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The good people at Komugi got me a X’mas hamper and Haze decided that I should have a video on it.

There’s the 8cm Baum, cheese & onion loaf, cranberry scone, chocolate hazelnut banana french toast, coffee raisin loaf, and of course, the all important white xmas cake!

Check it out:

Check them out at


A little while ago a friend messaged me on facebook and said that she was going to give me some cakes to try for her home-based (for now) bakery and catering company. That’s when my memory brought me back to that one time when there was a party at her house and how awesome her mom’s baking skills was. If she’s got half her mom’s talent, the product will surely be a hit.

Well, she’s obviously got more than that.

Ching Yi, the mastermind behind A Moveable Feast KL
Ching Yi, the mastermind behind A Moveable Feast KL

As it turns out, Ching Yi’s home-based bakery/catering company is no ordinary company. It is a sort of social project and a platform for women with no skills, education or in tough financial situations to gain job opportunities and stable income.

A more than noble cause, and something that I really support. The service can be found here:

: @moveablefeast_kl
via email:

assorted cakes and curds, all yummy
assorted cakes and curds, all yummy

The samples that I got to try were the following:


  • Chocolate cake with peanut butter cream cheese frosting
  • Vanilla cake with raspberry compote filling and raspberry cream frosting
  • Banana cake with caramelized banana filling and caramel cream frosting
  • Lemon poppyseed cake with cream cheese frosting.


  • Passion fruit curd
  • Chocolate with citron curd.

All cakes and tarts are made home-made from fresh ingredients without colouring or preservatives. All natural fruit purée to make the curds, compote and frostings.

Jon, Joyce, and Fresh all gave thumbs up to the cakes and curds
Jon, Joyce, and Fresh all gave thumbs up to the cakes and curds

I tried a few of the cakes and the passion fruit curd, they were delicious! To get some unbiased point of view I got Jon, Fresh, and Joyce to give these stuff a try too, they liked it!

So if you’re going to get some cakes or awesome tarts, try to contact A Moveable Feast KL. You’ll get awesome product, and be doing a good cause at the same time. Two birds, one stone, etc. Why not?