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While driving around Taman Eng Ann in Klang looking for some sort of afternoon snack away from the famous “under the tree” hawker center (that offers awesome pohpia), we chanced upon this curious little stall that’s about as old school as it gets – Nijia Fried Chicken.

Nijia Fried Chicken (with Yoyo Ice too)
Nijia Fried Chicken (with Yoyo Ice too)

This place is as no frill as it gets, offering only a very limited menu of fried chicken, nasi lemak, and yoyo ice.

Chicken goes for RM 2.20 (wings) to RM 3 (thigh), a set of nasi lemak cost RM 2, as with a cup of “Yoyo ice”. It is also self served.

fried chicken and nasi lemak does go well together
fried chicken and nasi lemak does go well together

While there’s no claim of 11 herbs and spices, the chicken was crispy and rather tasty in an uncomplicated way. I ended u p going for second servings. The nasi lemak too was fragrant and rather delicious, Haze had no trouble finishing everything in the plate.

As for yoyo ice, it’s more like sourish flavored shaved ice, which was just perfect when it’s really hot out.

All in, it was a few bucks per person for a good afternoon snack, why can’t we have more places like this?

nijia fried chicken at Taman Eng Ann map

46, Jalan Serindit 4,
Taman Eng Ann, 41150 Klang, Selangor
GPS3.057621, 101.458970

A few weeks ago we decided to have a little “not very surprised” birthday party dinner for Suan, one of the pioneer of Malaysian blogsphere, who also happens to be one of my dearest friends.

Since she’s been the yakitori sort of phase, we decided that Maruhi Sakaba at Taman Desa would make a good venue for this purpose. It turned out to be an excellent choice.

Maruhi Sakaba at Taman Desa, they could use a better signboard
Maruhi Sakaba at Taman Desa, they could use a better signboard

Yakitori time at Maruhi Sakaba Taman Desa, some Jap beer to go along with all those skewers, and of course those intestine soup! #kyeats #nonhalal #japanese #yakitori #kirinichiban

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Getting to Maruhi Sakaba isn’t a problem, but identifying the exact shop lot proved to be a bit of a challenge. For some strange reasons, the owner decided that a Kanji signboard designed for ants would be sufficient. Nonetheless, if you walk towards the center of the shop lots (Faber Plaza) from Public Bank at the corner, you won’t miss it.

Interestingly, the “Japanese BBQ” at Taman Desa is situated just behind at the alleyway of Maruhi Sakaba.

chicken sashimi, baby intestine carpaccio, organ meat stew
chicken sashimi, baby intestine carpaccio, organ meat stew

There are two menus at Maruhi Sakaba, the laminated version showcase over two dozen dishes, while another portable white-board menu gives you an additional 15-18 dishes that aren’t as “permanent”.

We ended up ordering over 3 quarters of what they offer.

Lets start with the non-grilled items. Chicken sashimi (RM 15) is something that we haven’t tried before, it tasted a bit like tuna carpaccio with a slightly more chicken taste, not particularly impressive but rather interesting for a first timer. Baby intestine carpaccio (RM 10) was crunchy and rich, goes well with beer. Then there’s the organ meat stew (RM 10), with the broth so sweet we just had to order a few more bowls, you need to order this if you’re there.

pan fried egg on rice, grilled pork rice, and cold appetizers
pan fried egg on rice, grilled pork rice, and cold appetizers 

For those who want to fill up their stomach quicker, there are rice dishes such as the medamayaki (fried egg on rice, RM 7) or yakibula don (grilled pork & vege on rice, RM 20), both versions were pretty tasty according to those who ordered.

There are also some vegetarian appetizers here, including tofu and wakame salad, (RM 8), pickled cucumber (RM 5), Hiyashi tomato (RM 5), and shio cabbage (RM 5). I recommend not having these as appetizers but use these dishes as refreshers for your tongue in between the yakitori sticks that tends to be a bit more oily and savory.

chicken, pork, mushroom, tomato, okra, and even brinjal yakitori
chicken, pork, mushroom, tomato, okra, and even brinjal yakitori

Then the question is, how are the yakitoris?

Well, for the most part, they are pretty darn good. Prices per stick ranges from about RM 3 to RM 5, and service was rather fast. We never had to wait for more than 10-15 minutes for our dishes to come, so ordering in the middle of eating won’t really interrupt the “flow” at all.

