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Back in the days, before we had MSN with webcam and voice chat, before we had Yahoo messenger, Skype, or even ICQ, there was IRC. The virtual place where you meet new friends and catch up with the old ones. I actually got to know some of my closest friends from the Dalnet IRC network, ShaolinTiger and Suanie being two of them.

It was the best place to get to know new people, with the current crop of instant messaging tools, it is always one-on-one, nothing like the good old days.

10 years of IRC
officially 10 year old!

ST and myself actually registered our nick within a month of each other, if he didn’t lose his nick, he would have his 10 year anniversary just a few weeks later, what a pity.

Happy 10 year anniversary to my IRC nick! Any of you still hanging around on the network?