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There are quite a number of places in Klang Valley that are famous for their char siew (bbq pork), and a couple weeks ago my colleagues introduced me to another place that serves one of the best char siew in town – Restaurant Soo Kee at Jalan Ampang.

I think some day I should compile a list of the best char siew places, but until then… lets talk about this place instead.

restaurant Soo Kee is where you find awesome char siu
restaurant Soo Kee is where you find awesome char siu

Restaurant Soo Kee is situated at Jalan Ampang, just right next to the flyover heading to Ampang Point. While you can’t park directly outside the shop, it’s not exactly tough to find a spot at nearby roads.

It’s an old school restaurant with even older owners, but the place is air conditioned, and pretty clean too, that’s always a plus.

intestine, salted roast duck, and the char siu (bbq pork)
intestine, salted roast duck, and the char siu (bbq pork)

For the 7 of us, we ordered the char siew, salted roast duck, intestine, deep fried spring roll, and their signature tofu dish. I think we had initially ordered a vegetable dish to go with, but canceled it somehow.

So the char siew – it was easily one of the best I’ve had. The skin was slightly charred, the meat soft, succulent, and the layer of fat almost transparent. This is what we came for, and none of us were disappointed.

Then there’s the salted roast duck, this too was a dish not to be missed. It tasted essentially like .. well, salted version of a good roast duck. I do like the extra dimension that the saltiness bring, the skin was crispy, and we devoured everything.

The intestine though, was a bit of a disappointment to me, it was a little bit too tough (perhaps overcooked?). Not bad per se, but could be nicer if it was a bit softer.

deep fried spring roll and signature tofu
deep fried spring roll and signature tofu

Deep fried spring roll actually looked and tasted nothing like spring roll, but a lot closer to fish cake instead. However, it was a really good fish cake and something that I’d order again without a doubt.

The signature tofu is basically Japanese tofu in egg drop soup with a bit of seafood ingredients. Offers some contrasting taste to the mostly oily/fatty dishes we had, a good balance, but nothing to shout about.

KY, Debran, Sarah, Yin Foong, Angelina, Michelle & another ninja
KY, Debran, Sarah, Yin Foong, Angelina, Michelle & another ninja

We had an awesome Friday lunch for sure, and Soo Kee is definitely a place worth revisiting. The lunch came to something like RM 15-17 per person. Reasonable for what we had.

That Friday afternoon was spent fighting the zzz bug though. Just one of the disadvantages of having a lunch too good on working days

map to Soo Kee restaurant at Jalan Ampang

Restaurant Soo Kee
No. 373-1, 4th Mile,
Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.158449, 101.747088
Tel: 03-4257 0767
Closed on Mondays

Olympus E-PL3

A couple Fridays ago my colleague Angel called me up and asked if I wanted to join them for curry fish head. Now for those who aren’t familiar with Malaysian culture, here are a couple of tips:

  • Friday lunches last for 2 hours
  • we don’t need to be in fear factor competition to eat something like fish head

Peter Curry Fish Head at Setapak
Peter Curry Fish Head at Setapak

Angel is a Sarawakian and a true blue Malaysian who knows her way around good foods, so when she ajak, I never say no. Plus, on that day I get to act like a pimp and dine with 5 ladies as a bonus. heehee

Anyway, our destination of the day was Peter Curry Fish Head, a smallish restaurant/kopitiam/taichau place that has a pretty limited menu and plenty of customers. But luckily, Angel already called and made a reservation for us.

curry fish head with everything, namyu chicken wings
curry fish head with everything, namyu chicken wings

The curry fish head comes in various sizes and additions, they are:

  • S – 18, 28, 31
  • M – 25, 40, 45
  • L – 32, 47, 54
  • XL  – 40, 58, 65

For the six of us, we ordered a large portion of curry fish head +prawns + squid (RM 54), namyu chicken wings, vegetable, and seafood tofu. We had rice to go with them, of course.

vegetable and seafood tofu
vegetable and seafood tofu

There isn’t actually many other dishes to order even if you wanted, but they are good and they do have all the bases covered.

