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A couple weeks ago, in the post on char kueh teow at New Yee Sang, Kelana Jaya, a reader by the handler gracieq left a comment that she usually gets her CKT fix at a mamak restaurant near Wisma FAM. That made me very curious, at a mamak restaurant? Char Kueh Teow? Is it even possible?

Glorious char kueh teow

Curiosity got the better of me, a few days ago I did a bit of research and found that boolicious from masak-masak gave very good review about this CKT stall at Restaurant Jamal Mohamed. If it’s good enough for boo, it is good enough for me.

I took my camera and went hunting alone for this impossible restaurant. I consulted google map, it’s actually less than 5 mins away from where I stay, how could I have missed it all these while?

Restaurant Jamal Mohamed with Penang Char Kueh Teow by fat aunty

Unlike most mamak outfits where the owners run everything, restaurant Jamal Mohamed is set up much like most Chinese kopitiam. There are at least half a dozen stalls operated by individual owners.

Sure enough I found what I was looking for. A char kueh teow stall operated by the famous “Fat Aunty”, with a label that simply states “Penang”

char kueh teow at restaurant jamal mohamed
income tax department could perhaps count the eggs…

Despite the brisk business, I was still a bit skeptical. This is a mamak restaurant after all. My fingers started to twitch, what if this was all a big mistake?

Then the Char Kueh Teow came. It looked unassuming. I picked up the chopsticks and carefully delivered a small portion into my mouth.

Noms.. noms.. noms…..

Oh boy, the CKT had plenty of umph, it was wet, it was flavorful, and it had everything (sans the super huge prawns only found in Penang) a CKT suppose to have. It was very delicious. I was over the moon.

The best RM4 spent in 2010.

map to restaurant jamal mohamed, near wisma FAM

After my meal, I chatted up with the Fat Aunty for a bit. I found out that like me, she hailed from Penang. We conversed in Hokkien, at the restaurant with Indian, Chinese, Malay, and more enjoying their lunch in a hot afternoon. It felt good, I was happy, this is truly Malaysia.

Restoran Jamal Mohamed
24, Jalan SS5A/9
Kelana Jaya

GPS: 3.095372, 101.605484

Whenever I go back to Penang, the first meal that I usually seek out is a plate of awesome Char Kueh Teow. The Sister’s CKT used to be one of my favorites, but the standard there has unfortunately took a turn to the south in recent times, and now I usually go to the unanimous tourist’s choice – the Lorong Selamat CKT.

Char Kueh Teow, chives, prawns, cockles, bean sprouts

While some of the “locals’ might bark at this endorsement, I do sincerely think that Lorong Selamat CKT is superior to the others I’ve tried on the island, and I’ve spent over 18 years living there. Sometimes when a place gets famous, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is also overrated.

Unfortunately, I call PJ home these days and seldom head back to Penang. The craving for a good plate of CKT stays though. That big prawns, cockles, with plenty of bean sprouts, chives, an egg, and a dash of preserved vegetable fried with a flat noodle in a super heated wok, ahhh…

New Yee Sang kopitiam, PJ SS6; Char Kueh Teow

After all these years trying various Char Kueh Teow places around the Klang Valley, I’ve managed to found a few that does not disappoint, and this unsuspecting stall at New Yee Sang kopitiam at SS6 (nearby the KJ small Giant) is the latest addition.

The ingredients and taste is on par with the one at Seng Lee Kopitiam (behind Hock Lee at Damansara Heights), with pretty decent size prawns and a good enough “wok hei” too. And by the way, the same kopitiam serves pretty good umbra with sour plum drinks at RM 2.50 a glass that I order whenever I don’t need coffee.

Cheesie first ordered the Lui Char, but ultimately couldn’t resist the CKT

My other top CKT choice at Klang Valley was this stall at PJ State, but unfortunately the kopitiam has shut down and I have no idea where it went. Anyone with the information please let me know ya!

For halal version, give the Straits Cafe at BU Centrepoint a try, and these 4 (well, 3 now) are my regular CKT places, any other suggestions from you guys?

New Yee Sang kopitiam
Jalan SS 6/8
Kelana Jaya

GPS: 3.106717, 101.598178

Char Kueh Teow is often the first thing people think of when Penang hawker food is mentioned. So whenever I have a chance to play host back at my home town, I always make sure the guests get a chance to get a plate of good char kueh teow.

It’s kinda like you should have chicken rice balls in Melaka, tomyam in Bangkok, ramen at Akihabara, or KFC in the state of Kentucky (ok just kidding about the last one, it sucked, I had.)

penang char kueh teow
check out the size of them prawns on the char kueh teow!

The most famous of all the Char Kueh Teow places in Penang has got to be at Lorong Selamat, operated by this lady who now also owns Kafe Heng Huat.

As some of you might remember, this stall was previously operating at another kopitiam just a stone’s throw down the road (that is famous for its ais kacang), that shop now has another CKT stall operated by a guy, and to be frank, I think both stalls serve up equally delicious CKT.

lorong selamat char kueh teow
yes, Elfie uses fork & spoon for CKT

Since it was going to be Elfie’s first taste of Penang char kueh teow last weekend, I decided to bring her, Jon, Jun, and Wai Meng to the original version at Lorong Selamat even though I had once decided to not pay the old lady a visit anymore due to their extremely bad service while still operating at the other kopitiam.

