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A couple weeks ago while getting myself a band saw from a hardware supply shop in Subang SS15, we walked past a restaurant with no name that seems to be enjoying quite a healthy stream of customers. Upon closer inspection, the nameless restaurant is called Uncle Seng, and they just didn’t bother fixing up the sign board that has half its letters fell/worn off.

Uncle Seng at SS15, a short walk from the colleges
Uncle Seng at SS15, a short walk from the colleges

I’ve not heard of Uncle Seng before, but a shabby restaurant that has a good crowd is usually a positive sign, so we went in and took a table.

Ordering system here is pencil & paper sort of affair, and we ticked our options without too much trouble.  The choices consists of combinations of char siu, wantan, shredded chicken, chicken feet + mushroom, deep fried pork, and curry chicken with their homemade noodle. They’re priced at RM 7 to RM 10 depending on your choice of combo.

what ingredients do you want on your plate?
what ingredients do you want on your plate?

For lunch, I chose chicken feet with mushroom + charsiu wantan while Haze had the noodle with deep fried pork plus charsiu.

The order did take some 15 minutes to arrive, and at first, we thought while the texture of homemade noodle was good, the overall taste was pretty average. It was not until the owner came over and informed us that the unique thing here is their chili sauce, and that you have to mix it all in.

Well, that sure made a whole lot of difference. The chili sauce give the otherwise muted tasting noodle dish quite a kick and added dimension, it was quite enjoyable.

mixing the chili sauce up is the way to go here
mixing the chili sauce up is the way to go here

At the end, it was clear to us that there isn’t a secret why this place is packed even in a lazy rainy afternoon over the weekends. If you’re around the area, Uncle Seng is worth a try, they have a branch at Puchong too.

map to Uncle Seng noodle at SS15

Restoran Uncle Seng
68, Jalan SS 15/4b, Ss 15,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
GPS3.076391, 101.588652
Tel012-254 6482

Uncle Seng noodle at ss15, with unique homemade noodle that’s best go with their sambal, yums #kyeats #nonhalal #noodle #ss15

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A month or two back I was a man possessed looking for curry mee, and a friend on twitter mentioned New Grand View kopitiam at Taman Megah. Despite only about 5 minutes from this place, I’ve never even really noticed the existence of this neighborhood eatery, so naturally we went to check it out after one of my weekend wet market shopping spree of pork, chicken, and vegetable.

New Grand View kopitiam at Taman Megah
New Grand View kopitiam at Taman Megah

As this is a quieter side of Taman Megah with only one kopitiam at the whole shop lot island, parking is a relatively breezy affair if you don’t mind walking more than 10 meters.

The kopitiam itself though, is fairly busy, and you might have to wait a few minutes or share table with others during peak hours.

dry and normal soup version of curry mee, KL style
dry and normal soup version of curry mee, KL style

As it turned out, the curry mee was decent, but not quite what I normally would crave for (no pork blood or prawns). It is of the KL variety with cockles, chicken, tofupok, and long beans. If you love this style, you will probably enjoy it more than I do.

The unexpected food find here turned out to be the wantan mee stall that offers quiet a different varieties of wantan mee derivatives.

the "char yok" option with dry wantan noodle
the “char yok” option with dry wantan noodle

I’ve had the normal version with wantan and chasiu, chicken feet and mushroom, and char yok (fried pork with namyu) with fungus so far. Though the chasiu is decent and wantan is pretty good, I love the other two versions quite a lot more. The phoenix’s claws were fat, juicy, and full of flavor, char yok with fungus absolutely tantalizing and definitely “original”. Reminds me of the nasi lemak with char yok at Segambut (non halal).

If you haven’t stopped by this kopitiam, perhaps it is time to do so. 😀

map to New Grand View, Taman Megah

map to New Grand View, Taman Megah

New Grand View restaurant
Jalan SS 23/11
Taman Megah, 
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.118003, 101.612908

Kedai Makanan dan Minuman New Grand View

After watching the epic Australian Open men’s final between Nadal & Djokovic where the joker prevailed after nearly 6 hours of tennis, it was time for my long overdue dinner.

This being the last night that we are spending over the long CNY break in Penang, I wanted to have something that isn’t easily found in KL, so we headed to Kimberley Street. A place that I know would have at least a few hawker stalls still operating even though it was already near midnight.

sky emperor chicken feet kuih teow soup stall
sky emperor chicken feet kuih teow soup stall at Lebuh Kimberley

Luckily for us, the famous Sky Emperor chicken feet kuih teow soup stall was still selling by the time we reached the destination. (I had initially wanted to have the koay chap, but they were already done for the night).

We ordered two kuih teow soup (dry version, they ran out of soup by then) and a small portion of braised chicken feet to share.

braised chicken feet, dry kuih teow, peanut soup "tong sui"
braised chicken feet, dry kuih teow, peanut soup “tong sui”

The kueh teow soup came with a couple fish balls and plenty of shredded chicken. The kuih teow soaked in dark sauce and topped with fried garlic and some spring onions. I liked the springy texture of the fish ball, but overall the kuih teow soup was actually just average. Not one of those “must try” items if you ask me, but something I don’t mind eating either. At only RM 3, there isn’t anything to complain for sure.

om nom nom nom, the chicken feet was excellent!
om nom nom nom, the chicken feet was excellent!

The braised chicken feet (RM 3) however, was quite something else. Compared to the version usually served at many wantan mee stalls in KL, the chicken feet here has a much softer texture as well as the skin that isn’t prepared with a deep frying stage. It was succulent, juicy, and full of the flavor from the sauce. This is definitely a must try item for anyone who does not think chicken feet  is gross. 😀

Other than chicken feet, they also offer drum sticks, chicken wings, and braised eggs prepared in similar fashion. I’ve never personally ordered other items, but I’ve heard that while they are good, it’s not the same as those yummy feet.

map to Kimberley Street, Penang

Sky Emperor Chicken Feet & Kuih Teow Soup
Lebuh Kimberley
10100, Penang
GPS: 5.416537, 100.332473
Hours: 7pm till late 

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