the same table too.

It was a hot party not only because of the people, but the insufficient aircond, we complained, but we still enjoyed.  To top it all, I got a SUM41 CD from lucky draw, while Suan was even luckier, netting a Twilight T-Shirt. Other lucky draw prizes include “Meet Dave” lunch box.

These dudes memang know how to kick up a good party, it’s been a while, and hey, when is the next one, Micheal?