I liked their chicken wings, chicken skin, and pork belly sticks, and also particularly happy that they have quite a few choices of vegetable yakitori as well. The brinjal and lady’s fingers were quite awesome too.

we sure had a great time at Maruhi Sakaba
we sure had a great time at Maruhi Sakaba, it was Suan’s birthday!

Maruhi Sakaba also serves a few types of Japanese beer and sake.

Of course, this place is not without flaws, for one, it would be great if there’s air conditioning and maybe better chairs. But for the price and quality of food and services, we’re not going to complain much. Filling up our belly with plenty of meat and a few glasses of beer totaled up to RM 40-50 per pax. Would go again.

map to Maruhi Sakaba at Taman Desa

Maruhi Sakaba
6A, Faber Plaza,
Jalan Desa Jaya,
Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.102578, 101.682947
Hours 6 pm-11 pm daily, closed on Mondays

Hello and selamat berpuasa to all my Muslim friends.

To me, Bulan Puasa is always the best time to get yummy Malay food in great variety that you otherwise would not find in a single location – the ramadan bazaar that pops up everywhere and lasts only until Hari Raya.

pasar ramadan kelana jaya
pasar ramadan kelana jaya at Jalan SS 6/1

The first pasar ramadan I went to is the one at Kelana Jaya. The bazaar is situated opposite the small Giant at Kelana Jaya on Jalan SS 6/1. When we reached there at around 6 pm on Sunday evening, the place was already jam packed with a lot of people. My best estimate is that there were at least 50-60 stalls offering just about every Malay food you can imagine.

rendang, curry, kuih, keropok lekor
rendang, curry, kuih, keropok lekor

There were a few stalls offering beef rendang, lamb curry, or chicken curry to go with nasi kukus (steamed rice). We bought a packet of beef curry for RM 4 with easily enough tender meat to feed 3 full grown cats.

Coconut and sugar cane juice were going for RM 4 per jug too, and they are fresh and 100% without any additives. I doubt you can find better tebu for this price, I used to pay RM 2 for a small cup, or worse, those dried sugar cane drinks.

nasi tomato, lemang, roast lamb, ikan cencaru
nasi tomato, lemang, roast lamb, ikan cencaru

The ikan cencaru goes for RM 5, 6, or 7 depending on size, and the uncle gives some extra sambal during packaging too. We bought one, and regretted not to have bought more. We also tried satar (in banana leaves with ikan tenggiri fillings, RM 2.50 for 4), RM 1’s worth of keropok lekor, chicken wings (RM 1.50 per piece), a very good beef murtabak, a some kuih too.

nasi ayam goreng, satar, sotong bakar
nasi ayam goreng, satar, sotong bakar

Lucky for us, there’s another 3 more weeks or so to go before bulan puasa ends, I still have quite a lot to try – the whole roast lamb, fried chicken, mee soto, laksa, sotong bakar, and more. yums.

pasar ramadan kelana jaya, map

Jalan SS 6/1
Kelana Jaya, PJ
GPS: 3.104714, 101.601595

Many eons ago when I was slightly younger and poor enough not be able to afford decent hair cut, I studied at the States. The photos on the following collage were taken with an actual film camera and scanned on a computer slower than the handphone I’m using now.

St. Cloud State University student life
don’t laugh at my hair style, it was cool back then

During those days, many of us used to take up part time jobs while studying full time, and though I never had to work at food services, many of my friends did, and one of my classmates happened to work at Pizza Hut located at the cafeteria in our university.

That was the period of time when I had a lot of pizza hut meals. Wholesome pan pizzas and chicken wings were my staple diet, and when my buddy’s on shift, we sometimes get a dozen wings for the price of six. It was an awesome time.

Pizza Hut at Kota Damansara
Pizza Hut is awesome!

I wouldn’t have thought about that period of time if not for this session of food review at Pizza Hut last week. Together with a bunch of other bloggers, I was invited to one of Pizza Hut’s outlets at Kota Damansara for the introduction of Fish King Pizza.

Many of us somehow associate Pizza Hut with fast food, but nothing can be further from the truth. The restaurant is nicely decorated, comfortable, and the recently expanded menu includes quite a large number of dishes and drinks to choose from too.

