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Did you know that Karak highway isn’t the only route going from KL to Genting Highland? Long before the shiny toll way was built, there was an older road from just behind Batu Caves going to Genting via a little town called Ulu Yam. That road is still there, and remain my favorite way to go up to the highland retreat if time is on my side.

There are a few reasons:

  • The scenery is beautiful, especially when you drive by Batu Dam lake.
  • the winding road makes driving a pleasure
  • coconut shrimps at ulu yam!

Okay, maybe mostly about the coconut shrimps..

Coconut Shrimp at Hock Lay Restaurant, Ulu Yam
Sammy liked it!

The first time I went there was on the new year eve of 2006 with the MR2 club. Wait, I just realized that’s more than 2.5 years ago… Anyway, I went there again a few months ago with Sammy (her account) and of course, we ordered the coconut shrimps, and a plate vegetable to go with rice.

We had actually ordered the lala as well but I must applaud the honesty of the shop keeper in informing us that lala wasn’t very fresh that day and advised us against ordering it.

Coconut Shrimp at Hock Lay Restaurant, Ulu Yam
prawns, slurps slurps

Coconut Shrimps is basically a curry dish where by they stuff a lot of prawns cooked much like the asam prawn style into a fresh coconut. The curry mixed with coconut creates a unique taste that is both spicy, sour, and slightly sweet of coconut taste; very unique and rather tasty. Onion, garlic and chili padi makes up part of the ingredients too.

map to Hock Lay Restaurant, Ulu Yam
Ulu Yam is some 27 kilometers from batu caves

There was plenty of prawns in that one single coconut and we thoroughly it. The ingredients were fresh and curry flavorful. Even the simple fried vegetable dish was rather delightful too.

If I remember correctly, that meal was less than RM 35 for the two of us. Value for money, and great tasting too. Give it a try if you’re up for an alternate way to Genting. GPS coordinate might not be spot on, but it won’t be far off.

14, Kampung Baru,
Ulu Yam Baru, 44300
Ulu Selangor, Selangor

GPS: 3.427212, 101.659948
Tel: 03-6075 1826, 012-228 2546

Lucky Loke tai chau (大炒) stall is situated just a stone’s throw away from where I live, and naturally I have been there on quite a number of occasions. However, due to the poor quality of pictures taken on previous visits, I have not had the chance to post about this place until now.

Lucky Loke garlic fish
glorious garlic fish, not to be missed

Lucky Loke is quite an established tai chau place, always the busiest among the 3 places that are around the same area. We decided to have some decent dinner there after coming back from a rather enjoyable karting session last Saturday.

But first, allow me to digress a bit:

  • In the morning, Kelvin asked Kerol “hey wanna go kart?”
  • “huh? I don’t have, why do you want it?”
  • We were quite puzzled until we figured out that she didn’t have Gold Card, only Silver Cards..

Lucky Loke asam prawn
sorry kim, you missed the dinner

Anyway, for the 3 of us, we ordered the must-eat signature dish that is the garlic fish (siakap), asam prawn, and a plate of Hong Kong kailan. Naturally, we have white rice to go with these dishes.

Lucky Loke hong kong kailan
garlic fish, HK kailan, and asam prawn

The garlic fish was excellent as usual. Served with plenty of raw garlic and chili padi on top of the deep fried fish with their special sauce (tasted like fish sauce with some vinegar and other ingredients), the texture of the fish and the taste was just right. Having it deep fried also mean that we didn’t have to worry too much on the bones.

The asam prawn was surprisingly good too, the asam base was very thick and flavorful. There’s garlic, egg plant, and tomato as garnish to the main item, the big size tiger prawns. It was just as good as the one served at restaurant Hoowan at Kelana Jaya. The Hong Kong kailan tasted a bit old this time, but it was still alright.

Lucky Loke map at Petaling Jaya SS3
Lucky Loke is at Restaurant Kean Fatt

The dinner costs about RM 17 for each of us, not the most economical meal there is, but we are still plenty satisfied, it was just so good. Lucky Loke is also famous for their pork rib (phai kuat wong, 排骨王), you should give it a try if you haven’t yet.

Lucky Loke is located at Restaurant Kean Fatt, just directly behind the Taman Bahagia LRT station in SS3. The same restaurant also serves the famous pork noodle for breakfast and lunch.

Lorong SS3/59E
Petaling Jaya
47300 Selangor

GPS: 3.109577, 101.611776

One night while on the way to the usual SS2 square for dinner, we spotted the “Fresh Coconut Asam Prawn” banner under the Nyonya Restaurant with a pretty appetizing picture of the said dish. Having not a clue on what to eat, I decided to try out the place.

Nyonya Restaurant at PJ SS2
cleaned and air conditioned environment with simple deco

The place serves traditional Nyonya food, chicken, vege, seafood, and also including several different types of kuih. The setting is pretty clean and comfortable, with simple no-fuss decoration that creates a pretty decent dining environment.

Nyonya Restaurant at PJ SS2
the fresh coconut asam prawn and petai with dried oyster

As there was only two of us, I decided to try the advertised asam prawn, and the sambal petai with dried oyster to go with rice. The asam prawn came in a fresh coconut but the serving wasn’t very big, in total there were perhaps half a dozen medium to big size prawns. Basil leaves, pineapple cubes, and brinjal are the other main ingridients that makes up this pretty decent dish.

The sambal petai was absolutely delightful. Stinky petai with some good size dried oysters fried in sambal with onion. It was pretty spicey but goes down very well with rice. I just wished the serving was larger though.

Nyonya Restaurant at PJ SS2
are you feeling hungry? *droolssss*

The dinner cost about RM 50 for two, which was a little on the high side. It is a nice place to bring diners who likes to try local food in a nice, quiet and clean environment, such as your mother in law or that European friend of yours. If it’s just me, I’ll go for the Asam Prawn at Kelana Jaya instead.

Nyonya Restaurant at PJ SS2
map to the nyonya restaurant yo!

52, Jalan SS2 / 24,
47300 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-7875 9709
GPS: 3.114355, 101.621271

Allow me to introduce you one of the bestest asam prawn in this side of Klang Valley, served by restaurant Hoowan that is just right next to the slightly more famous resturant Talipon (buffet steamboat/grill) and opposite the Kelana Jaya LRT station. Some of the noobs, like ST, suan, and paul will most probably agree that the dish is indeed, the asam pwn.

Asam Prawn at Kelana Jaya
asam prawn… *drool*…. yummmmm

As the restaurant is actually a Chinese “order whatever damn dish you want to go with rice” (tai chau) place, they offer a wide variety of dishes. However, as with most these types of restaurants, there isn’t any menu, so you must trust your server’s oral description on each dish. Sometimes I end up ordering the dish that I don’t understand most just for the sake of experimenting.

Asam Prawn at Kelana Jaya

The best dish that the establishment offers would be the Asam Prawn, it comes in a hot claypot, much like how bak kut teh is usually served. For a two person portion, there are usually about 6-8 pretty decent size prawns. Other ingredients are brinjal (eggplant,) lady’s finger (okra,) tomato, onion, and green/red chilli. You must try it for yourself if you are the asam curry type of person. It carries the sour and spicey taste but not overly done. The prawns are usually pretty fresh and goes very well with the curry gravey and the extra ingredients.

The other dishes they serve are pretty decent too. Particulary the trademark tofu and the kang kung belacan. Then again, you too should be bolder in trying out new things. Do note that the place is semi open-air, so avoid going when raining.

Map to Asam Prawn at Kelana Jaya
this is how you get there, foo!

Jalan SS 25/2,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.113305, 101.605886