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Several weeks ago we headed to Singapore for a little one night escapade to catch a concert (thanks Michelle for hosting for the night!), and that was right after a short weekend diving trip at Tioman (will write later). It was our first “proper” concert – Snow Patrol.

Le Bistrot du Sommelier, Singapore
Le Bistrot du Sommelier, Singapore

We arrived at the venue of concert, Fort Canning, a couple hours ahead of time, and hungry. Since we somehow managed to secure a free parking space right outside the entrance (this is Singapore, it was like striking lottery), we were content to just walk around and find something that resembles dinner.

That’s how we ended up outside Le Bistrot du Sommelier, a pretty classy looking restaurant with loads of wine glasses on the  tables by the side, alfresco style.

red wine braised beef cheeks with carrots and mushrooms, parley potatos
red wine braised beef cheeks with carrots and mushrooms, parley potatos

At this point we can’t be arsed to walk anymore, we asked for a table and got one outdoor since it’s fully booked indoor. Guess it’s a pretty popular place.

A look in the menu convinced us that prices are good if you’re earning Singapore dollars, but a bit of a stretch of us Malaysians. We ended up ordering two specials on the chalk board, after our very informative and super helpful waiter with a French accent did his best in explaining what they are. Our server’s name was not Jacques, it was Faizal.

Very impressive, Faizal.

beef tenderloin tartare served with french fries
beef tenderloin tartare served with french fries

I ordered red wine braised beef cheeks with carrots and mushrooms, parley potatos (SGD $30). It came in a little clay pot with the potato on the side. The beef was properly braised you could cut it with a dull spoon, the stock had a strong aroma of red wine and carrot so soft old toothless lady could eat it without any denture. It was marvelous.

I also particularly like how they prepare the potato, with small chunks of sea salt sprinkled atop, so instead of a uniform taste, you get a tiny burst of saltiness now and then, worked well.

the dishes were delightful

the dishes were delightful

Haze too was very happy with her beef tenderloin tartare and french fries (SGD $32). The beef was beautifully prepared, and tasted equally awesome. It was juicy, raw, and came in a very generous portion as well. French fries tasted just like any French fries, this being a French restaurant didn’t make it any different.

KY & Haze at Singapore, just before Snow Patrol concert
KY & Haze at Sg., just before Snow Patrol concert. I already looked stoned from all the driving

We were well satisfied with the food at Le Bistrot du Sommelier, the only thing better was the service from our waiter, a splendid experience, and certainly will return to try out some of their other stuff (this time will bring a bigger wallet I guess).

Later I found out this place is one of Michelle’s favorite restaurants as well, no surprises there. 😀

map to Le Bistrot du Sommelier

Le Bistrot du Sommelier
53, Armenian Street,
Singapore 179940
GPS: 1.294807, 103.849445
Tel: +65-6333 1982

and it was an awesome concert, Snow Patrol rocked hard
it was an awesome concert, Snow Patrol rocked hard, again I looked a bit stoned

Snow Patrol’s concert was way awesome as well. Gary Lightbody really knows how to connect to the crowd, I wished the show was a little longer than the 18 song set list. Fort Canning is an excellent venue for concerts as well, the stage was set up at the bottom of a slope so you get an unblocked view to the stage as long as the person ahead of you isn’t a head taller.

It’s that time of the year again, the time when Guinness is going to rock Malaysia on Arthur’s Day 2011 edition. This is installment number 252, yes, the famous black beer has been around this long, and will be around long I am gone.

This is the 3rd year running that Guinness is bringing in a big act to town for the celebration, and this year it is none other than Taio Cruz.

If the name does not immediately ring a bell, check out the video above and I’m sure you’d know the ultra catchy tune being played at every club that matters.

The big party will be at:

  • date: 23rd September
  • time: 6pm till late
  • venue: Speed City KL

In previous years, you can usually buy a ticket to the concert, but this year, the party will be exclusively by invites only.

For those who are interested, there is good news, I have FIVE (5) pairs of exclusive tickets to be given out here. All you need to do is tweet or post a photo of yourself on facebook wearing your Arthur’s Day outfit, and post the link on the comment box below.

That’s it, the 5 most interesting photos get the tickets, I’ll be the judge and decision is unfortunately, final. 😀

It is a Money can’t buy event! So win them here and good luck yo!

For more information hop  on  to

Remember, money can do a lot of things, it can even buy you a pint of Guinness like the one pictured above, but money can’t buy experience, some things you’ll just have to earn it!

