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Lobster is one of those sea creatures that usually means slightly different things to different people. The image of lobsters that we’re familiar with are usually the spiny lobster, which is quite a bit more prevalent in Chinese cuisine and local seafood restaurants.

The Lobsterman, however, serves only Homarus Americanus, or the American lobster, which is easily identified with their iconic big claws. Lobsterman is in fact the only lobster specialty restaurant in the country.

The Lobsterman. Homarus Americanus
The Lobsterman. Homarus Americanus

My only previous visit to this restaurant was some 7-8 years ago, prior to the birth of this blog. I’ve been longing to head there again for a while now, so for Haze’s birthday, we went there for dinner.

The menu at Lobsterman is quite extensive (you can find a full listing on their website).  Other than lobsters, they serve beef, chicken, salmon, cod, and a couple lamb dishes too.

Lobsters are priced according to weight:

  • 550gm (1.25 lb) QUARTERS RM 98
  • 700gm (1.50 lb) HALVES RM 118
  • 800gm (1.75 lb) SELECTS RM 128
  • 900gm (1.75 lb) SELECTS RM 138
  • 1kg and above lobster count by weight rm160 per kg

this sweet lobster was our dinner, your life will be well delicious
this sweet lobster was our dinner, your life will be well delicious

However, the best deal would be their lobster special menu priced at RM 128. For that  you get baked escargot/half dozen New Zealand mussels, soup of the day, live Atlantic lobster (550 gram) prepared in style of your choice, seafood rice/pasta, dessert of the day, and tea/coffee.

If I remember correctly, I ordered the same deal during the first visit and it was something like RM 98 then. Marginal increase in price over the years, plenty reasonable.

escargot and cream of mushroom
baked escargot and cream of mushroom

We ordered the special set with and upgraded lobster (700 gram for extra RM 20 just cos the ran out of 550 gram lobster) and an Uruguayan tenderloin (RM 56) to share.

First to come was the baked escargot and it was much better than expected. The escargot is shelled and served in a special plate. Plenty of cream, cheese, and the snail goodness. We loved it.

The cream of mushroom soup tho, was very ordinary, and I wouldn’t recommend ordering if it wasn’t part of a set.

700 gram lobster, chargrilled the traditional American style
700 gram lobster, char broiled the traditional American style

We had our lobster prepared the good old American way – char-broiled.

Alternatively you can have it prepared HK style (garlic), Japanese (sashimi or soup), American (stuffed, simmered), France (Terragon butter baked), Italy (lobster thermidor), local (stir fry salt & pepper or XO sauce), Chinese (braised yee mee, steamed, lotus leaf), Indian (curry), Thai (tomyam) and more.

I’d recommend sticking to methods that involves less spices in order to enjoy the natural taste of the seafood. I had tried lobster sashimi before and it was really good.

the birthday girl was obviously enjoying the lobster much
the birthday girl was obviously enjoying the lobster much

The char broiled style too was excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed the lobster. It was fresh (obviously), firm, and flavorful. There was a side of butter to go with the lobster but I find it unnecessary, it was really good on its own too.

we also ordered the filet mignon, pleasantly surprised with how well it was
we also ordered the filet mignon, pleasantly surprised with how well it was

The Uruguayan tenderloin was a slab of prime barrel cut filet mignon at 220 gram. Haze loved it rare and that was how we had it. We ordered it with the sauce on the side and ended up not touching the sauce at all. The meat was tender and really turned out to be much better than anticipated.

It was probably one of the best non-wagyu/kobe beef that I’ve ever had. Would probably go there again when I am in for some good beef. 😀

Horng, Suan, Yuki, and Kerol came in to surprise the birthday girl :D
Horng, Suan, Yuki, and Kerol came in to surprise the birthday girl 😀

After the dinner, Suan, Horng, Kerol and Yuki came in for a little surprised cake for the birthday girl. I had to delay our departure from the restaurant to make this happen as the guys were stuck in traffic, but alas it was a real surprise.

