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One of my waist line management activities is also the number one sports of the country – badminton. I’ve been playing it with the same group of dudes since about 5-6 years ago. We always collect a little bit more than is needed to pay for the shuttlecocks and court, then use extra money for a feast every so often.

The trip to Restaurant Triple Round at Bukit Beruntung, however, was not from those extra money. This trip was made possible by one of our members’ generosity. Chi decided to buy everyone a meal out of the mere joy of sharing, so thank you boss!

Restuarant Triple Round at Bukit Beruntung, fresh seafood
Restuarant Triple Round at Bukit Beruntung, fresh seafood

Though the restaurant is located at the god forsaken place that is Bukit Beruntung (the exit North of Rawang on the North South Highway), getting there proved to be pretty simple. A couple right turns after the highway gets you there. Without crazy Friday evening traffic, a drive to Bukit Beruntung from PJ/KL shouldn’t take more than 35 minutes or so.

The restaurant is a glorified kopitiam with air conditioned as well as normal fan-cooled dining area. Since no one was going to smoke in between meals, we opted for the climate controlled option.

vegetable curry, vitamin c, chef's special tofu with minced pork
vegetable curry, vitamin c, chef’s special tofu with minced pork

We had the typical Chinese style dinner, with steamed rice to go with these dishes.

First to came were the vegetable curry, a couple dishes of fried vegetables, and chef’s special tofu with minced pork. Though lacking any seafood, poultry, or meat, the vegetarian curry was rich and flavorful, not quite as strong as those good Indian curry, but plenty good from a Chinese restaurant.

The tofu with minced pork was delightful – silky smooth tofu with thick sauce and the contrasting texture from minced meat. Highly recommended.

Siamese style tilapia, more vegetable, German style pork knuckle
Siamese style tilapia, more vegetable, German style pork knuckle

A couple richer tasting dishes came next. The Siamese style tilapia is your typical deep fried fish with richly flavored sauce poured over. They executed this perfectly, the sauce a mixture of sweet, sour, and spicy taste that has a hint of Vietnamese influence thanks to the use of basil leaves. I like it, and you should try the chili padi if your system tolerates spicy food.

German pork knuckle is a dish that is making in-roads at local Chinese restaurants (such as New Paris, SS2), the version here is one of the finer specimen I’ve tasted. Crispy on the outside, but steaming hot and soft on the inside, the skin is also seasoned to perfection.

pork ribs with orgasmic sauce, chicken wings, seafood tofu
pork ribs with orgasmic sauce, chicken wings, seafood tofu

After the two heavy dishes, we were served 3 others that were anything but light.

The pork ribs covered in a creamy peppery mushroom sauce was super delicious. The dish also came with some deep fried mantao so that you never waste a drop of those delicious sauce. The pork was tender, succulent, and the sauce absolutely stunning, it became our favorite dish.

We also tried two types of chicken wings here – one with Guinness and the other Marmite. They were again, rich, heavy, and goes extremely well with some whisky (which we brought with us along, I don’t think corkage was charged)

Last but not least, we also had two types of seafood tofu served. One to be enjoyed with Thai chili sauce, and the other covered with a sort of sauce that is not entirely unlike cake icing, but strangely it worked very well too. The home made seafood tofu tastes like a happy marriage between tofu and fish cake, they were very delicious.

these are my badminton kaki, I'm the second youngest in the pics :D
these are my badminton kaki, I’m the second youngest in the pics 😀

The bill came to about RM 290 for the 11 of us, which translate to about RM 26 per person, practically a steal for what we had that night. The individual dishes were all very good, but I thought it would be better if we balance them with some lighter tasting dishes in between, like soup instead of curry, and perhaps a dish or two that is prepared by steaming.

If you’re willing to drive a bit for good food on the cheap, Restaurant Triple round is definitely a place to check out.

map to restaurant Triple Round at Bukit Beruntung

Restaurant Triple Round
No.1, Jalan Melati 2B,
Bandar Bukit Beruntung,
48300 Bukit Beruntung, Selangor
GPS: 3.40614, 101.55628
Tel: 012-380 1162

While on the way to Penang for Cheng Meng last week, we stopped by Ipoh for a quick dinner. The choice of noms for the night was the famous Menglembu Honey Chicken.

famous Menglembu honey chicken stall (shop now)
famous Menglembu honey chicken stall (shop now)

While I’ve had the honey chicken wings many times (usually tapao by Horng) The last time I visited this place was at some 10 years ago, and instead of that little small hawker stand, it is now a whole shop by itself, with ample workers to cater for their booming business.

