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My Vietnamese friend, Trinh invited me to his house for dinner, and knowing that I am some sort of an explorer when it comes to food, he got his wife to prepare one of the more interesting dishes I’ve had recently. Fried bee’s pupae!

Fried Bee Pupae
don’t they look lovely?

The dish is prepared by frying the pupae lightly with minimal seasoning, looks to me that only oil and some shallots was used. My friend told me that there are many ways the dish is prepared. As you bite this strange looking creature, the liquid interior of the insect bursts in your mouth, the texture is certainly interesting. However, to be honest, the taste is rather blunt, I think a stronger seasoning might help.

trinh's house
very good Vietnamese hospitality

My Vietnamese friend’s house is quite narrow and short in Malaysian standard, but in the city of 7 million, land is pretty expensive. This particular house is slightly less than 3 meters in width, and probably some 10 meters in depth. It was a pretty interesting experience.

I have actually been to Ho Chi Minh City on business trip for more than half a dozen times since some three years ago, it is alway such a delightful place to visit. The Vietnamese people really does offer the very best of hospitality anywhere, and of course, the city offers some interesting food too.

Beer with friends at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
clam with pork, bbq frog with skin, and bbq prawns

I managed to contact an old pal of mine, Trinh, for some drinks on Sunday night. The last I met this guy was back in August 2005 for some Banh Xeo, more than one and a half year ago. We rode to one of the nearby seafood and beer restaurant to catch up on old times.

The host ordered a plate of BBQ prawn, some interesting “grilled clam rolled with Pig’s omental fat”, and BBQ frog with skin. Of course, a few bottles of chilled Heineken to go along with these local delights.

Beer with friends at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
The words mean “welcome” and “see you”.. or something like that

The food were certainly very good. The BBQ prawn was marinated with some pretty spicy seasoning, and packs a kick even if you don’t dip it into the traditional lime + salt + chili paste. The locals usually chew down everything, including the head and shell.

The grilled clam was an interesting dish that tasted kinda like bacon and clam meat, except in a bigger and juicier bite. It went very well with beer, and definitely one of the heart surgeon’s worst nightmares.

Thought I’ve had frogs before, this is the first time I’ve had it with skin intact. The texture is similar to fish skin, but tougher and slightly sticky. The aroma of the frog meat was very good as well. Fresh vegetable is featured in every dish, not very different from the Malay ulam. It is actually a very nice concept, you have some meat or seafood, then some vegetables to freshen up the tongue, repeat.

map of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
this place is just right next to Legend Hotel in District 1, HCMC

It was a very good supper, and nothing beats meeting old friends from far away places. I’m not exactly sure how much the food costs, but the pork with clam was about 55,000 VND, with another 10% tax. One ringgit equals to around 4,500 VND.

This particular restaurant is situated on
3C, Ton Duc Thang
District 1, HCMC

While walking around the supermarket at KLCC looking to stock up my food drawer, I came across the canned food section and spotted this Ayam Brand “Snacky Pack” salmon spread and tuna spread. I remember when I was young, whenever mom made me run to the grocery store to get canned food, she would always insist on the trusted Ayam Brand.

Ayam Brand Salmon and Tuna Spread, Snacky Pack
wholesome goodness in a small package

Well, if mom insists on it, it must be good. I dug out RM 3.50 or so to get a pack of tuna spread. This thing came with a small 85 gram of tuna spread and two packs of crackers (around 10 in total). All these nicely packed, air tight and all so you can actually keep it for a couple years. That’s always a good attribute for office snacks, longevity and ease of storage.

Ayam Brand Salmon and Tuna Spread, Snacky Pack
this thing is just so convenient

The snack is ready to eat, just pop out the cover of the spread, unwrapped the shrink wrapped cookies, all without the need of any utensil or kitchen tools. The pack even comes with a small plastic spoon.

The portion of the spread was just nice for the crackers supplied, and this stuff actually tasted very good. The crackers crunchy and slightly salty, but complimented the heavy mayo taste of the spread very well. It was so awesome as office food I actually bought another 3 packets the very same day, this time with the salmon spread as well (I still prefer the Tuna after tasted both).

Ayam Brand Salmon and Tuna Spread, Snacky Pack
calorie watches need not to be too alarmed

For the calorie counters, the crackers and spread totals up to some 500 calories. Not too bad for breakfast or snack. After all, that’s only equals to about 5 chocolate chips cookies.

2007 Banner

It’s already the 4th day into 2007. Instead of writing a long post about what happened during the Year of the Dog over this blog (you can always look at the archive), I will take a page from Kim and list out the most popular posts from yesteryear.


In total, there were 176 posts in 2006, in which 94 of them were posted in the KY Eats category. In return, you guys left 2472 comments. Averaging a little better than 14 comments per post.

Though I did not travel overseas for work like I used to in 2005 (went to Myanmar and Vietnam), I did take a week long vacation to Tokyo (7425 visits), Japan. The land of the rising sun.

It is difficult to pin down the best food I had to in 2006, but here are a few that I absolutely loved, in no particular order:

Motto for 2007, the same – Live to eat.

note: stats were from May 2006 to end of Dec 2006, I did not have awstats activated prior to that.