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Do you know what’s better than awesome food? Free awesome food!

In this post, you are going to find out how to win a voucher for Santapan Buffet Dinner for 2 at Latest Recipe, Le Meridien KL.

The contest is super simple and two of you, my dear readers of this humble blog, will be walking away with the vouchers. In another word, 4 of you will dine for free!

where is this place?

Contest Name: Guess the restaurant and stand a chance to win a Santapan Buffet Dinner for 2 at Latest Recipe
(this is probably one of the longest contest name ever, I wonder if there’s a contest for longest contest name.. ermm)

  • Look at these two photos, and find out where is this place, but don’t state your answer yet.
  • Now go to and look at the photos there to figure out where that place is, don’t state your answer yet still!
  • Lastly, head to LeMeridien KL’s facebook page and figure out that last set of pics, and then submit your answer through there.

any idea? hehehe

Of course, since the only way to know if you got to know about the contest via this blog, kindly leave a comment on this post too (but not with the answers, since you don’t want others to know, right? :D)

Contest starting from 4th July till 18th July 5PM. Winners will be announced on the 19th July.

Dinner and prize giving location and date: Latest Recipe, 22nd July @ 7PM. (I will be there so we can makan together!)

Terms and conditions:
This contest is open to all readers of, and Facebook fans of LMKL.
This contest may not be participated by employees of Starwood Hotels and Resorts.
Winners will be randomly selected.
Vouchers may not be redeemed for cash.
Vouchers must be consumed on the 22nd July 2011.

I remember when MIX FM was launched, I was still in college (yes, I’m not exactly a young boy), and immediately it became one of my favorite stations until now. The music is just perfect for generation-x listeners, with a good mixture of latest hits and those tunes we’re familiar with while growing up.

Best of both worlds, keeping in touch with our roots and at the same time, ensuring we don’t get caught off guard while trying to blend into the younger crowds. hehe

MIX FM on me Ipod

MIX FM also makes a good companion during the morning rush hour whenever I drive to work. Poor JD & Dilly of MIX’s Breakfast Show are probably the only two person I know who had to start work at 6am. I thought waking up before 6:30 am is already such a drag, poor guys.

Despite starting off so early in the morning, these guys do bring a dose of energy to the radio, and usually manage to come up with something funny to kill of the Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday blues.

One of my favorite segment’s gotta be “Battle of the Sexes”, male vs female, JD vs Dilly, on equal ground. Exciting stuff 😀

wake up to JD & Dilly, weekdays 6am to 10am

And if you’re a music buff (or a lucky bugger), from now till 1st of April the Breakfast Show will shell out RM 1000 if you are able to identify all 4 songs played in a snippet with title and artist.

If you don’t get them all correct, it is RM 100 per correct title. The total pay out is RM 50,000, so are you gonna be able to take 1K out of it?

Tune to MIX weekdays from 6am to 10am then, good luck!

To be honest, before the following epic song from youtube, I didn’t know that Christmas is a twelve day celebration. While we’re at this cosmically auspicious number (12 hr on your clock, 12 star signs, 12 chinese zodiac, 12 in a dozen, etc), I’ll like to talk about the 12 things I want for Xmas.

But before that, you have to watch the epic video.

Now this list of 12 things I want, I don’t expect to be able to really get all of them, nor do I really think that some of them are entirely realistic, or make any sense. This will be almost like wild birthday wishes, except there are 12 of them, here goes!

Cendawan the Bengal cat

1. I wish that Cendawan the Bengal cat learns to walk on leash like a dog, I mean, the dude already can play fetch better than most canines already. Refer to this post’s video. This way we can bring him out and pretend to be fashionable like the rich and famous walk their cheetahs in the 60s.

2. The same cat should also learn how to open canned food and stop waking me up at 7am everyday to ask for food.

3. While learning how to use a can opener, how about get on to use the bottle opener and fetch me some Guinness while I play games in front of the TV? That’ll surely be neat.

Logitech G27 with racing seat

4. Which brings us to the next item. I wish to have another set of Logitech G27 racing wheel + seat setup so that we can play multiplayer GT5 while having a good drink.

5. Someone should invent a car simulator game to simulate drunk driving and the consequences of driving intoxicated. Who says education for adults can’t be achieved via gaming? It’s a brilliant idea, think about it. We can have this in the curriculum for driving license too. Responsible Drinking is what we should advocate.

6. I also wish for more drive through restaurants. Sure, we have McDonald’s and a few KFCs, but how about some drive through hawker foods? Or even a drive through bakery/sandwich place? That’s not too much to ask for I believe!

Guinness inspired food

7. While we’re at the subject of food, I want for this Xmas, more Guinness infused dishes! Other than various meat and a few seafood dishes, the most interesting item has got to be the Guinness sorbet by Chef in Black. I want to see more, that or someone start selling Guinness sorbet in hypermarkets please.

Lorong Selamat char kueh teow

8. It’s also about time someone cook the exact same version of Lorong Selamat char kueh teow and sell them here. Preferably within walking distance from my house or workplace. Those gigantic prawns, yumsss.

9. While we’re at the topic of hawker food, the awesome curry mee with coagulated pork blood – could you please operate till at least 11am on weekends?

10. More Chinese/Malay style eateries to operate 24 hours please. We’re confined to mamak and Ming Tien food courts only. 🙁

Guinness 250 anniversary Aquaria

11. How about a few more awesome Guinness events like the one we had at Aquaria just prior to Arthur’s Day celebration? Guinness sure know how to throw a great party!

