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Even while staring at the huge signboard that spelled out WONDERMILK in large and friendly white font, I didn’t have an idea what they offer inside.

In retrospect, however, I should have guessed that it must have something to do with cupcakes or coffee, since I was meeting Mellissa who’s obsessed with them.

Wondermilk at PJ Uptown
WONDERMILK – proper coffee served here

I like the concept of WONDERMILK, with its mismatching chairs+tables, quirky interior, and not-so-serious art works displayed on the wall. This place reminds me of Melbourne than Malaysia, probably quite a cool place to bring your first date. Great ambiance.

wondermilk, cupcakes, coffees, and more
lotsa cupcakes and cute little cookies & marshmallows

If I’m not mistaken, WONDERMILK is started from a blog at Now at Uptown, they serve freshly baked cupcakes (4 for RM5 mini, 4 for RM 17 maxi) that comes in all sorts of flavors and colors, coffee, tea, milk, cookies, mush mellows marshmallows, and more.

Ryan & Mellissa, KY & Haze, coffee & cupcakes
Ryan and Mellissa, KY & Haze, coffee & cupcakes

We ordered half a dozen cupcakes and I had a latte (RM7) while Haze got a butterscotch milk. The milk was good and I too was very happy with the latte that rivals what was served at Cafe Le Passione (Hartamas Shopping Centre.) Haze also bought some cookies & mush mellows back home, and they were very good too.

Give it a try if you love coffee, or cupcakes, or both!

map to Wondermilk at PJ Uptown

41 Jalan SS 21/1A,
Damansara Uptown,
47400 Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.135653, 101.621121
Tel: 03-7725 8930

I remember when I went to the States to study close to 10 years ago, one of the things that I look forward to was a particular brand of cookie. At the time this favorite cookie hasn’t hit the local market, but I’ve already heard quite a bit about it. It was among my first purchases from a supermarket at the States, together with essentials like pillow and toothpaste.

The cookie actually did play an integral part of my university life. I used to have it while watching ball games with friends on tv, while studying for exams and feeling hungry late at night, or whenever I was too lazy to go to the canteen. It was the perfect meal replacement that is actually tasty and doesn’t even require a microwave!

So you can imagine how glad I was when I found out that they have brought this cookie to Malaysia when I came back from my sojourn to the West.

Well, old memory aside, I am sure you know there are many ways of consuming cookies, but how about the opposite? Here I present you some wrong ways of eating cookies 😀

cookies with bak kut teh
not so great with bak kut teh

First, the cookie doesn’t go very well with bak kut teh soup. Despite the fact that I am an avid bak kut teh eater, the attempt to fuse the two did not come out very well. I dunked it in the soup, took a bite, but the sweetness of the cookie just didn’t gel very well with the herbal taste….

Then there’s the oily vegetable that I put in between my cookies (together with the cream), failed. The mushroom experiment didn’t go very well either. Not only they didn’t taste quite right, I was getting weird stares at the restaurant, oh well…

fried cookies
fried cookies with garlic and fuyu

My second experiment was the fried cookie. The ingredients were simple enough, garlic, fuyu (fermented tofu), oil, and of course the cookies. I heat up the oil, added garlic, cookies, a bit of fuyu, and fried for a couple minutes.

The taste? Well you guessed it, it was pretty weird. I think you can sorta guess it from my expression in the photo. =/

cookies curry soup
cookies curry soup

Not to be discouraged, I then proceed to the 3rd and final experiment, cookies curry soup! This time around, the recipe is even less complicated. Water, curry powder, and cookies! I boiled the water, add curry powder, and dropped a couple cookies in the soup.

How did it taste like? Well, I think the photos did justice to the taste. I’m not going to elaborate more.

cookies with milk

At the end, I went back to the basic, cookies with a glass of cold milk. Twist and dunk, it was best!

So, don’t try to be too clever with the whole thing, and please excuse me while I go and clean up my kitchen. Thank you!

p/s: This is not a sponsored post nor any specific cookies implied. Experiment at your own risk.

The tambun biscuit is perhaps the most saught after gifts from Penang when it comes to food, I guess it’s just as well since stale char kueh teow or laksa isn’t exactly great. Tambun biscuit, or tau sah peah (豆沙饼) in Hokkien, is basically a baked biscuit with thin and slightly oily layer of skin wrapping a lot of green bean paste.

Him Heang Tambun Biscuit
Authentic Him Heang biscuits

There are many brands of tambun biscuit in Penang, but Him Heang is so far the best that I’ve tried. It hits the taste bud just right, the ingredients not too wet nor dry, the thin crust, and just the right level of sweetness.

Him Heang Tambun Biscuit
yum.. yummmm

A box of biscuit costs RM 9.20 and comes with 32 biscuits nicely arranged in two layers of 4 x 4. It is ready to eat, and best served with some tea or coffee, since tambun biscuits tend to stick to the upper ceiling of the mouth without some liquid to wash it down.

Do not get fooled into buying other brands of tambun biscuits, as they usually imitate the design of the box and carries the name ended with “Heang” as well. Him Heang does not have any branch anywhere other than the main shop at Jalan Burma. They are opened from 8:30am to 5.00pm every Monday to Saturday. You can call to book for your biscuit if you have a large order, and I would advice you do so to avoid the huge crowd.

Him Heang Tambun Biscuit
this is where to get some if you’re in Penang

162A Jalan Burma, Penang
GPS: 5.423848, 100.321210
Tel: 604-228 6129