However, I have heard that they have improved ever since operating the new kopitiam, and true enough she wasn’t at all the angry old lady anymore. I guess a little bit of competition from the other guy helped too.

big prawns at lorong selamat char kueh teow
KY, Elfie, Wai Meng, Jon (also known as Don Juan), Jun

A plate of CKT here goes for RM 6.50, or more if you asks for extras. The photos you see here were the Rm 6.50 plates, with three really huge prawns that is properly marinated with salt to give it that extra kick, there’s also egg, cockles, Chinese sausage (lap cheong), chives, bean sprouts, and of course, a handful of kueh teow.

They are the best char kueh teow there is, the only way to improve this would probably be swapping the chicken egg with duck egg, and perhaps add a bit of lard? I’m asking too much, it’s about lunch time now, and I am hungry! haih…

lorong selamat char kueh teow map

Kafe Heng Huat,
Lorong Selamat,

GPS: 5.417183, 100.324831

I think off day for most people involves sleeping till at least 11am and then have a lazy brunch.

I am on leave today, I woke up at 5:50 am to the phone call from Mell saying that her plane just landed from Melbourne, almost a full hour ahead of schedule. Hello MAS, what’s with the whole ON SCHEDULE promise? =/

So I quickly got myself ready and drove to KLIA in total darkness, it felt weird a bit weird to be driving in the morning with almost no traffic.

Update 30/6/2017: They’ve moved back to Klang, check this post

Char Kueh Teow at Restaurant Seng Lee
wholesome char kueh teow

The journey back to her place fixed that tho, the Sprint highway was a bitch and we got stuck a good extra hour on the road jamming to The killers, as well as other morning commuters. The former is always awesome, but the latter, heh.

So after she dropped off everything and got freshened up, we decided to stop by Restaurant Seng Lee for breakfast and let the traffic ease up a bit before heading off.

I’ve heard a lot about this particular char kueh teow stall, and the reputation was not unfounded. Bean sprouts were fresh, crunchy and juicy, prawns were relatively big, the kueh teow fried to the right moisture content, and with the egg, chives, and the bits of  “chai poh” (preserved turnips), garlic. Everything was done just nice, it would have been perfect if only the cockles were bigger and juicier, but I guess you can’t have everything everytime.

Mell and KY at Restaurant Seng Lee
Mell is back!

The Penang’s favorite hawker food at this place goes for RM 4.50 a plate, and I’ll be back for more! This is the place that can replace my then-favorite PJ state keuh teow stall that went missing (anyone know where they’ve moved to?)

p/s: Apparently I’m supposed to be exploring the Damansara Heights area more. hehe

Damansara Height Map
Restaurant Seng Lee is behind Klimts and Hock Lee

Restaurant Seng Lee
8-6, Jalan Batai,
Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.149558, 101.661386
Tel: 03-2094 2154

Being a Penangite living in KL, one of the many hawker foods that we always miss is the famous Char Kueh Teow. When I first came down to this part of the country many years ago, this is the dish that I always avoid when fixing my stomach at various kopitiams. On the rare occasions that I gave it a try, the experience was usually quite horrid.

note: this stall has now moved to the kopitiam next to UOB, read updated blog post here!

Update 2019: the original operator passed away, new guy now.

Char Kueh Teow at PJ State
yeh, that’s the size of prawn i love

However, recently I have started to experiment with the various “Penang” char kueh teow places in KL again, thinking that there must be a few good stalls around. I now employ a standard litmus test before I make my order. It is very simple, I will order in Hokkien, and if the hawker answers in anything other than a perfect Penang version of Hokkien, I simply excuse myself and go for my second choice. The test has proven to be very useful thus far.

Char Kueh Teow at PJ State
now you see it, now you don’t

I have actually heard of this place from FA before decided to give it a try. The kopitiam is nameless and is located at the other end of the same row of shops that has the famous kopitiam with loh ngap (duck), very good roti bakar, and seafood porridge, among other things.

The char kueh teow was surprising good, not as great as the two famous Penang stalls, but plenty close enough to warrant a trip for anyone who loves this dish. The prawns are pretty big, and the dish comes complete with cockles and Chinese sausage too. I usually like to have mine extra spicy for some extra kicks. I finished the plate in no more than 5 minutes.

Char Kueh Teow at PJ State
the unnamed kopitiam housing this char kueh teow stall is situated by MBPJ building

Upon looking at me snapping pictures, the stall owner actually came up to me for a chat. Apparently he is the 2nd generation owner of the stall, handed over from his mother and the stall has been in operation for some 20 years.

As usual, there will be people who are quick to point out that it used to be better, and the son isn’t as good as the mom’s char kueh teow. To me, I think most of us don’t realize that char kueh teow is not something like great art works, where Picasso’s son wouldn’t do better. Our taste buds are getting less by the days, and most often than not, we would have been exposed to wider variety of good food since 5 years ago. Don’t commit the fallacy, just give it a good honest try, I think you’ll like it.

Jalan Tengah,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS:3.099046, 101.644467

One of my all time favorite char Kuih teow in klang valley, the little stall at the back of the popular Kam Heong kopitiam at PJ state. Operator is the same old penang dude from all those years ago. #kyeats #breakfast #kopitiam #hawker #charkuihteow #nonhalal #instavideo

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