A good dinner, and pretty reasonably priced (I wouldn’t say affordable). Everything ended up around RM 250 (with drinks & taxes), but it was well worth it.

map to Lobsterman at PJ SS2

Lobsterman Homarus Americanus
53 Jalan SS 2/30
Ss 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya,
GPS: 3.114334, 101.621717
Tel: 03-7877 6772

Many people don’t have a birthday song, but I sorta do. Thanks to Greenday and the popularity of Wake Me Up When September Ends, my birthday is made so much easier for everyone to remember.

Birthday Card from nuffnang!
Birthday Card from nuffnang!

Birthdays are usually a very low key affair to me, but my exact birthday many years ago was probably the most important time of my parents’ lives. So kudos to my mom and my late dad. 😀

When I got home from futsal late last night, I saw an envelop stuck on my gate. An envelop with no stamp, no address, but a nicely drawn logo of this blog! It turned out to be a hand drawn birthday card from my friends at Nuffnang!

Thank you Tim, Robb, Pinky, Karen, Michelle, Yuenny, Jacqkie, Fresh, Angeline, Nick Gan, Rynna, Nicholas, Firdy, Sara Khoo and all <3  (I might have miss a name or two by not having the card with me now).

tweeter birthday wishes
Twitter birthday wishes

Then there’s all the well wishes from friends on twitter. Birthdays were so much less busier 2 years ago without twitter, don’t you think? Thank you guys, much love 😀

facebook birthday wishes
facebook birthday wishes

Ah and of course the messages on facebook from friends as near as my neighbour and as far as the States. Thank you all!

This birthday is going to be the best one yet for none other reason that I’m also now engaged to Haze (if you haven’t notice from facebook) hehehe.

Now back to replying more facebook/twitter messages.

p/s: and blog comments, ops!

The most important reason I am now writing this post all the way from Melbourne is to attend Mellissa’s 21st birthday. She has one of the easiest to remember birthday of anyone I know, on 8.8.88, you can’t get any more auspicious than that.

Just a night after I arrived, on the eve of her birthday, we had dinner at Vialetto, a little restaurant at Hardware Lane serving Italian food. The food was very pedestrian and nothing to shout about, so despite taking a tonnes of photos from the restaurant, I shall refrain from writing about a place that I wouldn’t return.

Mellissa's 21st Birthday
Charlie’s bar is located at the quaint Hardware Lane

Right after dinner, we adjourned to Charlie’s bar a couple doors down the lane. The bar itself is located at the basement level with some tables outdoor (not exactly very awesome to be outdoor in winter, though heater is provided). The service was really good, our server made sure the reserved area is vacated as soon as we arrived and took orders in very efficient and professional manner.

The guys arrived soon enough and by 11pm the group grew to some 30 people, including all of Mellissa’s housemates, university friends, and other friends from KL including Zehan, Pinky and her bf Kah Kit too.

Mell's birthday at Charlie's bar
Zehan, KY, Mell, Kah Kit, Sam, Pinky, Mell,
JW, Harvey, Singz, Graeme, Mark, Ian, Mrina, and more!

At the end of the night Mellissa got quite tipsy, though luckily still quite manageable. The guys love the drinks at Charlie’s bar, the cocktails were made just right with enough amount of proper alcohol. The place was quaint and comfortable, even the music too was good. Everyone had a great time, and of course, the no indoor smoking policy in the city always help.

Minor set back of the whole evening was the lack of a cake but oh well, Mell did bake a chocolate cake 2 days later, heehee. Happy Birthday darling!

p/s: Going skiing at Mt. Buller in less than 12 hours, I’m very anxious for my first ski trip in 8 years, gonna be Mell’s first heehee.

Suan, Kim, ST, Fox, Rachel, Amanda, thank you guys for the company last night. And to those of you who sent wishes via the phone too, that includes Val, Sheryl, Ringo, Eiling, Carol, Christine, and Tim. 😀

Happy Birthday!

I had free steamboat dinner at Wan Hou thanks to my best buddy Suan; and free Teow Chew porridge supper from ST, who also gave me Neil Gaiman’s American Gods (Interestingly I’m reading The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins currently.)

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. 🙂

There are many blogs like this, but this one is mine. 🙂

It all started on 1st of February, 2005. 1095 days and 503 posts later, this blog is officially 3 year old, please do wish a Happy Birthday to!

KY speaks is 3 years old
happy 3rd anniversary!