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KY eats – OREO!

August 12, 2008 47 Comments

I remember when I went to the States to study close to 10 years ago, one of the things that I look forward to was OREO! At the time this favorite cookie hasn’t hit the local market, but I’ve already heard quite a bit about it. OREO was among my first purchases from a supermarket at the States, together with essentials like pillow and toothpaste.

OREO doublestuf
oOOo I especially love the doublestuf OREO!

OREO actually did play an integral part of my university life. I used to have it while watching ball games with friends on tv, while studying for exams and feeling hungry late at night, or whenever I was too lazy to go to the canteen. It was the perfect meal replacement that is actually tasty and doesn’t even require a microwave!

So you can imagine how glad I was when I found out that they have brought OREO to Malaysia when I came back from my sojourn to the West. To me, it’s almost like coming home and finding it in your mailbox!

OREO doublestuf

And you know there’s something that is even better than OREO? Doublestuf OREO!

I can’t speak for everyone, but to me, the best thing about OREO has always been the stuffing. Before the head chef at Nabisco figured out the double stuffing thing, I used to always pick out the stuffing and stack them up together. That way I get to have one double stuffed OREO, and one without any stuffing. But with the Doublestuf, every cookie comes with extra thick layer of stuffing, it’s like having 6 prawns instead of 3 in a char kueh teow, genius!

OREO doublestuf
of course, good things must be shared

I usually have my OREO as is. However, if I can find a glass of milk (good milk is so difficult to have here in Malaysia), I’d do the famous twist and dunk method too. The wholesomeness of milk mixes rather well with the slightly salty cookie, makes for pretty good breakfast, and breakfast is not that many hours away as I’m writing this. I think I’m going to Cold Storage to get some OREOs tomorrow and have it at my office, bye!

Once in a while when I feel like I have to indulge myself with some awesome snacks, I’ll go to the 3rd floor of Isetan KLCC where they sell a variety of not-exactly-cheap, but very good imported snacks.

Snacks that I’ve tried from there includes the irresistible Keebler’s chocolate chip cookies and the oddly named Hello Panda biscuits. But today, lets talk about the delicious European snack – MiniSnack!

MiniSnack from Isetan
crunchy and creamy, slurps

I’m not exactly sure where this snack comes from, the name MiniSnack isn’t exactly very meaningful. However, the Sfoglia ripiena blah blah blah description seems to be Italian. Why do I care anyway, so long as this stuff tastes good, right?

MiniSnack from Isetan
hazelnut flavor, best

This thing costs almost RM8 per packet, and contains “6 puff pastry rolls filled with hazelnut cream” or cream flavor. Biting down this snack is pure heaven, the roll is crunchy and pretty light, while the fillings is creamy and heavy, tasted almost like melted chocolate with strong hazelnut flavor. The skin actually has a similar texture with Him Heang tambun biscuit.

RM 8 for 6 of these isn’t exactly cheap, considering I could finish the whole pack in one sitting, but the flavor is just so great. Last I had one these was quite a while ago, I think I’ll have to go to Isetan tomorrow!

Most everyone who works in an office building has a food drawer filled with snacks for the time when stomach makes the untimely growls. Alongside with the awesome Keebler’s Chips Deluxe Cookies, this biscuit with the silly Hello Panda name is one of my favorites.

Hello Panda biscuit
well herro panda!

This stuff is made of hollow shortbread with stuffings inside, and my favorite is the chocolate stuffing. One of the two types you can find at Isetan supermarket, the other being strawberry. There are altogether 4 types of stuffings but the vanilla and peanut butter (YUM!) can’t be found anywhere. If only I had discovered this before I went to Tokyo. The sweet and soft chocolate gives a very good taste and textural contrast the blunt but crispy shortbread, sort of like the Oreo experience, but a lot tastier and alot less messy.

Hello Panda biscuit
ahhh yummmmm

The biscuits come in an over sized tube ala Pringles style. Convenient to store and doesn’t get soft and and limp from the moisture. Best still, you can keep the tube and use it for the great Keebler’s cookies!

A tube is about RM 15+ and contains 450 gram of wholesome bite size cookies. Not exactly cheap, but this thing is awesome it’s really worth it, not to mention packs a meal’s worth of calorie in a snack session. Best. Meiji is a Japanese confectionery brand, but this particular product is manufactured in Singapore.