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I was at SSO 1.6 at Shah Alam as a spectator. As opposed to GRA Autocross events, the course at SSO is much longer and faster, hence slightly more dangerous. The following pictures illustrate how risky autosports can be, and why it is important to race only in controlled situation like this.

It happened as the Kancil was coming to the first big left turn at high speed. As the driver started turning the car, the 2 left wheels started to lift off the ground, and momentum just carried and toppled the car 270 degree, damaging both side mirrors and smashing the windscreen. Luckily the driver appeared to be unhurt and in good spirit.

Kancil Crashed at SSO 1.6 Shah Alam
270 degree overturned

Kancil Crashed at SSO 1.6 Shah Alam
marshalls helping to push the car upright

Kancil Crashed at SSO 1.6 Shah Alam
driver appeared to be in good spirit

Kancil Crashed at SSO 1.6 Shah Alam
organiser cleaning up the area and move the damaged car off the track

KLCC GRA Autocross Round 2, Jan 15 2006, Julian Pang Proton Wira

Video from Round two of GRA Autocross on 15th January, 2006 held at KLCC. This is Julian Pang with Proton Wira 1.6 doing a pretty good run and scored 3rd place with the best time of 42.47s. Just a tad slower than the no. 13 Honda CRX, and no. 39, a Civic EG6. It is a no brainer that those cars have superior powertrain as compared to the 1.6 wira.