Guinness Arthurs Day 2011
the photos taken from Arthurs Day 2009 and 2010

Some of the best parties I’ve had was at Athurs Day 2009 and 2010. They say picture says a thousand words, so the above collage is an 8,000 words demonstration on the sort of time you would expect at this year’s party. Don’t miss it!

So take that photo and see you at the party!

For your amusement, here is my outfit. 😀

MTV World Stage is back again, this is the 3rd year in a row that Xpax brings MTV World Stage to Malaysia.

The concert this year will be held at i-City, Shah Alam with all new line up of – Thirty Seconds to Mars, the new international sensation Neon Trees, Korean pop group Beast, and our very own Pop Shuvit. If past year is any indication, this year’s party will be another pure entertainment pleasure.

Before we talk about how you can get your passes to this awesome concert, lets look at the line up a little closer.

Thirty Seconds to Mars:

Fronted by Jared Leto, singer/actor. If you’ve seen Fight Club, you’ve seen Jared Leto, he’s that blonde guy that got his face really whacked. Little did I know that he is also a rock star. Check out their current hit Kings & Queens on the youtube video above.

Neon Trees

An alternative band from Pravo, Utah, with their first hit single “Animal” (video above) that has over 10 million views on youtube. Check it out.


South Korean band made up of 6 members and originally named B2ST. Their first mini album had over 20,000 in sales.

Hit single “Fiction” :

Pop Shuvit:

Our very own and one of Asia’s premiere Hip Hop act. They’ve worked with international acts such as My Chemical Romance, The All American Rejects, The Wu Tang Clan, and more.

Latest single:

With these line up we can expect a concert that will surely never disappoint.

MTV World Stage 2011

Now the most important question is, how do you get a free pass to this gig, right? Well there are more than one method:


First, check out

From 16th June till 15th July 2011, just reload with Xpax, U.O.X. and S.O.X. & stand to get 2 passes! Just follow these simple steps:

i. Register by sending MTV to 28881
ii. Wait for confirmation SMS of successful registration
iii. Reload RM50 (cumulative)
iv. Receive a mobile voucher for redemption of 2 FREE passes to MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2011™

The passes are available on a first come, first serve basis and while stocks lasts only.

Facebook Challenge:

Go to, “like” the page and join the contest.

i. Select the act that you’re most excited to see
ii. Come up with a creative reason why you think that act rocks.
iii. Get as many people as possible to “Like” your creative entry.

The top 5 entries with the most “Likes” will be given 2 free Xzone passes to the event for an exclusive, money-can’t-buy experience.


Record your most creative scream of “I want to go to MTV Worldstage!!” to stand a chance to win 2 FREE normal passes to MTV Worldstage 2011.

Dial *52925 and scream your lungs out!

Channel X Promo:

Go to to find out about “I Want to Meet Neon Trees” Promo and “I Want to Go to MTV Worldstage!” Promo too.

Good luck and hope you get your way to MTV World Stage 2011, it’s gonna be a blast!

In confirmation to popular belief, I, KY, really does not play any musical instrument. I am the master of winamp, the car audio player, and my 5800 XpressMusic when it comes to listening to music. As to creating and performing it music, I leave it to the professionals. Professionals such as this ridiculously talented Lee Hom. And he really is a bit ridiculous when it comes to music, quoting from wikipedia Wang Lee-Hom page:

Wang plays over 10 musical instruments. In his albums and live concerts, Wang can be heard playing piano, drums, guitar, bass, violin, vibraphone, erhu, xun, and more.

and that is on top of being able to sing rather well, something I cannot do, evident from friends making excuses to go to toilet or have some “fresh air” when it is my turn to sing at karaoke, mehhh. lee hom music-man Lee Hom Music-Man Thus it goes without saying that Lee Hom is the one with a huge fan base and not yours truly. And to those fans out there, the Lee Hom music-man himself is coming to KL this on May 2nd to have a concert at Bukit Jalil National Stadium. To make the matter sweeter, there’s a chance for U.O.X. members to win tickets! All you have to do is the following (remember you must be a U.O.X. member)

  1. Type REGFREETIX Send to 28881
  2. Upon receiving confirmation via SMS, just reload RM 20 before 26 April 2009 for a chance to win (click here for more info)

