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A femmes blogger finally bought herself a new phone to cross out one item under her “want to, but haven’t” list, last weekend. It was a nice phone with bells and whistles.

Of course, we tested all the cool features. Playing video, snapping awesome photos with the built in camera, mp3 ringtones, bluetooth. It was a cool little machine. She was satisfied, paid and left the mall wearing a wide grin.

Fast forward 4-5 hours later, it was dinner time. The phone rang, she was excited, picked it up, “hello, hello, can you hear me?”

The line must be screwed up.

Another call, “hello, hello, wtf??”

Turns out, the microphone for the new phone wasn’t working. Leson of the day: when you buy a new phone, make sure you can use it for conversation. Thank you.

The new phone and the dissapointment
look at the dissapointment