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A couple days ago we were lucky enough to be one of the first batches of people to be fortunate enough to have a taste of authentic Sicilian cuisine at The Ritz-Carlton KL by the award winning Guest Chef Lino Sauro from Gattopardo Ristorante di Mare in Singapore.

This event happens from March 14-18, 2017 so you may still have a chance to participate in the last few sessions if you catch this article early enough; or of course, you can head to Singapore and visit the good chef at his home turf.

The Library at Ritz Carlton KL
The Library at Ritz Carlton KL

The dinner happened at The Library, a dining space that has an ambiance not unlike an extensive classy private library, complete with collection of books with topics ranging from film to art and travel. We were there for fine Sicilian food this time, so I’m afraid the books will have to wait for next round.

a bit of tid bit & bread prior to dinner
a bit of tidbit & bread prior to dinner

We started the night with a glass of sparkling wine, some bread, and a pre-dinner amuse-bouche of salmon with caviar which I thought was perfect to get us ready for what’s coming next.

For this first session of Sicilian dinner, we were also lucky enough to be joined by His Excellency Mario Sammartino, the ambassador of Italy to Malaysia.

amuse-bouche - ostrica
amuse-bouche – Ostrica

Then came the first course – Ostrica, or oyster with sherry vinegar jelly, wasabi chips, and Avruga caviar. This amuse-bouche was perfect in opening up the appetite with its refreshing taste and subtle sweetness from the oyster that is perfectly balanced with the slight salty flavor from caviar. Usage of wasabi showcase Chef Lino’s boldness in using contemporary technique and ingredients.

Sanfeletto conegliano valdobbiadene prosecco superior docg was the accompanying wine.

appetiser - polipo
appetiser – Polipo

Appetizer was Polipo, or charred citrus glazed octopus, risone, capsicum, sun dried tomato aioli, chilli, and pistachio pesto.

At the first glance, I thought we were having risotto, but as it turned out it was risone, or a rice shaped pasta that was much smoother, having a more controlled taste and texture that complimented the stronger tasting octopus well.

Vigneti zabu grillo terre siciliane igt was served with this seafood dish.

entree - Capellini con Aracosta
entree – Capellini con Aracosta

Then came entree, in the form of Capellini con Aracosta, or angel hair pasta, lobster, seafood, and carrot.

This is a deceptively simple looking dish that is again packed with the sweetness of what the Mediterranean sea has to offer. Lobster tail & angel hair pasta are two ingredients I enjoyed, and this combination did not disappoint.

Cecchi orvieto classico toscana doc would be the accompanying Sicilian wine.

main course - Manzo Australiano
main course 1 – Manzo Australiano

There were two choices of main course.

Manzo Australiano would be the Australian wagyu with morel mushrooms and horseradish sauce. Perfectly executed with the meat in the overused “melt in your mouth” texture, but that’s the best description I could give. The sauce was thick, strong, and go surprisingly well with the red meat (this coming from someone who loves his beef with only salt & pepper).

Wine pairing – mazzei zisola sicilia doc

main course 2 - Zuppa di Pesce Gattopardo
main course 2 – Zuppa di Pesce Gattopardo

Zuppa di Pesce Gattopardo, or the Signature Gattopardo Seafood Stew, would be the other equally worthy option. The stew is packed with several types of shellfish, prawn, as well as fish fillet. This stew is perfect in a cold rainy day, or any day actually.

Wine pairing – vigneti zabu grillo terre siciliane igt

dessert - Cassata
dessert – Cassata

Dessert was a unique interpretation of Sicilian Ricotta Cheese Cake, or Cassata by Chef Lino. The deconstructed dessert was a sweet treat with some strong sourish berries that wakens up the senses a bit, which I thought was nice. We also had some chocolates to go with coffee to end the session.

Sicilian wine pairing option available
Sicilian wine pairing option available

This specially curated Sicilian course dinner is priced at MYR 250 with an option of wine pairing at MYR 375 per person. Dinner is served from 7 pm but only available until 18th March 2017.

Executive Chef Lino Sauro
Chef Lino Sauro

Ritz Carlton, KL

The Library @ Ritz-Carlton Hotel
168 Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.146960, 101.715406
Tel03-2141 8000

The first time I went to d’italiane kitchen at Jaya 33 was actually more than half a year ago when I was still working in my previous company at PJ. I’ve since visited this place quite a few times but somehow haven’t gotten around to post about it.