While the U.O.X. mechanic allows members to to get free tickets, the MeTV contest gives participants a chance to win a pair of tickets worth RM 198 to Lee Hom Music-Man Live in KL 2009. KYspeaks music-man hohohoho Of course, there is a bit more to do on this since you might not be a U.O.X member. In the MeTV contest, you have to send in your best “Music-Man/Woman” video or picture in. Be creative and send a video or picture via MMS to 26388 with the title MUSIC MAN To view, rate, or download videos or pictures on MeTV

  1. Log on to from your mobile
  2. Go to Fun Stuff and select Lee Hom Music Man
  3. Look under Contest category and click on the View, rate or download contest entries link
  4. Select Lee Hom Music Man category to view videos or pictures
  5. To rate videos or pictures click on the Rate It link. To download videos or pictures, click on the Download Now button.

Ok ok, my example might not be the best, but you know what you have to do if you want to see this music genius! The contest runs from 1-25 April, 2009.

I remember buying a compilation cassette sometimes back in 1996, it had a brown cover with the title “Alternative Rock” smeared across in red. This was the cassette that introduced me to songs like Girl from Mars by Ash, You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette , and Good by Better than Ezra.

But the one song from the compilation that made the biggest impression was Oasis’s Wonderwall. It was a song that struck everything in the right cord, with lyrics that Brandon Flowers of The Killers can only dream of writing. From then on I picked up songs like Don’t Look Back in Anger and Champaign Supernova, and Oasis became an integral part of my play list.

Oasis Live in Singapore!
Our tickets to rock!

So when Gareth told me about Oasis coming to Singapore for a concert a few weeks ago, I replied “Lets make it happen!” without thinking twice.

For rock concerts, I never settle for anything less than the grand stand tickets. We managed to con Kim & Horny to each also fork up $98 SGD for a ticket (to fill up a car, you know, save money!) to the concert even though Horny didn’t actually know who is Liam or Noel. Amanda was a late addition to the road trip cos she was just too crazy over Oasis; plus, her relatively small size means that she fits in the center of the backseats.

chicken rice balls at melaka
chicken rice balls were yummy!

So last Sunday we departed from KL just before noon and decided to get our lunch (without any breakfast/brunch) at of Melaka, which also make a nice half way rest stop for the long journey.

We had an over fulfilling meal of chicken rice balls at Hoe Kee, and then stuffed ourselves with a bowl of cendol at Jonker88.

Which was all nice and dandy until we drove by this pohpiah stall and had to just cry in agony cos we were too full to even have a bite. Very tragic!

non halal subway
Subway with pork ham and pork bacon!

By the time we hit the road again it was around 2:30pm, we needed to collect tickets by 7pm for the 8pm concert. We thought we had plenty of time.

We didn’t factor in the stupidly inconsiderate drivers at Johor. It seems like the only way to overtake is via the left lane. The kiasu factor of those drivers really got into our nerves.

Alas, we got to the immigration at around 6pm, and forgot to bring along any immigration cards… So we had to go to the immigration office and witness the inefficiencies that infect even the Singaporean officers. It was a long an excruciating 45-minute (I had to call to make sure we could redeem our tickets past 7pm) process before we got out of there.

Oasis Live in Singapore!
we were at the front with the crowd, and Liam being a badass

With the help of Gareth’s little portable Garmin GPS unit, we finally arrived at the Singapore National Stadium at 7:30 or so. Got our tickets and went to Subway for some pork sandwich goodness. By the time we got into the hall it was around 8:15.

Then Oasis came out and it was completely awesome!

Oasis Live in Singapore!
pic taken without any zooming, that’s how close we were!

While the other two old men hang out at the side, Kim, Amanda and I made our way to the front of the crowd and managed to get ourselves about 4-5 rows back from the stage. The atmosphere was electric, and the crowd was crazy. Lotsa squeezing and pushing but generally everyone was just having blast.

At one particular point a dude with mohawk started dancing like a maniac and hit a lot of ppl within 2 feet of him. A burly dude grabbed his body and I sorta helped flip his legs up, and the dude got body surfed all the way to the back. We high five-ed 😀


With the last bit of GPS juice (car charger died) we managed to find our way back to the Johor border after the concert. By the time we got back to KL it was more than 3am already. We stayed in Singapore for a total of less than 5 hours. My shortest trip yet.

Next trip would be Melbourne to see Mell for a week. Can’t wait!

Check out Horny, Kim, and Gareth‘s account of the tour.