The fish head was awesome! It was huge and stuffed with plenty of fish head (red snapper I think), squid and prawns. There are also tofu pok, mints, eggplant, long beans, and okra too. It is pretty much a complete meal by itself with a very tasty curry base that actually wasn’t even really that spicy, tho I am sure you can ask for more kick if that’s what you want.

KY, Angel, Debren, Yin Foong, Sarah, Michelle
KY, Angel, Debren, Yin Foong, Sarah, Michelle

The other dishes were pretty good too. The namyu chicken wings were delicious (I made the same thing before, recipe here), and the very plain looking seafood tofu was superb too.

Then there’s the vegetable, which tasted like vegetable (vitamin C quota.. ).

Overall it was a very good meal that might be a little too much for normal days, but for a Friday, bring it on! For the 6 of us, if I remember correctly, the bill came to be around RM 17 or so per person. Not very cheap, but it was a lot of seafood and a good portion of meat. I will be heading there again for sure.

map to Peter Curry Fish Head at Setapak

Peter Curry Fish Head
12 Jalan Angsana
Taman P Ramlee,
Setapak 53000 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.19243, 101.70823
Tel: 03-4021 5809

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Celcom

In another news, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (my hands on review video) is launching to public this Saturday (20th August, 2011 from 10am), and check out these fine deals for early birds:

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One of the benefits working in a 1Malaysia kinda company is that you get the same treatment for everyone, when our Muslim colleagues go for prayers, we too, get 2 hour lunch on Fridays.

Last Friday we took the recommendation from our Bidayuh colleague Angelina and went for Sun Foong Bak Kut Teh at Imbi, just a short drive from our work place in the heart of the city.

Sun Foong Bak Kut Teh, Imbi
Sun Foong Bak Kut Teh

To be honest, my first impression of Sun Foong is that of a TSH (tourist slaughter house). Lots of air conditioned indoor dining and alfresco tables, a little too clean and walls plastered with too many touristy posters.

I usually liked my BKT place to be one of old school settings, like Xhin Fhong of Sungei Way, or Weng Heong at Klang,  but I reserved my judgement till after food tasting.

pork kidney soup
pork kidney in Chinese rice wine soup

The first thing that caught my mind while looking at the menu was the availability of pork kidney, I immediately ordered a small portion of pork kidney in Chinese rice wine soup. If you’re a fan of innards, don’t ever miss pork kidney, it is the reason I go to Kaka BKT in Kepong.

The pork kidney was indeed prepared the way it’s meant to be, sort, tender, and just very lightly cooked. I enjoyed this very much.

bak kut teh lunch at Sun Foong
bak kut teh lunch at Sun Foong

Then there was the bak kut teh. For the five of us, we actually only ordered portion for three, which proved to be quite sufficient as the portions were rather big (RM 15 per portion).

While the additional vegetables and mushroom did not make this bowl of BKT shine in a BKT beauty contest, the taste actually exceeded my expectation. Even my colleague Ivan from Klang gave it a thumb up. The soup had a very strong and wholesome herbal taste that we liked, I think we asked for additional soup at least 3 times.

Debran, Angel, Yin Foong, KY
Debran, Angel, Yin Foong, KY

Oily vegetable was just normal, and to be frank, the yao char kuai was a disappointment at Sun Foong, so not everything is a hit there to be honest.

Sun Foong also serves seafood bak kut teh (which I’d probably never bother to try) and some other dishes like pork knuckle with vinegar and salted vegetable dishes, those could be interesting.

map to Sun Foong Bak Kut Teh

Our bill came to be something like RM 18 per pax including drinks, a pretty normal sum for good BKT meal in the city. This is a place worth returning, decent value for money and rather tasty BKT.

Sun Foong Bak Kut Teh
37 Medan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.14458, 101.71476
Tel: 03-2141 4064