Well, there is no better time than now.

The last time I visited this classy Italian restaurant at Jaya 33 was on the 11th January, a date that is rather significant for it was the first time Mellissa and I went out (I had used the excuse of needing her help in doing the U Mobile advertorial, and fortunately she was a very willing victim)

d'italiane kitchen at jaya 33
Mell studying the menu

d’italiane kitchen is located on the ground floor of Jaya 33, right next to Bruno’s, and a few shops away from the Nagomi Shabu Shabu. The restaurant has a pretty nice alfresco dining area over looking Jalan Semangat as well tastefully decorated indoor seatings.

d'italiane kitchen at jaya 33
Angel hair with Scallops, my favorite!

Angel hair with scallops has always been one of my favorite pasta dishes, if you recall, I’ve even cooked it before. I tend to order them whenever the chances arise, and did so on this particular occasion.

The dish come with four pieces of very good size scallops that is slightly cooked, just like the way scallops are meant to be served. The angel hair pasta has the right flavor and proper garnish, not something over the top but fresh and complimentary to the overall taste.

d'italiane kitchen at jaya 33
Spicy Crab Meat Linguine

The spicy crab meat linguine was equally tasty. Pine nuts and cherry tomatoes mixed with decent amount of spicy crab meat, a slightly unorthodox taste in pasta but a pretty good one. Mellissa gave it at thumb up.

Other than the two dishes here, I’ve also had their Agli Scampi (prawn pasta that is cooked similar to the angel hair scallop) and one of their chocolate cakes. The food quality held up pretty well over the few visits.

d'italiane kitchen at jaya 33
faster snap this picture so that I can have my scallop!

I find prices at this outfit pretty reasonable, pastas are priced from RM 18.90 (bolognaise, alio olio) to RM 25.90 (scallop, salmon), desserts from RM 12.90.

The menu is pretty big, you have some ten starters and half a dozen soups and salad to choose from as well. Give it a try!

Map to Jaya 33, Petaling Jaya

Jaya 33,
No. 3, Jalan Semangat,
Seksyen 13,
46200 PJ, Selangor

GPS: 3.110274, 101.637139
Tel: 03-7986 2330

It’s been a while since I did a recipe and cooking post. In fact, it’s been a while since I did any cooking at all. Not counting the insect meal we had back in May, I haven’t done any cooking since Chinese New Year (I usually cook the reunion dinner.)

 Angel Hair Spaghetti with Scallops
angel hair pasta with scallops, slurps

While helping Cheesie out with grocery shopping, we somehow ended up at this seafood specialty shop at SS2 (the same row as restaurant Hoppy). They sell anything from frozen prawns to lobsters to live crab, and when I saw the huge frozen scallop in the fridge, it was love at first sight.

The 20 huge scallops in a bag costs a cool RM 37.50, so this wasn’t going to be a cheap meal, but temptation won at the end, and the rest is history. Anyway, lets get on to this whole recipe thing already.

 Angel Hair Spaghetti with Scallops
just half a dozen ingredients and 4 steps, real easy!


  • scallops, the bigger the better!
  • sliced garlic (aglio)
  • dried red chili
  • virgin olive oil (olio)
  • black pepper
  • angel hair spaghetti

The steps:

  • boil spaghetti
  • at the same time (if you have more than one stove), heat up some olive oil and start frying garlic, dried chili, and scallop till the scallop just about to start getting brown skin
  • add in spaghetti, stir a while to get the scallop taste mixed into the pasta
  • sprinkle some black pepper, and it’s good to eat!

 Angel Hair Spaghetti with Scallops
tastes even better than it looks ok!

The pasta actually turned out very good. I always like angel hair as the finer strands of pasta tends to be able to soak up more sauce, plus it’s easier to chew as well. Scallop has always been one of my favorite seafood choices, I used to have fried rice with scallop back in States, and this is just a western style of the same thing.

This is something really simple to cook (as opposed to kung pao chicken or fried pomphret), and you can always replace scallops with prawns or even sausages (on a budget). So don’t always just rely on Maggie Mee, get busy already!