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As good citizens, we strive to keep a healthy live style, and what’s better than playing the national sports that is badminton? In case you don’t know what is this badminton thing, please read this wikipedia entry, (I think Reta needs to read the rules too)

We usually do this on saturdays from 2-4pm at the UTAR Social Science building behind Dutch Lady that is located at Seksyen 14, PJ. Regulars are faggot, horny, kenneth, xaviera, vader, jack, and myself. Sometimes fox joins us too. On the luckier days, we had FA, and Reta.

playing badminton, Reta and FA
Reta & FA, on seperate days

Then FA somehow messed up the knee during a game, and decided to stop playing. As for Reta, the girl got so excited she took her partner’s turn thrice, I ended up rolling on the floor laughing, literally. So I’m not sure if she will still join us, I hope she does, for the greater good for the country.. or something.

If you are up to the challenge, come and join us, costs less than 10 bucks per person usually. Hot chicks not guranteed. Otherwise maybe you can join huey fang in her twisting exercise thingy..

heuy fang swinging
lets do the twist, anyone?