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Because I know Suan, an immensely talented and famous blogger who sometimes gets invite to special events and such, 5 of us (hot chick, ST, Kim) found ourselves at the Dionne Warwick concert/dinner at Shangri-la Hotel last Monday. An event we would otherwise not be able to afford to get in with our own money, considering it is geared towards the high society and attended by people like Datuk Siti Nurhaliza.

Since I didn’t bring my camera and the camera phone doesn’t do justice to the occasion, pictures below were taken by ST.

Dionne Warwick live at Kuala Lumpur
how do you like my green batik? Do I look like an apek going to casino?

We were seated at the far corner, not the best listening location, but hey, our table only cost RM 10,000, cheapest of the some 100 tables in the magnificent grand ballroom. The evening was very enjoyable, we were served good food, and Dionne Warwick put up a great show. Her songs were truly the types that penetrates your heart, and the old lady had very good showmanship that made the evening that much better.

dinner at Shangri-la Kuala Lumpur
These are what you eat if you are one of those rich fellas

And then there’s the food, we were served with:

  • Rock Lobster Tian with Pomelo an Avocado, Flamed Maguro and Wasabi Soy Vinaigrette
  • Petit Poi’s Cappuccino with Foie Gras Dumpling and Dust of Cepe
  • Cod Fillet Papillote and Chicken Roulade with Potato Mash, Baby Vegetables, Teriyaki Glazed
  • Anis and Coffee Cappuccino with Almond Cake Flavored with Orange, White Chocolate Black Truffle Ice Cream

I particularly love the lobster starter with the maguro (tuna); the very buttery cod fillet and the sophisticated chicken roulade too lived up to the reputation of Shang’s finest. However, I find that the small foie gras dumpling did not come close to the foie gras experience that I had at my Zipangu visit. This was the night that I tasted truffle ice cream for the first time too, it was good, but I think I am missing my foie gras.