The mainstay is their honey chicken wings (RM 2), but you can also order chicken skin (RM 2), honey bbq pork (RM 3), fried mushroom (RM 2), drumstick (RM 3), chicken breast/ribs (RM 3), and whole quarter chicken leg (RM 6).

the best honey chicken wings there is
the best honey chicken wings there is

We ordered a 2 pairs of honey chicken wings, 2 fried drumsticks, and a plate of deep fried chicken skin to share.

The honey chicken was as good as remembered. Sweet, succulent, and sticky in a good way. The meat gets torn off the bones so easily you can feed this to someone toothless. Chicken skin too would make very good beer food.

As for the deep fried drumsticks though, they were very ordinary, and play second fiddle to my favorite KFC.

If you’re willing to detour a little on a late evening drive between Penang and KL, do stop by this place and get some honey chicken. I assure you the extra 10km drive is worth it.

Menglembu Wai Sek Kai (Glutton Street)
Tranchell Street, 31450 Menglembu, Perak
GPS: 4.56333, 101.04480
Tel:  012-5161411, 012-5070005 
Operating Hours: 5.30 pm – 11.00 pm

Pizza Hut is one of those places that always has a special place in my heart. My very first experience with pizza, like many Malaysians, was from Pizza Hut, and all throughout the year, I’ve attended big gatherings there, had friends who worked there, and celebrated farewells and other occasions at Pizza Hut as well.

pizza hut triple chicken sensation
Pizza Hut at Pavilion KL

To me then, Pizza Hut is always associated with friends and sharing, a place that is comfortable, affordable, and by the way, has pretty darn good food – the type of pizza that I grew up with.

The other good thing about Pizza Hut is that they are constantly coming up with different pizzas and/or other offers as well, like the brand new Triple Chicken Sensation that a bunch of us were invited to try.

the glorious Triple Chicken Sensation pizza from Pizza Hut
the glorious Triple Chicken Sensation pizza from Pizza Hut

Fresh off the oven is the glorious Triple Chicken Sensation pizza –  a combination of succulent chicken salami, delightful chicken loaf, and fluffy chicken floss topped off with mayo sauce, caramelized onion, and toasted sesame.

The result? My best description would be that it is almost similar with those excellent chicken floss bread from Bread Story, but something like 3x better with the addition of chicken salami and chicken loaf, not to mention the other ingredients. If you even remotely enjoy those chicken floss bread (which I do), you would love this pizza.

pizza hut side dishes
the side dishes at Pizza Hut, check out the new Triple Sensation Platter

Of course, Pizza Hut is not just about pizza, there is a whole menu’s worth of other dishes to enjoy too, and together with the triple chicken sensation pizza is the Triple Sensation Platter. Other than that, we also tried Hut’s Platter (tempura prawn, calamari, criss cross fries) and my favorite smoked deli wings.

As for drinks, I always order the assam boi fizz, a drink where I’ve never seen available from anywhere else. 😀

pizza is to be shared with friends
Audrey, Abang Nara, citigal, Redmummy, Rachel, Cheesie, KY

It goes without saying that we, again, had a great time at Pizza Hut. Sumptuous, great company, good times!

For the pizza lovers, do check out this brand new Triple Chicken Sensation pizza. Head over to Pizza Hut facebook page for more information or just start planning your lunch at Pizza Hut now!

Also, the first 5 person that leave a comment stating their first pizza hut experience gets a voucher from Pizza Hut. So do share and you could get some free pizza!

Good eating!

As a pork loving guy, there are two types of breakfast that will always make me happy. The first is of course, bak kut teh, and the other? Proper Hong Kong style dimsum.

And when it comes to dimsum, there are plenty of choices to be had in town, but few offers as many variety as Jin Xuan (锦选). Ever since it started operation a few years ago, the restaurant steadily picked up its pace and has become one of the most popular dimsum destinations among PJ dwellers.

and these golden custard buns, heaven!
these golden custard buns, heaven!