Pizza Hut Fish King pizza
Fish King Pizza, comes with regular and cheesy lava crust

After everyone got there and a bit of exchange of pleasantry, the star of the night was served. The Fish King Pizza comes with 8 Alaskan Pollock fish fingers on a bed of  Mozzarella cheese, roasted bell pepper, onion, crab stick, pineapple, and a couple slices of fresh lemon in the middle.

It was good! The pollock tasted fresh and yummy, I particularly like the sweetness of pineapple in the mix too. A bit of a Hawaiian feel to it, goes well with the seafood. I had a slice of regular and another with cheesy lava crust. *slurps*

chicken wings, prawns, onion rings
BBQ wings, tempura king prawns, calamari ring, smoked deli wings

Our hosts then brought more food out of the kitchen, we had sweet chili wings, honey bbq wings, smoked deli wings, tempura king prawns, and calamari rings from the appetizer menu. They make very good finger foods, my favorite would be the smoked deli wings, reminds me of old times when I had them back in the States.

pasta, asam boi drinks
carbonara, asam boi drinks, seafood lasagna

And as if that wasn’t enough food, we were served creamy carbonara and seafood lasagna. I didn’t actually try them (way too full), but those who did gave good comments. Pizza Hut serves more than just pizzas these days, there are pastas, salad, rice, and even kebab on the menu to ensure there’s always something for everyone.

And by the way, you gotta the asam boi drinks when you’re at Pizza Hut!

audrey, citygal, vivy, KY
Audrey, CityGal, Vivy, KY

Together with Audrey, CityGal, Vivy, Huai Bin, Iza, and others, we had an awesome dinner at Pizza Hut. Check out their accounts of the occasion too.

If you’re a blogger, there’s also a contest from Pizza Hut that gives out RM 2,000 for 5 most creative blog posts. All you have to do is by writing a post titled “Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut” and share the experience at one of the outlets or delivery. For more information check out the post at Nuffnang’s blog.

Good luck folks! and eat more!

Sometimes late last year, some dude who probably shares our collective frustrations in calculating service charge and government tax when trying to split bills came up with an idea: Why not a restaurant that doesn’t include the 5% or 10% extra charges?

While at that, why not have it decorated decently, comfortable, and yah, price the food cheaply too? And that was how Kitchen Creatures was born.

Kitchen Creatures at BU Centrepoint
Kitchen Creatures, no frill dining

Of course I made that up completely and never really talked to the owner, but I suppose the truth shouldn’t be too far from my conjecture.

Kitchen Creatures is located at the first floor BU Centrepoint on the lot that previously occupied by Manhattan Fish Market. You could mistake the restaurant for an Ikea showroom, brightly lit, with furniture made of glass, metal, paper, and plastic. Not exactly a bad thing.

chicken wings, baked mushroom
chicken wings, baked mushroom

We went there recently for early dinner and had us some different dishes. The chicken wings (RM 9) was delicious, it seems like they marinate it properly with the flavor not only skin deep.

The baked stuffed mushroom (RM 7.80) ordered by Suan must be at least decent, as the lady proclaimed “ohh it’s good!” after the first bite.

beef stroganoff, seafood cream sauce pasta, big daddy burger, aglio olio prawns
beef stroganoff, seafood cream sauce pasta, big daddy burger, aglio olio prawns

I chose one of the less common dishes from the menu – beef stroganoff (RM 14). It was a semi curry/cheesy sauce with beef, a bit of mushroom, onion, and rice. It wasn’t exactly great, I found the beef a bit too tough, but the sauce was pretty alright though.

The pastas ordered by the ladies: seafood cream sauce (RM 15) and aglio olio shrimp (RM 13) were both reported to be satisfying, and Gareth’s big daddy burger (RM 18) that came with 2 thick meat patties, egg, ham, cheese, and a side of chips was good enough to meet this mat salleh’s expectation.

Suan, Horng, Kerol, Gareth, Kim
Suan, Horng, Kerol, Gareth, Kim

Kitchen Creatures definitely offer great value for what you get, if you stick to seafood, chicken, or pretty much everything that doesn’t involve beef or lamb, they usually turn out pretty good. The problem with beef/lamb on a budget is that they’re usually of inferior cuts/quality, and I’d usually rather not have them.

map to BU Centrepoint

Kitchen Creatures
Lot F110, Centre Point
3, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 PJ, Selangor
GPS: 3.137988, 101.610124
Tel: 03-7729 8039