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Kuih Teow Soup is one of those Penang hawker food that receive very little attention in Klang Valley, and I believe this is mostly due to the fact that pork noodle and the KL style fishball noodle (very subtle differences) serves most of the same demographic that gravitates towards this type of dishes.

do re mi kopitiam at Ara Damansara
do re mi kopitiam at Ara Damansara

Here’s the subtle differences in these three types of noodle soup, even though their broth are all clear and choice of noodle is usually kuih teow (flat rice noodle):

  • pork noodle – major ingredients of pork slices, innards, and even pork balls, sometimes you get to add poached egg, no bean sprouts
  • KL style fish ball noodle – fish ball, fish cake, bean sprout, mustard green
  • Penang kuih teow soup – fish ball, fish cake, chicken/pork/duck meat slices, bean sprouts, sometimes with coagulated duck/chicken blood, spring onion

So in essence, kuih teow soup has a more complex taste when compared to plain old fish ball noodle, while being not as savory and heavy as pork noodle.

For a proper bowl of Penang kuih teow soup in Klang Valley, my favorite at the moment is the hawker stall at Do Re Mi kopitiam at Ara Damansara. It is one of the very few places in town that serves kuih teow soup with duck meat. Duck meat is an ingredient that you don’t often find in hawker dishes in KL, I suppose mostly due to cost, and perhaps lesser appreciation from the public.

kuih teow th'ng, with duck meat
kuih teow th’ng, with duck meat

If you’re a fan of kuih teow soup in it’s proper form, this is surely a place to check out. Let me know if you have other favorites of yours to share.

map to restaurant doremi 123, Ara Damansara

Restaurant DoReMi 123
Jalan PJU 1a/20b
Ara Damansara 
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS3.119897, 101.579194

One of the hawker dishes that is always in my list whenever I go back to Penang is kuih teow soup (粿條汤), and especially those those that serves duck meat.

You can find pretty good substitutes for char kuih teow, hokkien mee, and even curry mee and laksa in KL, but when it comes to kuih teow soup, there’s very little choices in Klang Valley (I can only think of Penang One and O&S)

satu satu tiga is the name of the kopitiam
satu satu tiga is the name of the kopitiam

So on my previous visit to Penang a couple weekends ago for my sister’s farewell, we decided to have this for breakfast. Our initial destination was the famous kuih teow soup stall at Anson Road wet market (tried it once, my mom tapao, was excellent) but the eccentric operator wasn’t selling that day. So we decided to head to the shop at Lebuh Carnarvon, which was originally from Lebuh Armenian.

We turned into Lebuh Melayu to park the car, and that’s when we chanced upon this other kuih teow soup place by the name of Satu Satu Tiga (太牛后) and decided to give it a try.

kuih teow soup with fish ball & duck meat, we ordered extra duck meat/skin
kuih teow soup with fish ball & duck meat, we ordered extra duck meat/skin

We ordered three bowls of kuih teow soup and a plate of extras with “everything” in it to share.

The kuih teow soup was excellent. The soup subtle but has that sweet savory taste in it, duck meat soft, tender, and fish balls bouncy and flavorful. It was as good as anywhere.

my sister got an organ donor card too
my sister got an organ donor card too

The extras though, was even better! There were plenty of duck meat, skin, and intestine on a bed of crunchy bean sprouts with some fried garlic sprinkled on top. Anyone know where I can order this outside Penang? I miss it!

The same place also serves koay chap, they are open for business for breakfast and lunch. Try it if you’re in Penang.

map to restaurant satu satu tiga, Penang

Kedai Makan dan Minum Satu Satu Tiga
113, Lebuh Melayu,
10100 Penang
GPS: 5.414283, 100.334341
HOurs: breakfast & lunch

satu satu tiga