Situated at Damansara Jaya right next to the mall that used to be Atria, getting a parking space is usually quite a lot less troublesome than getting a table on weekends. They have, however, a decent numbering system and waiting area under the tent, and with a few opportunistic traders offering fruit rojaks and soya bean drinks around the vicinity, the wait is usually not too tough to bear.

dim sum goodness at Jin Xuan
dim sum goodness at Jin Xuan

Once seated, like all dimsum places, ordering is usually not necessary. Servers carrying various types of dimsum will appear right in front of the table, all you need to do is to pick what you want and start eating.

Like in conveyor belt sushi restaurants, the pricing of each dish is determined by the type of plate used, this removes the need for having the server jotting down what you get on a piece of paper like what some dimsum places practice. Quite a lot more efficient.

some of the fried stuff, the scallop with salted egg is a must try
some of the fried stuff, the scallop with salted egg is a must try

There are a few broad categories of food you can order here. Steamed dimsum, deep fried dishes, various types of bao (steamed buns), porridge/chee cheong fun, and even a few non-dimsum related dishes.

and of course, they have the whole selection of everything dimsum
and of course, they have the whole selection of everything dimsum

Most of the dishes at Jin Xuan that I’ve tried were very yummy, with a few that are fantastic, or if you like – must tries.

To me, the number one item on the list must be their fried scallop with salted egg. I’m not sure if you can get this anywhere else, this is the only place I had this dish and absolutely love it.

The “lau sar pau” is another yummy dish that I always have. Another salted egg based item, but in liquid form flowing out all hot and tasty when you bite it down. yums!

Other commendable dishes are their fried chicken wings, porridge, and the classic dimsum items.

Prepare to spend about RM20 per person and an hour of your morning and I’m sure you’ll start your day on a good note.

map to jin xuan hong kong dimsum restaurant

Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum restaurant
59, 61, 63, Jalan SS22/19,
Damansara Jaya,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
GPS: 3.12708, 101.61549


Penang is a heaven for supper lovers, and if Gurney Drive is your destination, there isn’t a better place for these few yummy late night dishes than at Song River, one of the old school bangalow turned kopitiam eateries that has been gracing the 1-mile sea side road for decades.

ikan bakar stall at Song River, choices
ikan bakar stall does offer quite a few choices of fish, Haze & my sister

During our stay at Penang over Chinese New Year, we were lucky to be within walking distance from this place, the photos on this post were compiled from a few visits. Though I’d love to eat all these in a single seating… only my limited stomach space saves me from doing that.

The first must-have at Song River is the ikan bakar/ikan panggang (grill fish). As with most other places, you get to choose from 3-4 different types of fishes as well as prawns or squid. My go-to choice is always sting ray.

ikan bakar - positively hot
ikan bakar – positively hot

The wait time at this stall can sometimes be quite substantial, but the honest (or sometimes very blunt) operator will usually tell you up front: “have to wait 30 minutes wan”. Fine with me.

The grill fish here tastes almost completely different from anywhere else. The fish is covered in a special sauce that has a strong presence of fermented beans, belacan, chili, and shallots. The flavor is so intense that very little of the sauce on the side (which is probably made from similar ingredients) is needed.

This will leave the weak with inflamed tongue, but definitely worth it!

Song River bbq chicken wings
Song River bbq chicken wings

While waiting for the ikan bakar, you should grab some bbq chicken wings as appetizer.

For RM 2.20 a pop (or was it RM 2?), this is also one of the best chicken wings in town. The operator has perfected the BBQ timing to give the skin that crispy texture that you get just before screwing up and burning the whole thing (I usually mess this up).

This while the meat is tender, juicy, and the accompanying chili sauce is yummy too. They also serve BBQ drumstick and thigh.

cuttle fish with kangkung, classic Penang "junk" food
cuttle fish with kangkung, classic Penang “junk” food

And while you’re at it, why not some cuttle fish with kangkung too?

The version here is not shabby either. This plate was RM 10 and came with plenty of cuttle fish with kangkung soaked in delicious prawn paste and chili sauce, good stuff.

You usually won’t need to wait for more than 5 minutes for this dish.

and this is how you have supper in Penang :D
and this is how you have supper in Penang 😀

All that is missing from these supper is of course, some ice cold beer. Damn it I am missing Penang food again.

Song River Cafe
65 Persiaran Gurney,
Georgetown, Penang
Tel: 012-488 8275
Tel: 017-477 7938 (chicken wings)