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Imbi Market (or Pasar Baru Bukit Bintang officially speaking) is fast becoming one of my favorite places for breakfast stop over. Today, we take a look at one of the more unique stalls within the market, bak kua bun (肉乾糆包).

Pork floss and bak kua (BBQ dried pork) bun used to be one of my favorite breakfast/snack dishes. When I was in high school there’s a mobile stall that often parked outside the side gate and I would sometimes have one right after school session is over. Unfortunately, there aren’t many such stalls here in Klang Valley, so I was rather happy to stumble onto this one.

bak kua bun, numerous choice of selection involving pork floss, bak kua, and eggs
bak kua bun, numerous choice of selection involving pork floss, bak kua, and eggs

There are three major ingredients available for your choosing at this stall – pork floss, bak kua, and eggs. The bun is by default, and the lady threw in a couple slices of cucumber for good measure too.

If you’re not a mathematics savant, here are the 8 combinations:

  • pork floss and bak kua bun – RM 2.50
  • pork floss and egg bun – RM 2.50
  • pork floos, bak kua, and egg bun – RM 3.20
  • bak kua and egg bun – RM 2.50
  • bak kua and bun – RM 2.00
  • pork floss and bun – RM 2.00
  • fried egg and bun – RM 2.00
  • bun only – RM 0.80

my breakfast had everything - bak kua, pork floss, and fried egg
my breakfast had everything – bak kua, pork floss, and fried egg

Of course, I chose the one with everything for breakfast. The combination of pork flooss, bak kua, that one simple fried egg and the cucumber was most excellent and a great way to start the morning.

The stall is situated opposite the main walkway across from Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea area, so you can’t order from the famous Hainan tea stall unless you tapao over. Then again, the other coffee stall isn’t bad at all either.

Here’s the short video shot on the same day:

map to Imbi Market (Pasar Baru Bukit Bintang)

Bak Kua Bun Stall (肉乾糆包)
Imbi Market (Pasar Baru Bukit Bintang)
Jalan Melati, Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.14340, 101.71664
Hours: breakfast and brunch

I actually tried this halal bak kua (BBQ meat) a couple months ago but kept forgetting to post it until a reader emailed me the other day, the content goes:

MK wrote:
do u have any idea where to get halal bak kua in KL?

and then I replied:

No halal bak kut teh as far as I know, but there’s vegetarian bak kut teh that has similar tasting soup you can find at Taman Mayang, near the old Lim Kok Wing building. It’s a stall by the roadside that’s very near to William’s mamak stall, operates during lunch time.


Which was a wrong answer because MK was asking about bak kua, not my favorite Chinese Malaysian food, bak kut teh. So I had to sent another email to the friendly reader who politely pointed out my mistake…

NOTE: This place is unfortunately, closed. I guess the concept did not work

Halal Bak Kua (BBQ Meat) at Pavilion KL
my ex-colleague Abby likes the beef bak kua

Anyway, this particular stall selling halal bak kua called Grilled to Perfection is situated at the basement food court of Pavilion KL. Just a stone’s throw away from it’s non-halal counterpart Kiew Brothers that sells bacon bak kua I posted about a couple months ago.

The stall offers three types of BBQ meat: sliced beef, sliced chicken, and sambal chicken. You can also have them in rounded coin shapes instead of sheets as well. They are priced at RM 72-75 per KG, very similar to the market price of the non-halal versions

Halal Bak Kua (BBQ Meat) at Pavilion KL
the three types of bak kua, sliced beef, sambal chicken, and sliced chicken

As for the taste, I find that the beef bak kua (the only one I tried) was a little dryer than what I am used to, possibly due to the relatively leaner meat as compared to pork. However, it does taste like bak kua, and to my ex-colleague who has never tasted something like this, it was a revelation.

So far this is the only place I’m aware of that sells Halal bak kua, so if you don’t eat pork and want to try out this Chinese delicacy, Pavilion KL is the place!

Address: (Corporate, stall at basement of Pavilion KL)
No. 73, Jalan Cemerlang,
Taman Perindustrian Cemerlang,
81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor

GPS: 3.148872, 101.713368
Tel: 03-5891 0934

I was first introduced to this latest “invention” of traditional Chinese sinful treat that is the bak kua (肉干), or dried meat in Hokkien, by Kelvin. He handed me some bacon bak kua (钟无艳肉干)from Kiew Brothers to save his own arteries from clogging up, and it was so good that I finished it within a few minutes. Naturally I had to buy some for myself so that I could snap some pictures to share with you (not that I mind eating more anyway).

Bacon Bak Kua from Kiew Brothers
best of both worlds, bacon bak kua!

I don’t think there is a lot to describe about this. You know bacon is good, and you know that bak kua is great. What happen with you combine the two? A snack that doesn’t need any preparation, melts in your mouth, and tasted just super awesome! Beats any other type of bak kua I’ve ever had.

However, this thing doesn’t feel very healthy if consumed too much. I have been trying to pace myself to not have too many pieces at one go.

Bacon Bak Kua from Kiew Brothers
I love this stuff

As far as I know, this version of bak kua is only available from Kiew Brothers at the moment (update: bee cheng hiang has it too). I got mine from Pavilion, but they are not available on every location due to lower demand and shorter shelf life of this new product. The bacon bak kua is slightly more expensive than the other variety at around RM 70+ per KG.

Address: (HQ)
30 Jalan Hang Lekir,
50000 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.148872, 101.713368
Tel: 03-2078 2536