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I was first introduced to this latest “invention” of traditional Chinese sinful treat that is the bak kua (肉干), or dried meat in Hokkien, by Kelvin. He handed me some bacon bak kua (钟无艳肉干)from Kiew Brothers to save his own arteries from clogging up, and it was so good that I finished it within a few minutes. Naturally I had to buy some for myself so that I could snap some pictures to share with you (not that I mind eating more anyway).

Bacon Bak Kua from Kiew Brothers
best of both worlds, bacon bak kua!

I don’t think there is a lot to describe about this. You know bacon is good, and you know that bak kua is great. What happen with you combine the two? A snack that doesn’t need any preparation, melts in your mouth, and tasted just super awesome! Beats any other type of bak kua I’ve ever had.

However, this thing doesn’t feel very healthy if consumed too much. I have been trying to pace myself to not have too many pieces at one go.

Bacon Bak Kua from Kiew Brothers
I love this stuff

As far as I know, this version of bak kua is only available from Kiew Brothers at the moment (update: bee cheng hiang has it too). I got mine from Pavilion, but they are not available on every location due to lower demand and shorter shelf life of this new product. The bacon bak kua is slightly more expensive than the other variety at around RM 70+ per KG.

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