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I’m not really a super huge football fan, but I do follow the Premier League and play futsal every week. For most people around here, MU is their team, and for the rest of us who does not harbor a super liking to MU, we often support a competitor, and in my case, it is Chelsea!

Chelsea Tour Malaysia 2011

Yes, Chelsea supporters are often seen as bandwagon jumpers during Mourino days when they won a couple championships, but I’ve been a closet fan since the days of Zola when I first heard the song “chelsea chelsea!”, so sue me.

I’m sure there are many who loves Chelsea and manage to looked over their supposedly superior bank account (that title goes to Manchester City anyway), and their brand of football that is not often the most fluid, they play to win and usually don’t get much help from officials (unlike.. MU of course) 😀

Malaysian Team 2011

There is however, another football team that I support above all teams in the world, and that is our Yellow and Black team Tiger! The Malaysian team of course! The team that managed to win the Tiger Cup just very recently (how appropriate!).

This coming July 21st 2011 our boys will go against Chelsea at National Stadium Bukit Jalil (I went to their 2008 tour and it was awesome), and you too can be at this match by joining Celcom’s Channel X WHO WILL WIN Challenge. You stand a chance to win Autographed jersey and FREE tickets to the match, and here are the different ways to win:

Read this

Ladies and gentlemen, here are the winners for Chelsea vs Malaysia tickets sponsored by Heineken! Since there are five participants altogether, we can just skip the whole voting process and I’ll award each person a ticket to the event. Congratulations!

The contest was previously posted here. I will contact you (the winner) when I found out how to collect the winning tickets. For now, please pray hard for the local players! Must support Malaysia too ok!


Entry #1: a poem by YngLyn (the only person I know whose name doesn’t have a vowel)

Although I want to watch Chelsea for Free
I actually hope they drown in pee
Thats because I am a big Gunner frenzy
But I am malaysian, hence more greedy than Thee.


Entry #2: photo by Tocklet

Chelsea Tock


Entry #3: A post by XimpliXity. Read it here. Very hardworking ok!


Entry #4: Shiang with this concoction, pak leong kam!

Chelsea Shiang


Entry #5: Yap Thomas with this overly long poem (kinda like his body length)

Nuffnangers are lucky lots..
Because they get to win free tickets..
To go watch the up and coming hottest game in town..
Its Malaysia VS Chelsea at Shah Alam Stadium..

Everyone is cheering all over town…
Because Chelsea is coming to town…
Many are waiting for Chelsea to bring Malaysia down..
But I want to to see Malaysia to bring Chelsea down..

Let me just give you a story of how Malaysia will win..
It will be the biggest historic win..
Never in history Malaysia beat an EPL team that bad..
And this is how Malaysia will beat EPL more than bad..

All thanks to Heineken for the main sponsor,
Now, I know why Malaysia strictly ban most beer sponsors,
Because they do not want these to happen,
All the flying kung fu kicks I mean…

Thank you everyone for reading,
This has to be the lousiest poem ever written,
But, it is all for the pleasure for winning a ticket,
Chelvea Vs Malaysia match ticket it is…

Match time is 8:45pm 29/7/08, see you guys at Shah Alam Stadium, go Malaysia!

Question: How many football teams has the same name with an ex-US president’s daughter, rhymes with Cheesie, and a theme song that doesn’t bore a 10 year old?

Answer: One. Chelsea Chelsea!

Chelsea FC

Yes, I am not ashamed to say that I have been secretly wishing them to do well in the footballing world even before the ex manager Murinho propelled the team into a household name (we can just skip the whole Avant Grant era). I mean, this was the team of perpetual underdog among the bigger clubs in the premier league that had been trying so hard to get noticed until just a few years ago.

Lest I bore you with my geekness in football, the important bit is: Chelsea is coming to town to play against an all-star Malaysian team (fingers crossed), and Heineken gives me 5 tickets to be given away for you to attend this event and be a part of the Chelsea Asia Tour 2008.

The event falls on the 29th of July at 8:45pm, Shah Alam Stadium . There will also be an exclusive hospitality tent (Heineken House) where only invited people can hang out and have Heineken on the house. It isn’t very often that you get to watch a ballgame with a cold one in this part of the world.

One of my favorite beers with one of my favorite teams of any sports, I can’t wait.


So, to get your hands on a ticket, I want you to squeeze some creative juice and come submit a piece of your creative work (be it a drawing, photoshopped art, photo, or poem) to me. For graphics, it should be around 400 x 300 pixel, and poem (if anyone is crazy to do that) less than 100 words. The graphics & other creative word must have Chelsea FC and Heineken in it.

Submit it by emailing to ky[at] before midnight of 21/7/2008, I will publish your work in the next week and winners will be chosen by votes. You can have more than one submission, and each submission will have a chance to win you a ticket. So get it rolling already!

For graphic entries, you might want to draw your inspiration from the previous competition ran on this blog.

Good luck folks, and I will see you there!