12. Lastly, I want you guys to check out the Merry Guinness facebook page. Buy 6 pints of Guinness Draught or a bucket of Guinness stout gets you a Guinness Heritage glass! The page also list the 12 events Guinness is having from 10th all the way to the 23rd of December, check it out!

13. Why do I limit myself to 12 items anyway? Leave a comment and tell me what you want for your Merry Guinness this year and join me for a pint of Guinness and a delicious Xmas dinner at Bulldog pub (at Hartamas) on 17th of Dec 2010! There’ll be 4 winners, be creative! We can play the Merry Mat there, it’ll be more than just a pint of Guinness, it’ll be the whole Merry Guinness Experience you’re getting. 😀

Cheers and here’s to Merry Guinness!

For the few of you who have been following this blog for a while, it is not something new that I’ve been a fan of Guinness. For those who are also a fan, there’s good news, the annual Arthur’s Day is coming again! installment number 251!

Guinness and friends
what’s better than enjoying a pint with your best buddies?

The world’s most popular black beer probably doesn’t need much introduction. A perfectly poured Guinness with it’s inch thick creamy foam on top of that pure black beauty is a sight that turns any bad day good, and good day even better!

Over the years, the black beer has also found a place in the kitchen. From the classic Guinness pork ribs from your typical Chinese restaurants, Guinness lamb shank, and to international celebrity chefs like Chef in Black’s creations, what other beer is more versatile?

Guinness Arthur's Day 250 with black eye pea
Arthur’s Day 2009, Black Eyed Peas

Last year’s Arthur’s Day was a blast, Black Eyed Peas was brought in for the 250th anniversary of the famed black beer. We had an awesome time at Sunway Lagoon partying, the photo collage above is worth about 8,000 word’s description, so do exercise your imagination.

There’s no slowing down for Guinness, this year’s Arthur’s Day, we have the following line up of international and local artists performing at Surf Beach @ Sunway Lagoon on the 24th of September 2010:

  • Timbaland
  • DJ Fuzz
  • Mizz Nina
  • Pop Shuvit
  • Thaitanium
  • Sean Kingston
  • Melissa Indot

Arthur's Day 2010 artist line up
Arthur’s Day 2010 artist line up

Tickets go for White, Black, and Gold zones (mosh pit) go for RM 98, RM 198, and RM 350 at or But of course, there’s always a chance to get in for free, by joining The Man of Action contest:

  • Be creative, create a video involving your favorite song/artist. It can be an MTV, spoof, slideshow, anything
  • Upload it on youtube and post the link on with name and email
  • Every qualified and relevant entry wins passes to Arthur’s Day event (white zone tickets, consolation prize)
  • 4 x Runner up – a pair of mosh pit tickets (gold zone)

Simple isn’t it? On top of that, there’s a grand prize winner that’ll be announced on Arthur’s Day itself, and the lucky fella will walk away with a trip to Dublin to visit the St James Gate Brewery & Guinness Storehouse!! What are you waiting for? Lets do this!

Here’s my submission, a collaboration effort with the fehmes Cheesie, what do you think? (don’t laugh :/)

Oh, for those who are slightly less creative, there’s also The Man of  Vision Contest where you decipher how many Guinness elements can be found in a given image. Go to to get illustration, and follow @GuinnessMY on Twitter to get more clues!

Grand Prize is another Dublin Trip + mosh pit tickets, and there’s weekly mosh pit tickets to be won too.

See you guys on Arthur’s Day!

Snickers is at it again with another online contest! This time it si the Hunger Buster Challenge!

This can’t be a more appropriate name, Snickers is one of my favorite condense pack of energy bars. A stick of Snickers is the most convenient food one can get when you’re on the go: hiking, trekking, or very handy especially in one of those late night candle burning sessions. After all, going out to eat late at night can prove to be pretty disastrous these days.

Hunger Buster, therefore, is very a aptly chosen title.

Snickers Game - Hunger Buster

First and foremost, the prizes. After all, that is what everybody’s interested in when it comes to contests, right?

Snickers does not go all “kiam siap” in this department. There are 18 Sony Playstation 3 (I wanna play GT5!) to be won, another 36 Canon IXUS 95 IS camera, 18 Sony Ericsson W995 mobile phones, and more! In total there are over 600 prizes. Now we’re talking!

Prizes for Snickers Game

The story of Hunger Buster Challenge goes like this:

The city of SNICKERS has been robbed of its SNICKERS bar. People in the city are out of energy now. Your task is to help restore the people of its energy!

Hunger Buster Challenge online game

The game is simple, find the hidden Snicker bars and feed it one by one to the people of Snicker city. Do this as fast as you can with your mouse/touchpad/touchscreen or whatever. All you need is sharp eyes and really fast hand.

Oh, proof of purchase is not required to join this game, all you need to do is register (if you’re from Malaysia, Singapore, or Philippines, read T&C from

Mission Accomplished!

I managed to complete in slightly less than 19 seconds after several tries. With practice and a little bit of luck I shall be able improve it further. Rawrrr

The contest runs until 21st August, I still have some time yet!

Hunt for the Golden Snicker clue board

By the way, that is only the first of two games.

Game 2 is the Bonus! Hunt for the Golden Snickers bar across the world wide web. There are clues available on the clue board, Snickers facebook page, as well as @snickersgame on Twitter. Find the Golden Snickers bar and win! It’s that simple (or complicated, depending on how well you read clues)

arghh the top 15 scorer

I was all proud at my sub 19 second result, then I checked on the current leader board. Apparently the top player this week scored a time that’s short of 8s. Daymmeee! I shall not give up!

So, head to and good luck to you too (just leave a PS3 for me ok!)